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A lively sexy honest and moving novel set on the idyllic Spanish coast about a woman facing life in her fortiesBlanca is forty years old and motherless Shocked at the unexpected loss of the most important person in her life she suddenly realises that she has no idea what her future will look likeTo deal with her dizzying grief and confusion Blanca turns to sex her dear. Did absolutely nothing for me had to force myself to keep reading out of courtesy to LibraryThing Early Reviewer s program who sent me the book But as I told myself when I forced myself to turn the page This too shall pass

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Ost one of resilience and hope teaching her to live on with the knowledge that even the most devastating pain will eventually subsideWryly funny wistfully romantic grief stricken and raw This Too Shall Pass is at once an unforgettable meditation on loss and on love and a timeless story of what it means to find a way forward and to truly happily live on one’s own term. I was curious about This Too Shall Pass by Milena Busuets because of the subject matter A woman Blanca is dealing with the death of her mother It s many years since my mother died but I still deal with it I still grieve her loss I miss the things I never shared with her my children my career my maturing I miss her perspective on her life But most of all I feel with Bianca My place in the world was in your gaze and I have spent my life in part looking to replace that gaze even if it is my ownThen too one of my mother s favorite sayings was This too shall pass although I never believed it especially as a child and teen Everything seems forever at that age And although the acute grief has passed there is an on going ache and feeling of emptiness around the space that was my mother and my relationship with herOn the other hand the subject also seemed trivial to me Why care about the grief of a 40 year old woman about her mother Isn t the loss of a parent natural And I would have been grateful to have had my mother that long But reading the book I realized that 40 is not that old so much younger than I am now And I should have remembered that the death of my father when I was in my 30s was a great lossSo much for my relationship with the subject matter Blanca is as a character about as different from me as a person could be She lives for love She has two children she adores but her life seems to be about clothes and lovers She is wealthy After the funeral she leaves Barcelona and goes to Cadaues a beautiful seaside location She takes her friends and her ex husbands Blanca feels lonely in respect to her mother but is rich in beloved companionsI ended up loving this book Blanca s passion for life even in the midst of her grief lights up these pages Beautiful descriptions of place intense connections with her surroundings her friends her lovers even her ex lovers her examination of the mother daughter relationship her search for who she is now that she is not her mother s daughter were all exciting and invigorating And watching Blanca begin the transformation from mother s child to woman was touching Until you became ill and died it had never occurred to me to sit down on a bench in the streetbut now I enjoy this stillness in the midst of people these small rafts of public safety Blanca is depressed in the wake of her lost although what a vibrant depression but she is also discovering who she is outside her mother s gaze And that growth while painful is also an important part of life of who and what we areJust reading this book made me feel alive and awake to the world Blanca s intense connection to well everything stirred me made me alert and aware of my own life my own world the people around me And the writing I underlined practically every other sentence Even in translation beauty and power shine and almost shimmer in the light of Milana Busuets gaze The relationships Blanca has with the people even the acuaintances even the dogs around her hold the interest because of the Busuets powerful prose Otherwise I think I would have found Blanca s general self indulgence and narcissism annoying she is overly fascinating to herself But she is also fascinating to the reader in her passion and intense experiencing of lifeI can understand why this book is an international bestseller It is a short book and a uick read partly for me because I couldn t put it down I am grateful to LibraryThing for giving me this book in exchange for an honest review and hope to read by this author I may even reread this book just to experience again not only to be a part of her search for a meaningful life in the face of great loss but to be inspired again by her intense interaction with and appreciation of the world

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Est friends her closest family and a change of scenery Leaving Barcelona behind she returns to her mother’s former home in Cadaués on the coast accompanied by her two sons two ex husbands and two best friends with plans to meet her married lover Though she is haunted by both the past and the present Blanca embarks on a new sort of journey alongside those she loves m. Review originally published at NudgeA bestseller in Spain this translated novel examines common literary themes grief and the self discovery that follows But with liberal helpings of sex and philosophy it s far from a familiar retread For some strange reason I never considered what it would be like to be forty And yet here I am It s my mother s funeral and if that s not bad enough I m forty With these lines Blanca s story begins Her mother s death leaves her in a state of profound shock uncertain of her own identity Who is she if she s no longer a daughter How can she be head of the family when she doesn t even feel like an adult The only solution Blanca decides is to decamp to Cadau s where her family s ancestral home is located taking along her children both her ex husbands her two best friends their kids the babysitter You WILL lose track of who all these people are Oh and she makes plans to meet up with her married lover too Once the action moves to Cadau s the sun scorched setting gives the story a dreamy anything could happen sort of atmosphere Search for images of this Catalonian town and you ll see a Mediterranean seaside idyll that s almost impossibly picturesue merely envisioning it makes This Too Shall Pass feel like the ideal beach book Here Busuets evokes similar tales of summer holiday ennui right down the line from Fran oise Sagan s Bonjour Tristesse to recent iterations such as Deborah Levy s Swimming Home and The Lemon Grove by Helen WalshBlanca is the type of character readers will either love or hate Coarse bitchy and lustful she s passionate but intensely narcissistic her youthful enthusiasm is inspiring but she often seems immature and irresponsible careless of others feelings It s challenging to sympathise with such a blunt self absorbed character and I have to say it was a challenge I wasn t always able to meet There s a great scene in which one of Blanca s friends rails against her in a glorious rant You want to know something Blanca This childish idea you have of a new kind of society that theoretically our generation is building while nobody s looking where we all understand each other and kiss whomever we want whenever we want and go in and out of relationships like we go in and out of our houses and have children with this person and that person it only works when you don t give a shit about other people It s a satisfying and very cleverly crafted moment expressing the reader s likely frustrations about Blanca without allowing the narrative to actually turn against her I ve never dog eared a page so fast This Too Shall Pass is a deceptive book It s short and witty and has a beguiling setting but with a difficult protagonist and freuently profound subject matter ruminations on death and ageing and parenthood it s of a strange concoction than it first appears Light as air one minute fervent and emotionally chaotic the next it might make a perfect summer read for some but is unlikely to be to everyone s taste I received an advance review copy of This Too Shall Pass from Nudge I wasn t paid for this review and I was under no obligation to be anything other than honest about what I thought of the book

About the Author: Milena Busquets

Milena Busuets was born in Barcelona in 1972 She attended the Lycée Français de Barcelone and obtained a degree in Archaeology from the Institute of Archaeology in University College London She worked for many years at Editorial Lumen the publishing house that her family had set up in the early 1960s and that was sold to Random House forty years later She later founded her own publishing hous

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    A note to GR friends I usually don't use obscenities in my review or my uotes but be aware I do so in this one Thi

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    This Too Shall Pass is the story of a woman who's mother has recently died She is learning to deal with this in her own ways including escaping to her childhood home and reconnecting with seemingly every man she comes across To each his own right? The moral of the story and don't worry I'm not giving anything away here is

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    Did absolutely nothing for me had to force myself to keep reading out of courtesy to LibraryThing Early Reviewer's program who sent me the book But as I told myself when I forced myself to turn the page This too shall pass

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    Ugh I just can't I'm 50 pages in and already fed up with the insanely annoying heroine the writing style that can only be described as verbal diarrhea I'm sorry I know that's gross and the supremely awkward langu

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    I received this book for free through LibraryThing's Early Reviewers Based on the other reviews I've seen for this book I was expecting this book to be awful However I enjoyed it I think what makes most people dislike it is the style There ar

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    Review originally published at NudgeA bestseller in Spain this translated novel examines common literary themes

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    I wasn't wild about this book It started out slow for me but I wanted to give it a chance I did like it as I got into it

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    I was curious about This Too Shall Pass by Milena Busuets because of the subject matter A woman Blanca is dealing with the death of her mother It’s many years since my mother died but I still deal with it I sti

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    425 stars This Too Shall Pass is a book about grief that doesn’t apologize for its excess for its selfishness or for its messiness T

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    Maybe 35 The cover is gorgeous I am so bothered that it's not yet on goodreads Originally published in Spanish it reads in that kind of choppy yet lyrical way that translated stuff often does and I love that Blanca

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