(kindle or Ebook) My Hand Author Satoshi Kitamura AUTHOR Satoshi Kitamura

Satoshi Kitamura ´ 2 Summary

Thor and illustrator Satoshi Kitamura unfolds a wonderful celebration of the simple hand also starring a favourite Kitamura character Boots the cat Short and funny

Review My Hand Author Satoshi Kitamura

My Hand Author Satoshi Kitamura

As simple as your hand – it can push it can pull It can paint it can pat And when your hand has a bad habit it can pick your noseAward winning au This is a cute book for storytime

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This is my hand It can do all sorts of things Most of the time it does good things but sometimesKitamura introduces us to the wonders of something A cute little tutorial on what hands can do fun for toddlers

8 thoughts on “My Hand Author Satoshi Kitamura

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    silly surprise of something you can do with your hand at the end of the story it involves a nose

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    A cute little tutorial on what hands can do fun for toddlers

  3. says:

    This is a cute book for storytime

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    Reviewed by Holly ScuderoWhat kinds of interesting things can a hand do It can push and pull draw and walk and even wave hello or goodbye In this cute simple picture book Satoshi Kitamura invites parents and kids to play along and explore what their hands can do “My Hand” has easy words and very basic concepts but i

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    Short and funny

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    I wanted to like this book and its exploration of what hands can do The one review I read was glowing But I find the fact that the titular hand is doing all its actions including pushing and pulling TO Boots the Cat highly problematic in a picture book If it were marketed as a comic book to older school aged children or even to adults I woul

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    Not a bad your hand can do this primer as long as you don't mind that the actions involve being mean to the family cat

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    I like this little book It gets bonus points from me as it has a cat on every page This could be a cute story time book for kids

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