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Ional front page newsWhat could possess an apparently rational and sane man albeit an habitual criminal to commit such a callous and ruthless act What kind of a man is he How can an ordinary person understand what he did Should he be forgiven50 years later the full story for the first ti. Doctors, Ambassadors, Secretaries understand what he did Should he be forgiven50 years later the full story for the first ti.

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The Shepherds Bush Murders

The crime the criminals the victims and their familiesAnd the biggest manhunt by British policeThe establishment press and public reaction the trial and the aftermath are all set out in compelling narrative detail Jack Witney served twenty five years in prison although he shot no one and.

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Was released on appeal only to be murdered in his Bristol flat a few years later John Duddy died in Parkhurst after fifteen years But Harry Roberts by his own admission the instigator of the crime and the most notorious was released from prison after forty eight years in 2015 making nat.

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    A well written account of a crime many have probably forgotten It confirmed for me my belief from when I was old enough to understand the issues involved that Capital Punishment should be restored for such murders of Police and for that matter also Prison Officers who are deliberately killed in the performance of their duties For the record

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    As a boy I do remember the murder of the three police officers in London and the hunt for Roberts Then a few years ago the outcry as Roberts was released from prison The book covers the history of this tragic killing sens

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    A well written and excellent book covering the murders of three police officers on the 12th of August 1966 the preceding events and

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