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SUMMARY The Third Power BlackMyst Trilogy #3

The Third Power BlackMyst Trilogy #3

Scheming to bring destruction to both kingdoms Meanwhile Beynn and Fritz learn the full extent of the green dagger’s t.

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The struggle for the Dagger of Torrill has brought Delvengard and Sorak to war But a long forgotten third power has risen.

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Hird power as they journey through BlackMyst and through time itself in this exciting conclusion to the BlackMyst Trilogy.

2 thoughts on “The Third Power BlackMyst Trilogy #3

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    This was a great conclusion to this wonderfuully well written trilogyI loved how Beynn and Fritz were back working together in this final chapterIf I had to decide which character i like i think i wouldnt be able to do they both are so wonderfully well written and they have this amazing dynamic with eachother as they go through tough decisions and life choicesIt was amazing how the writer added some scifi to this fantasy story

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    The Third Power was by far the best of the three books in this series Don't get me wrong I loved The Eyes of the Enemy and The Green Dagger This is a great story for all ages and honestly I feel lost now that I have finished reading about the boys adventureI love Kelly's writing and hope to find books in the future

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