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He confusions passions and upheavals of their new lives both Kathryn and Chris will be forced to reconsider their past and what they thought they knew about loveOffering a luminous portrait of a relationship from two perspectives Zoey L Paterson has written an empathic beautiful and tremendously honest novel about a great love pushed to the edge Deeply poignant and hugely entertaining Next Year For Sure shows us what lies at the mysterious heart of relationships and what true openness and transformation reui I loved this book about an unconventional relationship Chris and Kathryn have been together for nine years They have a wonderful relationship filled with kindness and love and respect and comfort and inside jokesThen one day Chris meets Emily and decides that he thinks he might want to date her Kathryn to his surprise encourages him to do so genuinely wanting him to be happyWhat follows is so much beautiful and complex than what you might expect from a novel about a couple experimenting with an open relationship I ll admit that the choices they made made me very uncomfortable at times and felt so foreign to me and yet I still felt like I could relate to many of their ideas about love and companionship There s a universality here in that anyone in any kind of relationship makes sacrifices and compromises for the ones they lovePeterson writes with such emotional honesty and insight Are Chris and Kathryn slowly drifting apart as a romantic couple or will an open relationship turn out to be their new normal There s something so melancholy about the reality of discovering that the person you love than anything may not be enough for youChris and Kathryn are both so complicated and likable for different reasons I especially enjoyed reading about Chris as it s rare to find an introverted character written so perfectlyI just really loved this book and how wistful and sincere and empathetic it was I would ve read another 200 pages

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Sees often at the Laundromat Kathryn encourages her boyfriend to pursue this other woman certain that her bond with Chris is strong enough to weather a little side dallianceAs Kathryn and Chris stumble into polyamory Next Year For Sure tracks the tumultuous revelatory and often very funny year that follows When Chris’s romance with Emily grows beyond what anyone anticipated both Chris and Kathryn are invited into Emily’s communal home where Kathryn will discover new romantic possibilities of her own In t Reprinted from the Chicago Center for Literature and Photography cclapcentercom I am the original author of this essay as well as the owner of CCLaP it is not being reprinted illegallyI admit I thought I was in for trouble when reading the first chapter of short story veteran Zoey Leigh Peterson s debut novel Next Year For Sure as we get introduced to a cutesy wootsy patoosie perfect little twentysomething hipster couple and witness the cutesy wootsy patoosie perfect little twentysomething hipster things that constitute their relationship but then in the very next chapter we get a complicated blow by blow look at the boyfriend s checkered dating history why all his relationships have ended with the women in his life despising him and why this genial shy young man with intimacy issues can t understand why all his ex girlfriends end up despising him and I suddenly realized Oh okay there s actually something really special going on here in this book I get it now That special something turns out to be an extra probing extra complex character study of two noble yet deeply flawed human beings as they accidentally stumble ass backwards into the perpetual minefield known as polyamory and open relationships an Olympic pool deep dive into what motivates these two engaging yet terrible yet engaging yet terrible people into getting in the kind of emotionally tangled mess they end up finding themselves in by the halfway point of this book Set in an unnamed hippie friendly town but one that clearly feels like a Pacific Northwest destination like Portland the clear standout in this relationship is actually the woman Kathryn a former childhood member of a religious cult who is now a fairly normal grown up but prone to occasional bizarre self destructive behavior she s been in a seemingly perfect if not boring as hell relationship for nine years now with the meek genteel sexually confused Chris one based on such a bedrock of honesty that one of their favorite activities is admitting to each other when they get a crush on someone else But when one of these crushes on the part of Chris turns into a ongoing fascination he s finding hard to let go of Kathryn for some reason encourages him to actually ask her out on a date and then go out on that date and essentially the rest of the book is a powerful and poetic look at why she would do such a thing and what the fallout of that date is a story that sometimes goes in expected directions but often in unexpected ones and certainly with the main point being to get a deep inside out look at the people involved and what makes them tick and not necessarily for the slow moving plot or to make a moral pronouncement either pro or con about the subject of polyamory itself sorry poly fans who were hoping this book would be a manifesto for your lifestyleAs a guy who loves dense character studies but who rarely comes across books of that type that are truly impressive this book was addictive like crack for me which is why I m giving it a nearly perfect score for readers like me who are into this kind of delicately stylish writing but I m also the first to admit that this isn t nearly going to be everyone s cup of tea in fact I suspect this book will garner as much intense hatred as it does intense love which is why I m giving it an only okay score for general audience members Also by making the main villain of this book Kathryn s former best friend a bland suburban middle class housewife who loves Matthew McConaughey movies and who reacts to the entire situation with That s gross and you re gross and this whole thing is gross Peterson is by definition alienating the biggest single demographic of people who will be picking up this book in the first place publisher Scribner is unwisely marketing this as a book for fans of rom coms and I m willing to bet money that six months from now this book s Goodreads page is going to be filled with horrified rants from suburban middle class housewives about how terrible and immoral all these people are and how best friend Sharon was completely right and Kathryn was a fool not to listen to her Don t let this though stop you from taking a chance on this beautifully written sometimes transgressively thought provoking book a nearly perfect debut that makes me excited to see what Peterson has in store for us nextOut of 10 89 or 99 for fans of deep character studies

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In this moving and enormously entertaining debut novel longtime romantic partners Kathryn and Chris experiment with an open relationship and reconsider everything they thought they knew about loveAfter nine years together Kathryn and Chris have the sort of relationship most would envy They speak in the shorthand they have invented complete one another’s sentences and help each other through every daily and existential dilemma When Chris tells Kathryn about his feelings for Emily a vivacious young woman he So I m giving Next Year For Sure 4 stars because of the writing It s simple and straightforward but I loved how Peterson was able to get me into her characters heads with occasional clever creative flourishes This kept me reading compulsively which is uite a feat given that in some ways the main characters and their struggles were really not my cup of tea Chris and Kathryn have been a couple for nine years Chris becomes interested in Emily Kathryn suggests to Chris that he should go on a date with Emily And a tangled web of emotions and relationships is spun The story spans a year and the chapters alternate between Chris s view point and Kathryn s view point I m not condemning Chris and Kathryn and their open relationship when I say that their struggles are not my cup of tea I simply mean that I can t relate to the emotions that drive them to make the choices they make and I certainly couldn t see myself making those choices But Peterson does an excellent job of exploring Chris and Kathryn s starting point and where their choices take them There s no preaching for or against polyamory rather Peterson s story is in the nature of a carefully crafted hypothetical what would happen if two seemingly content and kind people chose to have a poly amorous relationship Again I loved the writing I also love the setting on the west coast of British Columbia And I found that the story was interesting enough to keep me reading although it did make me feel a bit old Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for an opportunity to read an advance copy

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Zoey Leigh Peterson was born in England grew up all over the United States and now lives in Canada Her fiction has appeared in The Walrus EVENT Grain PRISM international and has been anthologized in The Journey Prize Stories and Best Canadian Stories She is the recipient of the Far Horizons Award for Short Fiction The Malahat Review and the Peter Hinchcliffe Fiction Award The New uarte

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    So I'm giving Next Year For Sure 4 stars because of the writing It's simple and straightforward but I loved how Peterson was able to get me into her characters' heads with occasional clever creative flourishes This kept me reading com

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    In Next Year for Sure we are invited to take a look at how one couple Kathryn and Chris step into an arena not widely conventional They seem

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    part of being in love with someone is not falling in love with someone elseKathryn and Chris have been together for nine years They finish each other's sentences they have code names and nicknames and shorthand for nearly every situation and

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    25 starsI'm too old for this book Or too old fashioned The book’s premise was difficult for me to swallow Chris and Kathryn love each other but she's okay with him getting “crushes” on other women I'm not sure I can really buy i

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    Reprinted from the Chicago Center for Literature and Photography cclapcentercom I am the original author of this essay as

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    Thanks to Scribner for sending me a copy of this bookUnfortunately this book was not for me I was interested in this book because I think relationships are interesting and when a couple explores an open relationship I find that topic fascinating to read about but this book is anything but fascinating And I was once again fooled by a

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    I loved this book about an unconventional relationship Chris and Kathryn have been together for nine years They have a wonderful relationship filled with kindness and love and respect and comfort and inside jokesThen one day Chris mee

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    Next Year For Sure by Zoey Leigh Peterson was one of those books that I devoured unwilling to leave the world of the novel for the “real”

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    Dnf 47%I’m not the right public for this story I am not into open relationships I thought I could read about it but I can’t I just kept thinking that it was a disaster waiting to happen

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    375 starsI think this novel was SUPPOSED to be about a couple who tries and fails polyamory but it's really about a couple that has no outside friends is co dependent and rarely spends time without each other Those ualities characteristics of Kathryn and Chris's relationship were supposed to be romantic and evidence that they were s

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