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Disco biscuits happy pills doves wobbly eggs burgers X Adam e ecstasy however you refer to it MDMA 34 Methylenedioxymethamphetamine has been a life changing force for both good and bad in millions of people's lives Not since LSD and cannabis in the '60s has a drug acted as such a profound social and cultural catalyst Ecstasy changed clubbing music fashion design and overall society forever e the incredibly strange history of ecstasy examines every aspect of MDMA from. Don t do drugs kids m kay Drugs are bad m kay Don t do drugsSo the first time I ever did ecstasy was also the best time Subseuent explorations were close but never uite as good The environment was about as exciting as you could get my first time but the primary issue is also that it became harder and harder to get pure MDMA in the States The chemists were freuently cutting costs by cutting it with speed Sudafed aspirin meth or other miscellaneous additionsThe first time I did ecstasy was in Amsterdam I had just received a good job offer after spending the whole summer freelancing Set my job start date just over two weeks away so I was at loose ends No relationship and no need to work because I had plenty of money saved up So I said screw it I m going to Amsterdam I had already been to Amsterdam twice before and it was and still is my favorite city in the world So I bought a ticket to leave the next day and to stay for two weeksI had nowhere to stay but I knew a couple women who lived in Amsterdam I had a friend at the time who was an architect from Germany She lived across the street from me and I had attended a party at her place about a month prior where I met two friends of hers who were visiting from Amsterdam Marion and Marianne I m not joking We hung out at the party and got along swimmingly They also borrowed my futon to use as their bedI call up Marianne that day and say Oh hey it s David You borrowed my futon right so I m going to be coming to Amsterdam tomorrow Do you mind if I crash at your place Fortunately she said I could After arriving in Amsterdam I manage to make my way to her apartment which was near the Vondelpark area a beautiful sprawling park toward the southeast end of Amsterdam It was three flights up an incredibly narrow winding staircase everything is up a narrow winding staircase in Amsterdam to her huge old apartment probably built in the 1700s Unlike Americans the Dutch don t tear buildings down when they get old and replace them with cheap crappy condos She introduced me to her roommate Phrenc a guy who lived on the floor above They set me up with a mattress on a landing just outside Phrenc s door For the next week or so she took me out several times and I met many of her friends and went to great places unknown to touristsIt was about a week into it when Phrenc and I were chatting and somehow the subject of ecstasy came up I had never done it Well we need to fix that he saidSo he explained this deal to me which at first I didn t uite believe could be true he knew of a small bar toward the center of town near the Keizersgracht Suare where a drug dealer showed up at midnight every night He said that the bar was a bit obscure and it was primarily freuented by Dutch people The bar was aware of the dealer and in fact they received a percentage of everything the dealer sells And further the police were aware of the guy there but they looked the other way because tourists weren t buying the shit and getting rowdy and causing problems The Dutch who did were well behavedSo we re going to go to this bar and Phrenc is going to buy me a tab of e and a vial of coke for himself so he can stay up because he had worked until 4am the night before as a waiter I didn t completely believe this would work out but hey I ll give it a shotThe bar is a rather dim but nice looking place with old world character freuented mostly by twenty somethings We get there at 11pm and order a beer He explained this is your only beer for the night After that you drink water Check When the guy shows up Phrenc is going to buy the stuff come back and then pass me the tab I m to go into the bathroom and bite half Come back to the bar and sit for a while see how I feel If I m feeling good a half hour later then pop the restSure enough this large black dude in a trench coat shows up at midnight on the dot I say black because obviously he wasn t African American he was Dutch Everyone was going up to the guy shaking his hand and being friendly Phrenc sidles up gives him a big hug and a handshake with a whisper in his ear and then returns They made an exchange Phrenc passes it over and I do as I was toldWe re sitting at the bar for a little while just having a normalconversationwhenohOh OhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhMy leg was pumping my head was bobbing to the music and my whole body suddenly felt light and coated in golden honey simultaneously Oh My God He looked me in the eyes which must ve been wildly dilated by then You good Oh I m am so good Great Let s hit it I swallowed the other half and he walked us out about one block away to an unmarked door He explained that this was a small nightclub where only Dutch people went primarily college kids You had to speak Dutch or the door guy wouldn t let you in It was to keep the tourists away from hitting on the young Dutch people but because he was Dutch he would get us both inFor the rest of the night everything and everyone was beautiful The club was small and packed body to body After we walked down a short flight of steps we turn to the right and we re right in the center of the bar a narrow unadorned rectangle At one end the bathrooms in the middle the bar was about 15 feet long with about enough space for four people deep and then at the back the dance floor which was also small I d say you could pack about 40 people on the dance floor and maybe 100 people in the whole place if they were all nearly touching Which they wereWe went straight for the dance floor Phrenc actually didn t dance he sat on a bench just watching the crowd By now I was feeling so loose and free and happy that I was as the drug said ecstatic Floating on a blissful pillow of love I dove into the crowd and started dancing my ass off The DJ booth was small and open sitting right on the dance floor I remember a beautiful young Asian woman was spinning tunes To this point in my life I had only been into punk rock indie rock and some experimental music But suddenly I understood club music The repetitive beats set up a rhythm in your body like a heartbeat so you can lose your identity and just become one with the energy The DJ was spinning an amazing mix of trance and world music Unbelievably perfect And beautiful like everyone I think at one point I yelled to her I love what you re playing and she laughed and yelled right back in English Thank you Glad you like it I made friends with the bartender who was a 6 foot tall blonde goddess She ended up writing her name on a napkin for me and saying that I could come back to the club any time and show it to the door guy Even though I don t speak Dutch she said he would let me in Btw it worked I tried it two nights later I kept dancing and getting water dancing and getting water Never sat down for a minute I spun myself into heaven Everyone was bouncing and moving and happy and there wasn t a hint of bad vibe anywhereAt about 430 Phrenc said he had to go home and sleep but I didn t want to stop so I ended up closing the club at 500am Other than getting a few bottles of water I had never stopped dancing I left just as the sun was rising still buzzed and light as a feather I floated across the city of Amsterdam finding my way to her apartment by instinct without a map Phrenc had given me an extra set of keys and I let myself in I climbed up the stairs and lay down on my mattress Looking up above me I saw colorful bubbles floating toward the ceiling a mild hallucination I drifted off to sleep my mind as light as the bubbles and then woke up exactly eight hours later hopped out of bed and felt completely refreshed and ready to go out again Ecstasy

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e the incredibly strange history of ecstasy

Than 40000 copies to date e the incredibly strange history of ecstasy covers every aspect of the subject from the physical emotional and psychological effects of ecstasy and the rise of key rave locations such as Goa and Ibiza to the futile attempts made by international governments to halt rave culture and stop MDMA use It is the most comprehensive and contemporary book ever to explore the history and continuing cultural influences of the drug that changed the worl. Started off alright as the history of the drug starts but then when it moves towards the music raves side of things it becomes clear that it s written by an American And we all know American s know shit all about ravingThe music might have originated in Merica but us Brits are the ones who pioneered the rave sceneThe section on the different kind of E s is laughable all ones found in New York WowNo mention of White Doves Dennis the Menaces Snowballs Mitzi s Towards the end of the book it seems to have been written by a child

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Its creation in a German lab just before World War I and its use as a psychotherapy tool in the '70s to its ultimate explosion on the US and UK dance scene This visually stunning book features than 200 photographs and illustrations including an extensive catalog of the most popular unusual and fascinating ecstasy pills along with listings of what they contained and details about their history and cultural significance Similar to The Cannabis Companion which has sold. Good as a stocking filler for old skool raversThis is a fine looking little book It is well laid out with a good choice of illustrative pictures particularly the catalog of pills It starts of really well with the first few chapters looking at the discovery of ecstasy governmental responses and the physical and psychological effects of its use These chapters are informative interesting and a great antidote to the one sided view of ecstasy often presented in mainstream mediaAfter that it or less turns into a padded out list of ecstasy related popular culture reference points So we have Detroit techno and Chicago house check Danny Rampling going to Ibiza check and on That s all well and good and it could be considered an omission not to document this stuff However the problem is this side of things has been covered so extensively elsewhere It starts to get dull with a feeling of I know all this already As the author continues down this chronology route the plight of the book ironically parallels the pills themselves in that it all gets progressively weaker This culminates in name checking the film It s All Gone Pete Tong Similarly although the book was published in 2008 the story seems to end with Fatboy Slim I presume this is because that is where the author s knowledge from experience dwindles In this way the tale goes mainstream towards the end where perhaps other avenues could have been explored

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    Don’t do drugs kids m’kay? Drugs are bad m’kay? Don’t do drugsSo the first time I ever did ecstasy was also the best time Subseuent explorations were close but never uite as good The environment was about as exciting as you co

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    Good as a stocking filler for old skool raversThis is a fine looking little book It is well laid out with a good choice o

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    Started off alright as the history of the drug starts but then when it moves towards the music raves side of things it becomes clear that it's written by an American And we all know American's know shit all about ravingThe m

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    This was pretty bland Learning about Ecstasy itself and how it affects the mind was pretty cool but the author focused so god damn much on the music scene and it felt like one big nostalgia trip than an actual history The Serotonin Stories were cool as shit though Like most nostalgia heavy things this book made me feel a longing

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    e the incredibly strange story of ecstasy by Tim Pilcher Running Press 20083061 is a thorough summary of the history and culture of

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    Great little book Easy and fun read that gives a great overview of the history of ecstasy It’s also full of beautiful color pictures that h

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