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D end with the death of Awlaki by a bizarre robotic technology that is changing warfare the drone       Scott Shane who has covered terrorism for The New York Times over the last decade weaves the clash between president and terrorist into both a riveting narrative and a deeply human account of the defining conflict of our era Awlaki who directed a plot that almost derailed Obama’s presidency and then taunted him from his desert hideouts will go down in history as the first United States citizen deliberately hunted and assassinated by his own governm The title of this book is insufficiently descriptive what this book really is is the first full length biography of Anwar al Awlaki the American AAP operative media personality and first American ever to be deliberately killed by a Predator drone I was waiting for someone to do such a biography Jeremy Scahill s Dirty Wars covered some of the broader points and this was really satisfying in depth and scope Not only is it a retelling of Awlaki s life and the sensational turns it took it also intertwines it with Obama s own life and his ultimate decision to kill him Such a narrative strategy easily runs the risk of becoming hackneyed or strained but in this case is done in a very artful and compelling mannerThe author gets amazing access to Awlaki s family his tribe in Yemen CIA operatives and White House officials and correspondingly the level of information is great To his credit he also segues into philosophical reflections on the War on Terror era that are deeply thoughtful moving and impeccably written The story never bogs down in the details which in the hands of a less skilled writer could have become burdensome but instead is told in an absolutely gripping and poetic fashion throughout There are still things about Awlaki s life particularly his own apparently tortured and conflicted inner life I assume that we ll never know but this is probably as comprehensive an investigation as will ever be carried outI really recommend this book to anyone whether interested in War on Terror issues or not Its an excellent story compellingly written deeply thoughtful and compelling but thanks to the philosophical commentary and reflections it contains and which the title undersells it is also one of those rare books that has the potential to change the way one looks at the world and interprets both past and future

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Objective Troy

    Objective Troy tells the gripping and unsettling story of Anwar al Awlaki the once celebrated American imam who called for moderation after 911 a man who ultimately directed his outsized talents to the mass murder of his fellow citizens It follows Barack Obama’s campaign against the excesses of the Bush counterterrorism programs and his eventual embrace of the targeted killing of suspected militants And it recounts how the president directed the mammoth machinery of spy agencies to hunt Awlaki down in a frantic multi million dollar pursuit that woul July 2016 I really wanted to get back and give this a comprehensive review even though by now I have forgotten a lot of what I wanted to sayI have to get my thoughts together on this one I listened to it rather than read it so I can t uote and don t have notes as I was driving But it deserves a thoughtful review It s changed my thinking on a number of things and deepened it on others I think every American should read this book More soon I believe this is one of the most important books I will have read in 2016 One takeaway is that the responsibility for the breadth and depth of America s drone program belongs suarely with Obama It cannot be outsourced to JSOC or to whatever dark forces you want to see at work in the CIA or NSA or leftover from RoveCheneyBlackwaterBlackopswhatever That does not mean those elements are not involved It just means that Obama was and is at the helm and he authored the program and totally knows what s going on though he may at times have delegated responsibility for the day to day and may not have been thrilled with every hitThe drone program rose to its heights because of the attempt to blow up a plane over Detroit in Obama s first year as president The infamous underwear bomber that became something of a joke only because the guy s bomb did not go off as planned The issue was that the bomb was undetectable by TSA Even worse though was that the guy was actually on a no fly list Even worse his father in I think Nigeria had gone to the US Embassy or Consulate I forget sorry it s been awhile and I m an American idiot for not knowing which we have there and denounced his own son The father was a banker and a credible source concerned that his son had been developing radicalized views and had recently made a trip to Sudan to contact radicals He had received what seemed to be a goodbye message and the father believed that his son was traveling to America on a legitimate passport So the US had all the information it needed to stop this guy but due to one thing and another all this info was lost in the shuffle and the guy sailed through So naturally Obama hit the roof The whole presidency could have gone down as a result of this one incident in his first year If that plane had blown the Republicans would have been all over him Although TSA and all the security measures were Bush s construction it had not failed before and the fact that it failed so soon in his presidency would have been laid at his feet Obama s real concern and interest lay with domestic policy fixing the economy which also was worse than he thought thanks to Bush and fixing healthcare Also climate change So the last thing he wanted was boots on the ground in Yemen which was what dealing with an increased terror threat would lead to As an aside Shane comments on Obama s poor handling of the press in the whole situation he was on vacation when this happened and did not appear to reassure the public In general Obama and his staff have done terribly with the press IMO on this and other complex issues But throughout the book Shane comments how badly Obama has communicated about how he has handled terrorism Obama has killed hundreds of top terror agents through the drone program but has not publicized this often due to agreements with the countries in which the drone program has operated even though individually newspapers have often reported the hits there has been no public accounting of the figures and his record in this area so the public does not have a good sense of what he has accomplished if you want to think of this type of thing as an accomplishment about that later Enter the drone program Via drones you can limit collateral damage and narrow your targets By Obama s lights this was much better than the hundreds of thousands of civilian deaths that occur with an on the ground war even if civilians were killed in drone strikes To date perhaps a couple of thousand civilians have been reported killed by drones accounts vary depending on who is reporting But that is small by any accounting compared to traditional warfare However obviously no one is looking at it from the POV of those on the ground If you are a member of a small village in a remote area who happens to have a cousin visiting you are probably not thinking of him as a terrorist but as a cousin You might not have any idea about buildings in New York You might not have any idea of where New York is soldiers fighting in Afghanistan reported their shock at discovering that tribal peoples had often not even heard of the Trade Towers our own ethnocentricity is what s shocking really And suddenly than half your village is wiped out by a rocket That s surreal and of course beyond enraging So then the book begins tracing the development of Anwar al Alaki from an ordinary US immigrant who seemed uite well adjusted to a radicalized imam and eventually a terrorist leader As well the Obama administration s commitment to killing him And the Justice Department s collusion in justifying the decision to execute him without trial Which justification has been released but so heavily redacted that the reasoning behind it cannot be discerned Which is odd you know If there is a reasoning that can be seen as legal you think they d stand behind it and it wouldn t need to be redacted for security reasons What security concerns can there be in a legal decision Show us the reasoning I say or scrap the decision and never ever do that again Anyway so on this whole uestionable scaffolding al Alaki gets executed by drone and then shortly after his son age 16 who has never shown any history of terrorism and who has never really even lived with his father and who has been highly involved with the pro democracy Arab Spring movement which is the opposite of terrorism is also executed by drone supposedly by accident according to JSOC Obama to his credit was furious about this and at that moment some of the control he had delegated was taken back or at least re delegated But still Out of hand and unforgivable My thing with al Alaki is that well yes he was sending people after American lives He would have been hard to capture and bring back for trial But under US law he was entitled to that trial And the thing is Jesus himself was only a rebel until he was killed It was not until his martyrdom that he developed any force as a spiritual figure Al Alaki on the other hand was already an imam with considerable weight Martyr him and you have a mess WEAKEN him and that s another thing The US had all kinds of info on Al Alaki regarding his corruption with prostitutes and the like A trial with pictures in which he confessed to these would have been a golden opportunity In fact arresting him much earlier on and going through that would have been so much smarter What idiotsIn any case this book is well worth the read for the inside look at the tradeoffs muff ups hard choices personal moral failings not to mention Republican obstructionism that have got us into a lot of unnecessary entanglements If you want to understand than the headlines that will continue to plague us I urge you to read this book

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Ent without trial But his elouent calls to jihad amplified by YouTube continue to lure young Westerners into terrorism resulting in tragedies from the Boston marathon bombing to the murder of cartoonists at a Paris weekly Awlaki’s life and death show how profoundly America has been changed by the threat of terrorism and by our own fears       Illuminating and provocative and based on years of in depth reporting Objective Troy is a brilliant reckoning with the moral challenge of terrorism and a masterful chronicle of our times From the Hardcover editi This detailed but accessible book accounts for the rise to prominence and radicalization of Anwar al Awlaki His message became central to many of the terror plots between 911 and the rise of the Islamic State and those seeking a better understanding of his story should look here Shane uses a compelling narrative style to paint a picture of the troubled imam who went from the moderate cleric interviewed extensively after 911 to the main terrorist threat to America The author uses first hand accounts to establish the course of this change and where information is scarce present the reader with what s available and lets them decide for themselves what seems most plausible When discussing the complex and politically charged issues of drone strikes and Obama s foreign policy Shane takes a nuanced view appropriate to the material He describes the fundamental pros and cons of drones as a national security tool and does a good job of keeping his opinions out of the narrative In all the book is a good primer on radicalism and AAP It s written to appeal to a broad audience who are interested in national security matters and warrants a read by anyone who wants an overview of al Awlaki s life and times

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    Scott Shane is a New York Times national security reporter whose new book OBJECTIVE TROY explores the evolution

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    A very tricky subject handled uite brilliantly Scott Shane has written an interesting and accessible story about the links between the current Obama administration the use of drones in hunting down terrorists both domestic and international an

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    July 2016 I really wanted to get back and give this a comprehensive review even though by now I have forgotten a

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    The author should read Dirty Wars and reconsider his premise Just because Washington tells you it's so doesn't mean it is There is no proof that Al Awlaki had involvement in terrorist activity

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    The title of this book is insufficiently descriptive; what this book really is is the first full length biography

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    This book was excellent on many levels Its’ an examination of two areas the American Muslim Anwar al Awlaki and the dec

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    5 starsAn absolutely fascinating book that adds a lot of context to a significant amount of news we’ve heard since September 11 2001 regarding the Global War on Terror More specifically it’s a detailed examination of two men set on a collision course The man who would be President Barrack Obama and the first citizen of the Un

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    This detailed but accessible book accounts for the rise to prominence and radicalization of Anwar al Awlaki His message became central to many of the terror plots between 911 and the rise of the Islamic State and those seeking a better understanding of his story should look here Shane uses a compelling narrative style to paint a picture of the troubled imam who went from the “moderate” cleric interviewed extensively

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    In the wrong hands a book with this kind of subject matter can become a pulpit for someone on either extreme side of the political aisle Fortunately Scott Shane leaves it to the reader to determine where they stand on the issue of drone warfare in general and the targeted killing of an American in particular Shane provides a sense of where

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    Shane did a thoughtful and methodical job of showing how Al Alwaki became radicalized and then carefully explained the Obama administration's actions while trying to adhere to constitutional legality all the missteps ill thought decisions and failed jokes in awkward press conferences leading to the assassination of an American citizen whose right to a trial was not honored and a precedent we need to confront Shane isn't pro or

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