[Gentle Savage download] Ebook By Kathleen Drymon

  • Paperback
  • 351
  • Gentle Savage
  • Kathleen Drymon
  • English
  • 09 September 2018
  • 9780821729151

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    First let me say the blurb is wrong Valentine Heart's Flame is NOT a captive She is visiting the Blackfoot tribe where her grandfather is chief fulfilling a deathbed promise given to her motherI found this book available on OpenLibraryorg Since Native American romance novels are one of my favorite genres I checked Gentle Savage out and am currently reading it As I have been going through the book however there were so m

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    While I've been waiting for a book to become available at my library I decided to pick up a book in my to be read bookshelf I believe I got this at a Goodwill or a cheap book sale I've been on a book binge lately and been reading books very uickly My favorite sub genre in historical romance is Native American and Gentle Savage belongs in the group The title was misleading and I am surprised she didn't title it Heart's Flame whi

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    I really enjoyed this novelThe only complaint I have is the endingit took a very strange turn near the end with the whole new story line and characters it felt rushed and not finishedit would have loved if she had not rushed it and wrote about what happened with Jeffrey Russell I would love a series with these characters great book

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Gentle Savage

RELUCTANT CAPTIVELondon belle Valentine Prescott rebelled at the idea of spending a year in America with a horde of savages but she'd promised her mother Sky Eyes that she'd live a year with her people the Blackfoot Indians Still she bristled with outrage when a towering Blackfoot warrior guide made her ride all the way to the Indian camp on a horse with no saddle And how dare he call her Heart's Flame But after a moonlight dip in a mountain stream she stepped.

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Out onto a carpet of leaves softer than any London featherbed and into the arms of her Indian escort As Night Rider's lips crushed hers the spirited miss saw her Blackfoot heritage in a new light for her heart flamed at his touch and her blood flowed with raptureDETERMINED CAPTORNight Rider was well versed in the legends of his people He knew all along that the fancy nose in the air miss was destined to be a Blackfoot princess and he knew that a great passion.

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Burned within her heart But he was wise enough to know that like any young thoroughbred she'd have to be tamed and gentled before she could be ridden Night Rider proceeded slowly even averting his eyes as he handed her the soap for her bath in the moonlit stream But when he beheld her creamy skin sparkling with diamond droplets he knew that he could no longer wait to press his yearning body close to hers and claim her trembling loveliness in destiny's embrace.