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In a space of just 10” x 39” x 19 12” HO Studley managed to arrange – with perfection – than 250 of his tools into a dovetailed mahogany cabinet that has captivated tens of thousands of woodworkers since it was first unveiled in 1988 on the back cover of Fine Woodworking with a single shocking photographAfter a brief stay at the Smithsonian the cabinet was sold to a private collector and hasn’t been seen by the public for well over a decade Studley’s workbench has never been on public viewFor the last four years Donald Williams and a team of supporting characters has been researching documenting and photographing.

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Both the cabinet and Studley’s eually amazing workbench to create “Virtuoso The Tool Cabinet and Workbench of Henry O Studley”This book is the first in depth examination of one of the most beautiful woodworking tool chests ever constructed and presents the first ever biography of Studley 1838 1925 a piano and organ builder in uincy Mass In this book Williams uses original research to answer the uestions that flash through the minds of everyone who views the cabinetHow did he build itHow does it workAnd why would anyone construct such a monument to his toolsIn this book you will find measurements details and photographs of.

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All the tools in the cabinet Every swinging frame hinged panel and nook of this three dimensional multi layered sculpture has been analyzed so you can understand how it folds in on itself like a giant piece of mahogany origamiYou will meet the man himself HO Studley and get a glimpse into the trade of high end organ and piano makers in 19th and 20th century New EnglandBut most of all you will see the cabinet in a way that only a handful of privileged people ever have And you will realize that the magazine photograph that electrified the woodworking world in 1988 only scratches the surface of the cabinet’s complete magnificen.

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    Beautiful photography and excellent writing As a book however it is marred by mediocre micro typography and a num

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    This is a great subject and a great effort to illuminate this object of obsession but it falls short on several f

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    A perfect companion work to seeing the cabinet or dreaming about it Fantastic photos