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Native Tongue Native Tongue #1

Called fascinating by the New York Times upon its first publication in 1984 Native Tongue won wide critical praise and cult status and has often been compared to the futurist fiction of Margaret Atwood Set in the twenty second century the novel tells of a world where women are once again property denied civil rights and banned from public life Earth's wealth depends on inter. Noting the passing last week of Suzette Haden Elgin linguist verbal self defense teacher feminist genre writer founder of the Science Fiction Poetry Association I read Native Tongue in my first push of reading harder sci fi a few years ago and found her approach to the genre really eye opening Though perhaps her hopes for the embrace of a universal revolutionary women s language were disappointed her writing was proof enough of how writing can change perception RIP Suzette Haden Elgin Author Poet Verbal Self Defense Coach io9To make something appear is called magic is it not There is a continuous surface of the body a space that begins with the inside flesh of the fingers and continues over the palm of the hand and up the inner side of the arm to the bend of the elbowI will name the athad of the person Imagine the athad please See it clearly in your mind perceive here are my own two athads the left one and the right one And there are both of your athads very nice onesWhere there was no athad before there will always be one now because you perceive the athad of every that person you look at as you perceive their nose and their hair I have made the athad appear now it exists Native Tongue is a spectacular example of idea science fiction Its ideas are about feminism and aliens and human expansion but the most important ones are on the power of language In Suzette Haden Elgin s dystopia women s rights regressed in the later 20th century in a bout of religious fervor and neo conservatism Two centuries into the future women are legally minors maintained under the guardanship of male relatives at all times and lacking basic rights Seen as lesser beings they are valued only for their labor and reproductive abilities Meanwhile humans have expanded through the galaxy through colonization and trade with Alien worlds This contact is largely facilitated through the work of Lingoes fifteen Earth bound linguist families Lines who have specialized and monopolized the business of Ali Human translation and diplomacyDespite their education the women in the Lines are as oppressed as those outside perhaps even so under the strict patriarchal order of the Lines In addition to the the usual indignities labor exploitation denial of liberty etc they also lack reproductive liberty forced to bear as many children as possible in order to meet the unsatiable demand for imperialistic expansion But the women of the Lines are working on a secret project that may change all that L adan a new female language that they hope will one day unite all the women of the galaxyWhy Elgin holds a PhD in linguistics and Native Tongue plays on the idea that human languages themselves used for countless years in a patriarchal context are indeed major tools of female repression On the same note language can be the tool of female empowerment and importance of creating words for the expression of female PoV for concepts previously inexpressible such as raimmelh to refrain from asking with evil intentions especially when it s clear that someone badly wants to ask for example when someone wants to be asked about their state of mind or health and clearly wants to talk about it is tantamount It is the magic that is creation of the world anew and this insurgent potential of language that holds together Native Tongue s disparate themes around the journeys of Nazareth Chornyak a young woman of the Lines who s been spotted the have great potential and Michaela Landry a nurse whose trained demeanor masks her mission of revenge against those who killed her young sonElgin s dystopia addresses other themes such as human expansion driven by resource scarcity and the limits of human perception and language acuisition But it is the parts of Native Tongue that are most concerned with the creation of L adan that are its most transcendent and riveting Elgin is on shakier ground explaining how this dystopia came about It s than a little hard to swallow women losing all powers of majority by the end of the 20th century though these fears offer a historic value from the height of the Reagan eraAnother potential drawback is while Native Tongue s narrative threads end or less satisfactorily Elgin leaves the implications of what next in the overthrow of the old world order open The way the novel ends leaves me to presume that this is covered in the two seuels though judging by the reviews not in a way that is satisfying to allAs it is however Native Tongue is a powerful and radical message of female empowerment delivered not only in the intelligent science of linguistics but also compelling fiction that documents the concerns of feminism in the era it was written Rating 45Also I learned a ton about linguistics and L adan is just freuently damn cool doroledum Say you have an average woman She has no control over her life She has little or nothing in the way of a resource for being food to herself even when it is necessary She has family and animals and friends and associates that depend on her for sustenance of all kinds She rarely has adeuate sleep or rest she has no time for herself no space of her own little or no money to buy things for herself no opportunity to consider her own emotional needs She is at the beck and call of others because she has these responsibilities and obligations and does not choose to or cannot abandon them For such a woman the one and only thing she is likely to have a little control over for indulging her own self is FOOD When such a woman overeats the verb for that is doreledim And then she feels guilty because there are women whose children are starving and who do not have even THAT option for self indulgence

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Vising the children's language education running the compound and caring for the elderly men She longs to retire to the Barren House where women past childbearing age knit chat and wait to die What Nazareth comes to discover is that a slow revolution is going on in the Barren Houses there word by word women are creating a language of their own to free them from men's control. 45 stars Excellent story with well drawn characters both male and female and an original premise Recommended

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Planetary commerce with alien races and linguists a small clannish group of families have become the ruling elite by controlling all interplanetary communication Their women are used to breed perfect translators for all the galaxies' languagesNazareth Chornyak the most talented linguist of the family is exhausted by her constant work translating for trade organizations super. This book had an amazing concept It was full of amazing ideas the creation of a secret language for an oppressed second class women But it lacked several things in my opinion that prevented it from living up to the proclamation feminist science fiction classicOne of those things was characterization The first one hundred or so pages in the book had no distinct character for the reader to engage with There are several plot points expounded in male points of view that readers are supposed to be disgusted by and are disgusted by there is one storyline involving a woman lacking any real depth killing out of revenge and then there is the mention of some other characters who may be important later That s itIn my opinion having no characters with any emotional depth for the reader to latch onto at the beginning of the story was a serious flaw It made the pace slow and frustrated my sense of who or what to believe in in this story Another problem I had with this book was the good guysbad guys dichotomy applied by the author It s simple All women are good even the one lady who systematically kills people all men are bad even the one guy who appeared to treat a female character like she was eual in intellect and status I personally don t like my contemporary fiction to be so blackwhite It is boring and it is not believable It narrows the reader s frame of mind and ability to objectively engage with the work And if done kind of poorly as it was here view spoilerkilling babies C mon hide spoiler

About the Author: Suzette Haden Elgin

Suzette Haden Elgin was an American science fiction author She founded the Science Fiction Poetry Association and is considered an important figure in the field of science fiction constructed languages Elgin was also a linguist; she published non fiction of which the best known is the Gentle Art of Verbal Self Defense seriesBorn in 1936 in Missouri Elgin attended the University of California

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    Read for book clubOK first off Suzette Haden Elgin is clearly a separatist who believed that both women and men would be b

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    Absolutely excellent I know The Handmaid's Tale gets press and praise but this is a far realistic and chilling misogynist future There's really so much meaty stuff and I'm so far from elouent that I'll just say read it and leave it at that

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    Noting the passing last week of Suzette Haden Elgin linguist verbal self defense teacher feminist genre writer founder of the Science Fiction Poetry Association I read Native Tongue in my first push of reading harder sci fi a few years ago and

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    This book had an amazing concept It was full of amazing ideas the creation of a secret language for an oppressed second cla

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    I'll never fo

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    I first bought a copy of this book around the time that my poetry collection A History of the Cetacean American Diaspora pl

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    Women have no rights and are the property of men Aliens communicate with humans through the families of the linguist 'Lines' who have a monopoly on learning Alien languages The women of the Lines as restricted and patronized as any other women have developed a secret language for women only If the men find out they're doomed But the Aliens are watching I read this book years ago it was published in 1984 and I had an immediate visceral rea

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    45 stars Excellent story with well drawn characters both male and female and an original premise Recommended

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    I enjoyed it the first time I read it I've studied Linguistics myself which made it interesting and I occasionally enjoy re reading But the re reads expose and holes in the plot that get and irritatingHow on earth did the US constitution get amended at a time when women still had the vote? And why does a change to the US constitution appare

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    Considering how obsessed I am with dystopian science fiction I can't believe I never read this feminist cult classic until now It's not as well written as the Handmaid's Tale but it's still pretty amazing The stuff about language reminds me a lot of 1984 and the Newspeak dictionary the idea that taking away words

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