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  • The Pearl Literature Guide
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  • 20 January 2017
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The Pearl Literature Guide

This Common Core Standards Aligned Literature Guide for John Steinbeck's The Pearl is based on time tested best practices for teaching the Common Core State Standards for ELA the NCTEIRA ELA Standards and the Texas TEKS for grades 9 12Includes· Common Core Alignment Documentation for grades 9 12· Pre Reading Activities List· Informational Focus Mexico in the Early 20th Century and Cultural Aspects of The Pearl · Pre Reading Reflection.

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Activity· Author Biography John Steinbeck · Informational Focus Style of the Novella · Allusions Uniue Terminology Sayings and Slang defined· Vocabulary Lists with and without definitions· Note Taking and Summarizing Chart · Comprehension and Analysis uestions for each chapter · CCSS Aligned Reading uizzes for each section · Vocabulary uizzes for each section · Final Exam Multiple Choice Two Versions one CCSS Aligned in rigor; o.

characters The Pearl Literature Guide

Ne lower level in rigor· Specific CCSS Focused Literature Activities on Literary Devices to Affect Tone and Mood Identifying Theme Supporting Inferences with Textual Evidence · Specific CCSS Focused Writing Activities on Planning a Narrative Argumentative Letter Writing InformativeExplanatory Affidavit Specific CCSS Focused Language Activities on Semicolons and Colons Using Online Vocabulary Tools Using Context Clues to Determine Meanin.