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CHARACTERS Defiance Valley

Defiance Valley

Tales of the Northwest may have been Frederick Nebel's forte but sadly these ultra rare magazines don't turn up often and as a.


Result few readers have been able to enjoy these classics With this book Altus Press brings these stories to modern readers com.

Frederick Nebel Ü 1 READ & DOWNLOAD

Plete uncut and in order Volume 1 contains Nebel's first 16 stories of this genre taken from NorthWest Stories and Action Stori.

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    Not Nebel's best that was to come later in his policedetective stories but there are several uality stories in this collection He does a fine job of capturing the subarctic setting and now and then a character stands out If he had focused on

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    A great collection of Frederick Nebel northern tales by Altus press Picked this up after reading a similar coll

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    Page xi Introduction by Rob PrestonPage 1 Trade Law Short Story Originally published in North West Stories July 1925 Volume 2 No 8 as

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