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Mapping the Psyche 3

As students of Clare Martin and readers of her two previous books will recognise Mapping the Psyche Book 3 covering transits returns progressions and directions is once again both immediately accessible and profound It leads seamlessly from personal contributions from individual students to philosophical discussion; to precise astronomical explanation and calculation; and to illuminating references to the historic roots of present day astrology As befits a course taught for the Centre of Psychological Astrology the approach is psychological but eually respe.

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Cts the traditional skills in calculation of precomputerised astrology and the work of past masters in the astrological and psychological worlds The title of Book 3 however is Kairos defined not as chronological time but time in between the propitious moment for the performance of an action or the coming into being of a new state and the recognition of the existence of such moments is the core theme of the book in both a practical and philosophical sense The understanding students need to acuire here of the tools of transits progressions and directions is s.

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Uccinctly presented as Clare directs her students to review their personal concerns in the light of the story told by placements in their charts at that moment in time A clear understanding of the process provides the reader with an opportunity to consciously align their lives with the movements of the heavens to do gladly that which I must do In this way the book offers not only a crystal clear exposition of astrological mechanics but a genuine map for students to follow It also excels as an invaluable reference source for experienced astrologers to cheris.

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