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  • A Kim Jong Il Production The Extraordinary True Story of a Kidnapped Filmmaker His Star Actress and a Young Dictator's Rise to Power
  • Paul Fischer
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  • 02 August 2017
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10 thoughts on “A Kim Jong Il Production The Extraordinary True Story of a Kidnapped Filmmaker His Star Actress and a Young Dictator's Rise to Power

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    This book is a strong 35 stars maybe even tilting toward 4 If you're interested in it read it It's fun short and fascinating My star docking is of a content critiue but attention spans being what they are these days I wanted to get that out of the wayDevelopment Kim Jong Il was not always “Dear Leader” As a child he was called “Yura” Though he was the son of Kim Sung Il “The Great Leader” and founder of North Korea aka Democr

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    Instagram || Twitter || Facebook || || PinterestI was inspired to buy A KIM JONG IL PRODUCTION after I received and enjoyed an ARC of THE GREAT SUCCESSOR a biography of Kim Jong Il's youngest son and heir apparent Kim Jong Un In my review I praised the author for her diligent research and the honest portrayal of the leader

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    Speechless Nearly wordless I've been to Oz but it's Mickey Mouse who rules as a god like Sun King the subjects know their lines perfectly to exalt His Majesty but if they miss a word or don't smile perfectly for

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    This work of creative nonfiction will undoubtedly catch many Asia watchers by surprise Facts about North Korea are thin on the ground

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    Read by Stephen ParkDescription Before becoming the world’s most notorious dictator Kim Jong Il ran North Korea’s Ministry for Propaganda an

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    Impeccably researched riveting details of a brazen abduction of prominent South Korean film artists by North Korea’s megalomaniac

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    I was aware that North Korea kidnapped English and Japanese language teachers to train its spies but these late 1970's high profile abductions

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    You probably read about this in the newspapers An ultra strange story of how famed South Korean actress Choi Eun hee and her husband the film director Shin Sang ok were kidnapped by Kim Jong Il and the North Korean regime held for eight years and forced to make movies It’s a tale of international espionage skulduggery defections escape attempts and naked propaganda This is a story of bizarre intrigue which is much Fleming than l

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    What do Americans know about North Korea For even the best informed among us the answer is sadly not much What we know or at least have been pe

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    The Kim Jong Il Production is a short but captivating account of the 1980's kidnapping of a south Korean filmmaker and his ex wife a prominent actress by direct orders of 'dear Leader' and future dictator Kim Jong IlCities made of cardboard cut

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A Kim Jong Il Production The Extraordinary True Story of a Kidnapped Filmmaker His Star Actress and a Young Dictator's Rise to Power

Before becoming the world’s most notorious dictator Kim Jong Il ran North Korea’s Ministry for Propaganda and its film studios Conceiving every movie made he acted as producer and screenwriter Despite this control he was underwhelmed by the available talent and took drastic steps ordering the kidnapping of Choi Eun Hee Madam Choi South Korea’s most famous actress and her ex husband Shin Sang Ok the country’s most famous filmmakerMadam Choi vanished first When Sh This book is a strong 35 stars maybe even tilting toward 4 If you re interested in it read it It s fun short and fascinating My star docking is of a content critiue but attention spans being what they are these days I wanted to get that out of the wayDevelopment Kim Jong Il was not always Dear Leader As a child he was called Yura Though he was the son of Kim Sung Il The Great Leader and founder of North Korea aka Democratic People s Republic of Korea DPRK it wasn t always a given that he would one day take his father s place It s hard to parse the varying stories of his birthancestry check out Time s Kim Family Tree if you re curious Jong Il was passionate about cinema from an early age and when Sung Il taking a page from the Soviet playbook formed the Propaganda and Agitation Department Jong Il soon made a natural and eager Cultural Arts Director As with almost all aspects of society after the Korean War there was a race for supremacy in the film industries between the North and the South Together director Shin Sang Ok and actress Madam Choi Eun Hee were seemingly unstoppable Shin Films became a juggernaut with the combination of Choi on screen and Shin behind the camera their films were met with acclaim in South Korea and abroad Shin and Choi above as happy young newlyweds embodied the success of South Korean films Few people if any would have been as acutely aware of this as Kim Jong Il His obsession with movies was so great that he set up Resource Operation No 100 a fancied up term for what was essentially film piracy and dubbing at DPRK embassies across the world so he could study the work of all the greats Pre Production By the late 1970s however Choi Shin and Kim Jong Il were confronting challenges in their respective lives Though Choi had tried to ignore Shin s infidelities the two divorced after Shin had a baby with a younger actress Shin had a penchant for pushing the limits of what was considered acceptable in South Korea at the time After ignoring the censorship board one time too many the Office of Public Ethics revoked Shin s license to make films Though the first films made in North Korea eg Sea of Blood and The Flower Girl were successful with a uite literally captive audience of people who were exposed to no other media Kim Jong Il was not satisfied Further given that the DPRK was a closed country Jong Il was effectively isolated from foreign talent Both Shin and Choi were essentially foiled by their desires to succeed and pursue their passions Abductionskidnappings across the Korean Demilitarized Zone DMZ were by no means uncommon Fishing boats were regular targets which will come as no surprise to those who have read The Orphan Master s Son and many were skeptical as to whether or not South Korean defectors were truly acting under their own will Choi became a guest of the Dear Leader by way of Hong Kong in 1978 enticed by an opportunity to direct a film which would help her to achieve her dreams for an acting school in South Korea Though the two had divorced Shin was concerned when his ex wife went missing He spoke out to the press about his suspicions of political conspiracy and was also uestioned as a suspect in Choi s disappearance Meanwhile Shin was still trying to resurrect his company and was having passportvisa problems With nibbles but no bites on various foreign deals for film distribution or directing opportunities Shin was growing desperate and was running out of cash When told that he would be able to get a South American passport in Hong Kong he went for it only to find himself traveling on the same freighter that had taken Choi to the People s Republic ProductionThough Shin and Choi were special guests this did not save them from all of the horrors of North Korea s detention and reeducation camps nor were they immediately reunited The conditions of Shin s detainment were particularly bad similar to those described both in The Orphan Master s Son and Escape From Camp 14 It s difficult to describe my impression of Kim Jong Il based on this book To say that he was well intentioned seems naive and it s impossible to imagine what the world looked like through his eyes given his bizarre upbringing However one sees him though Kim Jong Il was undeniably eager to earn the approval of Shin and Choi and in his own way tried to make them happy even re marrying the couple in 1983 below The title of the book reflects Paul Fischer s ongoing depiction of Kim Jong Il as the producer of his country and its narrative Between the late 1960s and the end of his Kim Jong Il s life he created one vast stage production He was the writer director and producer of the nation He conceived his people s roles their devotion their values he wrote their dialogue and forced it upon them he mapped out their entire character arcs from birth to death splicing them out of the picture if they broke type Accordingly there were ways in which working for Kim Jong Il was familiar to Shin and Choi Shin and Choi had both met men like Kim Jong Il on a smaller scale talented but not uite talented enough powerful jealous insecure and boastful with an overinflated sense of their own importance in the world a short temper and an obsessive need to micromanage Kim was they thought the archetypal film producer Likewise for Shin especially Jong Il s unilateral power made his life easier Need to blow up a train Sure thing sorry you ll have to do it in one take because it s a real running train However lacking the incentives inherent in capitalism the same could not be said of the cast and crew So did it work Were Shin and Choi everything Kim Jong Il ever dreamed of In some ways yes Movies in North Korea did get better The people of the DPRK began to share Jong Il s enthusiasm for film in part because the films became something than pure glorifications of life in North Korea Post ProductionShin Sang Ok and Choi Eun Hee however were not truly happy Though they had many of the comforts of the good life they were prisoners Also they were pawns in the propaganda game that got this whole thing started Luckily for them their roles as spokespeople for the DPRK reuired some of the trappings of freedom which proved crucial for their escape Critical ReviewWhile this was a fascinating story which seems well researched though I m no expert Fischer seemed a little overly determined to layer on all of the mystery and weirdness of North Korea and its leaders While I m not planning on overthrowing our democracy any time soon I think that there s always value in trying to see things from other perspectives One of the things I enjoyed about The Orphan Master s Son was its references to how America might look or be portrayed in North Korea a land of illiteracy canines and multicolored condoms I became acutely aware of this while reading Fischer s descriptions of the death and funeral rites of Kim Il Sung Kim Il Sung s body was embalmed and put on display for his people to see The process involved removing all of the Supreme Leader s organs before bathing his hollow corpse in a formaldehyde bath and injecting liters of chemical balsam a cocktail of glycerine and potassium acetate in his veins to keep his flesh lifelike and elastic Finally makeup and lipstick were applied to Kim s face to restore the illusion of youth I m no mortician but that doesn t sound all that different from what goes on at open casket funerals here in the U S of A I think it involves formaldehyde and methanol

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In went to Hong Kong to investigate he was attacked and woke up wrapped in plastic sheeting aboard a ship bound for North Korea Madam Choi lived in isolated luxury allowed only to attend the Dear Leader’s dinner parties Shin meanwhile tried to escape was sent to prison camp and re educated After four years he cracked pledging loyalty Reunited with Choi at the first party he attends it is announced that the couple will remarry and act as the Dear Leader’s film adviso This work of creative nonfiction will undoubtedly catch many Asia watchers by surprise Facts about North Korea are thin on the ground here in America but this book blasts open a personal history of Kim Jong Il with a canny graceful and wise commentary that seems far beyond what anyone else has been able to manage It is an enormous feat of research but than that it is so completely and compulsively readable that we are held captive It begins detailing the history of two individuals who were instrumental in the South Korean film industry in the 1940s and 50s Before you ask how relevant that information is to us today just remember that the author is a film producer who claims these early films have a cult following now perhaps because of the Gangnam rage that has spread worldwide and has opened a glimpse into a world never before considered worthy of serious study We couldn t have a better introduction to film in South Korea nor have we ever had a detailed look at the North Korean film fanatic Kim Jong Il who kidnapped the two leading lights in the South Korean film industry to bolster his own propaganda machine The beautiful and talented South Korean film star Choi Eun Hee was kidnapped first Fischer compares her favorably to Marilyn Monroe with whom she was photographed in terms of star uality and stage presence Choi s former husband the film director and producer Shin Sang Ok was taken later though because he d tried to escape he was imprisoned in North Korea for a number of years Eventually they were reunited in Pyongyang and began producing films for Kim Jong Il s ailing film industry This book is partially based on their memoir of their time in captivity and their successful escape to the West Perhaps importantly we learn a huge amount about the Kim regimes This material may be out there somewhere in a hundred escape memoirs spy reports or academic papers but I have never seen so much information about Kim Jong Il and North Korea in one place before Besides all this great new information the writing is absolutely first rate the story fantastic and the immersion into film so well informed that it seems like a trick Who is Paul Fischer and how does he know so much about North Korea The Introduction and Afterword discuss sources and mostly my concerns about veracity of content were allayed It may just be possible that no one ever bothered before to gather together the dispersed information in just this way before I just don t know Frankly it is Fischer s skill that is simply stunning besides the vast trove of collected information about the Kim regime and North Korea The writing is rich and coherent in a way writers only dream of and the sections pass easily into one another while we readers are led deeper into the intricacies of film lore and the strange and frightening propaganda machine of Kim Jong IlI have no idea whether or not Shin Sang Ok and his wife Choi Eun Hee were abducted or if they defected to North Korea In my mind it is regrettable either way but not particularly relevant now It is not what I focused on I have heard some of the details of kidnapping of prisons of life in North Korea but nothing like this detailed look north of the 38th parallel This book has everything grandeur mystery terror and a fluency that makes this tremendous storytelling no matter what side of the political spectrum you fall on This book must be labelled creative nonfiction because of the conversations recounted verbatim and the reconstructions of scenes so complete you would think Fischer produced them I don t care If one fourth of the information in this is book is true we have made great headway in understanding and demystifying a completely obscure regime You will recall the splash Truman Capote made with his fictional recreation of the nonfiction event he wrote about in In Cold Blood Let s call this in the same vein until we can verify but remember this man Paul Fischer He has burst on the literary scene with a truly stupefying and important offering If he can make films the way he can write we are in for a real treat I listened to the Random House Audio production of this book read beautifully by Stephen Park I have ordered the print edition to look it over carefully As I say books like this don t come along very often To think this was a debut that took about two years to put together is extraordinary Feb 21 2015Paul Fischer answers a few uestions on my blog WGBH Forum Institute filmed his reading at the Harvard Bookstore in Cambridge MA and a link to the YouTube video is here

Read A Kim Jong Il Production The Extraordinary True Story of a Kidnapped Filmmaker His Star Actress and a Young Dictator's Rise to Power

Rs Together they made seven films in the process gaining Kim Jong Il’s trust While pretending to research a film in Vienna they flee to the US embassy and are swept to safetyA nonfiction thriller packed with tension passion and politics A Kim Jong Il Production offers a rare glimpse into a secretive world illuminating a fascinating chapter of North Korea’s history that helps explain how it became the hermetically sealed intensely stage managed country it remains toda I was aware that North Korea kidnapped English and Japanese language teachers to train its spies but these late 1970 s high profile abductions were only vague in my memory Through Paul Fischer s gripping narrative you see not only the story of Choi Eun Hee and Shin Sang Ok but also how North Korea is run at the very top The book piued my interest in the The Interview which I saw last nightSouth Korea s most famous actress and most heralded directorproducer were abducted at the behest of Kim Jong Il the son of the then Premier Kim Il Song It is Jong Il and his staff who created the North Korean brands particularly those of his father Great Leader and himself Dear Leader They orchestrated the big parades and the imagery we in the west come to associate with North Korea In the book you see the author s view that the modern North Korean state is a performance production a display production of its own p62The propaganda that Jong Il cleverly used to pave the way for his ascendance to the premiership along with pushing aside and discrediting his uncles and other possible candidates was a product of his interest in film The films he and his staff created are described as formulaic extolling the Great Leader depicting outsiders as vile glorifying the suffering of the people fueling paranoia etc A fan of western cinema Jong Il had a library which as described may be one of the most complete in the world Since only he could see these films only he knew how far behind his country was in film production To remedy this clever ruses were constructed to abduct this famous teamChoi and Shin are amazing Shin suffers the conseuences of his two escape attempts and Choi endures boredom gaudy pageantry and lives a false existence Once Shin repents of his ways the author shows their contribution to film in North Korea and how with the country s economic decline the famine is only a few years away plans were made to market films abroad These plans cleverly laid and beautifully acted out by the couple brought them to their freedomThis is a can t put it down book This glimpse of the hermit kingdom suares with other portrayals in books such as Barbara Demick s Nothing to Envy Ordinary Lives in North Korea and The World Is Bigger Now An American Journalist s Release from Captivity in North Korea A Remarkable Story of Faith Family and Forgiveness and the films such as The Interview and The Red Chapel httpenwikipediaorgwikiTheRed The flashy cover belies the seriousness of the work

About the Author: Paul Fischer

PAUL FISCHER is a film producer who studied social sciences at the Institut d'Etudes Politiues in Paris and film at the University of Southern California and the New York Film Academy Paul's first feature film the documentary Radioman won the Grand Jury Prize at the Doc NYC festival and was released to critical and commercial acclaim A Kim Jong Il Production is his first book