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Ng everythingDuncan knows what he wants and he wants Noah He doesn’t care much about his homophobic parents’ reaction He knows he has the support of his friends and most of the pack and that’s enough for him Will it be enough for Noah thoughAs No. Noah is a young demon He feels stifled by his autocratic family into following his father s footsteps into the family business and feels bullied into providing an heir after marrying the perfect woman even though he s gay and a painterDuncan is Derick s brother who we met in Whitedell Pride 2 He s a wolf shifter who s parents have already shown themselves to be homophobic jerks and though he identifies as bi sexual he is willing to accept his mate whether they are a man or a womanWhen Noah and Duncan meet at a club Noah is very attracted to Duncan but runs Duncan knows Noah is his mate tries to get information from him but only manages to slip him his numberLuckily Noah s own attraction and sense of adventure lead Noah to seek Duncan out When they meet Duncan does everything he can to convince Noah to give him a chanceI have been a fan of Catherine Lievens since the Whitedell Pride and I have read most of the books in that series and the spin off series Gillham Pack I have to say that I enjoyed Whitedell a bit so far the Gillham For whatever reason the MCs haven t done it for me as much as they did in the Pride seriesI was excited about Noah because I saw we were introducing a Demon into the mix of paranormal creatures This did not pan outI didn t really see anything demonic about Noah except his appearance For all intents and purposes he s a twink with horns blue hair a tail and some strange markings There was absolutely nothing magical about himI was very disappointed with this book I LOVE the cover and really like the author but this was a dudNoah was very immature he acted like a teen ager than a young adult He didn t do anything magical His friend Demi had some interesting potential but I could never uite figure out if he was being a help or a hindrance so that was just frustrating Noah whined a lot but didn t do much and then seemingly without a reason flips over into being all about Duncan and matingDuncan was blah He didn t ever shift or do anything wolfy Together he and Noah dithered about Noah telling his parents and Duncan telling his folks Then they worried about it some They barely touched or had any sort of exciting mine chemistry that I love with shifters and mates and I never really felt their connection even at the endI think the tail and horns on Noah were a plot device for tail sex which was only brief and not nearly as kinky awesome as it could have been I really wish we could have developed of this new Demon element given them some powers explained their interactions with humans done something with them that made them stand out as being other All in all I was very disappointed with this and can t really recommend it I m certainly not giving up on either the author or the series but in this case I wasn t impressed25 of 5 stars

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Noah AUTHOR Catherine Lievens

Noah has lived in isolation most of his life He’s a demon and demons keep to themselves He’s not satisfied with his life though One night he sneaks out and meets Duncan He likes the man but he knows he can’t be with him because it would mean losi. Cool I didn t read the summary so I was not expecting a new species I enjoyed their intro but I feel like it was really tame to what I would have enjoyed reading It was nice the way it was written and maybe people prefer it this way

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Ah and Duncan get to know each other Noah has to make a decision his parents or his mate Choosing his parents means he’ll have to marry a woman and have children even if he’s gay Choosing Duncan means he’ll lose everything he’s ever known Or no. 35

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    35 stars lovely

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    Noah is a demon Demons do not mix with others so Noah has led a life of isolation He knows there must be He sneaks out to go to a club and meets Duncan He really likes Duncan but knows nothing can come of that Duncan knows that Noah is his mate and is willing to come out to his homophobic parents to prove that H

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    Cool I didn't read the summary so I was not expecting a new species I enjoyed their intro but I feel like it was really t

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    Noah is a young demon He feels stifled by his autocratic family into following his father’s footsteps into the family business and feels bu

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    Author Catherine LievensPublisher eXtasy BooksISBN 978 1 4874 0487 1Buy Link Teresa Fallen AngelBlurbGillham Pack 4 Can you really

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    I'm like 5050 on this book The first half of the book I really did not like noah I actually felt bad for Duncan

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    Reviewed for Prism Book Alliance With Noah we visit the wolves and other species of the Gillham pack It is Noah's first visit but not ours Actu

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    I loved how this included the Whitedell Pride and introduced the demons I loved Noah and his friendwho will hopefully get his own story too I really liked the demons and hope we'll get varied paranormal types of characters in future stories

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