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    Sometimes you need a new perspective and this essay is one that I think American Christians need I know I needed it When you think of the Christian way it looks much like the American way Does it look biblical is the uestion Written b

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    In God We TrustA Challenge to American EvangelicalsPatrick NachtigallWarner PressPub Date   Jan 5 2015This book is a call to American Evangelicals a reminder that America was founded on the freedom of religion  This book also points out that although many look at the United States as the wealthiest nation some nations like China have income per capita but they also have lower living standards  And the author also points out

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    I wish every American Christian would read this book

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FREE READ É PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB · Patrick Nachtigall

Ormed what we commonly think of as Evangelical Christianity The book suggests that three gods have always dominated American Christianity Religious Freedom Radical Individualism and Materialism A combination of historical amnesia and an obsession with apocalypticism h

READ In God We Trust?

In God We Trust?

As created an americanized form of Christianity that is exported all over the world Caught between triumph and apocalypse American Christianity veers from cultural arrogance to deep pessimism about the future of the country a pattern that has existed for than 400 year

FREE READ É PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB · Patrick Nachtigall

In God We Trust deals with the americanization of Christianity the future of the United States and how American Christianity looks when viewed through the prism of historical and global Christianity Here Patrick Nachtigall explains how American culture and myth have f