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D and fast The Positron Project in the town of Consilience seems to be the answer to their prayers No one is unemployed and everyone gets a comfortable clean house to live in for six months out of the year On alternating months residents of Consilience must leave their homes and function as inmates in the Positron prison system Once their month of service in the prison is completed they can return to their civilian homes At. Margaret Atwood s new novel depicts another dystopia but this one has a lighter tone than The Handmaid s Tale or the MaddAddam TrilogyAfter all it features life size sex dolls and groups of Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley impersonators Plus it s partly set in Las Vegas But there s definitely a sinister underbelly to this world that as in the best speculative fiction says a lot about problems in our current oneAfter an economic collapse 30 something couple Stan and Charmaine are reduced to living out of their car scavenging for food and trying to avoid vandals Then they see a TV ad about the Positron Project and decide to apply and get in Here s the set up every other month residents live and work in the twinned town of Consilience combining cons and resilience where they re given a nice home and Positron On alternate months they scooter over to live and work in a Positron prison facilityWell it s better than living on the streets right And the food is pretty decent even in prison Things get complicated when Charmaine embarks on an affair with one of her alternates a man who lives in her home when she s in prison Soon she and Stan are separated and individually discover what s really going on inside the armoured gates of the prisonAtwood has lots of fun setting up the bizarre Consilience community which seems modelled after a 50s suburb and in fact offers up entertainment the earnest crooning songs and sanitized movies from that same era to its citizens What goes on in prison is a lot troubling Let s just say that the people who run it want what happens in Positron to stay in PositronAtwood samples liberally from high and low culture with the plot alluding to everything from A Midsummer Night s Dream and The Stepford Wives to bad reality TVStan like a lot of Atwood s male characters is fully fleshed out in fact he s believable than Charmaine Hearty scenes with the male workers at the factory where they manufacture the life size dolls ring true Atwood gets how men talk among themselves She also writes some mighty kinky scenes involving Stan and another character I don t want to revealBeneath the raunchy pulpy action however are some clever disturbing ideas about the prison industrial complex and the hazards of role playing virtual and otherwise And while the title has multiple meanings including a medical one it also suggests something profound and mysterious about our capacity for loveI d give this 35 out of 5 It s not among Atwood s best novels but it s certainly entertaining If you liked the tales in her previous book Stone Mattress you ll probably really enjoy this

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First this doesn't seem like too much of a sacrifice to make in order to have a roof over one's head and food to eat But when Charmaine becomes romantically involved with the man who lives in their house during the months when she and Stan are in the prison a series of troubling events unfolds putting Stan's life in danger With each passing day Positron looks less like a prayer answered and like a chilling prophecy fulfill. 25This is awkward to admit but I m not really sure what to make of this book The Heart Goes Last takes place in a near future dystopia where the economy has collapsed and with it has fallen all societal order Stan and Charmaine are forced to live out of their car subsisting off of Charmaine s meagre waitress salary always moving to fend off thieves and gangsters and rapists that will attack any working vehicle When Charmaine sees an advertisement for a new life in the symbiotic prisontown system of Positron and Consilience she s desperate to take the plunge And so Stan and Charmaine find themselves switching monthly between life behind bars in Positron and a soothing 1950s style domestic life in Consilience As the ads sayDO TIME NOW BUY TIME FOR OUR FUTURE CONSILIENCE CONS RESILIENCEBut Charmaine and Stan soon realize that just like their fifties ideal a facade of perfection isn t easy to maintainGiven the amusingly bizarre premise and the absolute absurdity of later events I m pretty sure that the book was intended to be black comedy Unfortunately I didn t find it funny at all Part of this had to do with the themes As with all of Atwood s books feminism and specifically the victimization of women plays a major role It s an extreme thing to say but this book gave me the sense that Atwood just despises men Most of the book s plot rests upon the assumption that men are basically sexual predators In the collapsed society they rape all the women they come across If they re denied female companionship they rape chickens If they re afraid of real women they rape androids And if they can manage it they do whatever it takes to rape the women of their dreams The entire book is about sex and every single example involves something with the flavor of rape from Charmaine unprotestingly and joylessly allowing Stan to do what he wants to the extreme versions found later The men of Atwood s world are all driven by sexual desire and deep down they all want their sexual encounters to involve force To my mind there are certain themes genocide child abuse etc that are simply too serious to be treated comically Rape is one of those themesview spoilerWith respect to the androids I know there were the Elvis ones but note that when they are introduced as Possibilibots for everyone it s in reference to gay men s desires not women s And I know Jocelyn is an abuser but as the ball buster woman she s simply treating men the way the men treat womenStan our supposed protagonist is of course the worst example of all His sex with Charmaine with her docile but unwilling sounds a lot like rape From his first conversation with Jocelyn about the thing with the chickens it sounds like he spent his prison time raping them as well If he s not an abuser already he s on the first steps towards it when he s angry he smashes and breaks things and he wants Charmaine to be abusedHow long before Phil resorts to domestic violence just for something to do Not long Stan hopes He wouldn t mind knowing that Phil is smacking Charmaine around and not just as a garnish to the sex the way he does onscreen but for real somebody needs toHis fantasies of Jasmine all involve overcoming her by force only to have her melt into his arms He stalks her He wants to rescue Charmaine not because she ll be turned into a sex slave but because she ll be turned into a sex slave for the wrong man And in the end as his reward for service he wants Charmaine to be turned into a sex slave for the right man I know it didn t really happen that whole ending was telegraphed from the first moment the sex slave business got introduced But that doesn t change the fact that Stan wanted to rip away Charmaine s agency and free will and turn her into his sex slaveStan our every man protagonist is an awful awful person So what does that say about the book s portrayal of men in generalAnd what about the ending where the various men have their wills taken away I m appalled that Atwood saw that as a happy ending hide spoiler

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Margaret Atwood puts the human heart to the ultimate test in an utterly brilliant new novel that is as visionary as The Handmaid's Tale and as richly imagined as The Blind AssassinStan and Charmaine are a married couple trying to stay afloat in the midst of an economic and social collapse Job loss has forced them to live in their car leaving them vulnerable to roving gangs They desperately need to turn their situation aroun. Be careful what you wish for What if we get rejected What if we get accepted When ignorance is bliss tis folly to be wiseCecily wished for the latest Atwood Starting a new Atwood is a treat especially one hot off the press She has enjoyed nine Atwoods over the years all very different but all excellent Cecily s not initially sure uite what to expect with this one other than speculative fiction with a dystopian twist but she trusts Atwood with this genre Then again there was a tenth Atwood she read relatively recently that disappointed MaddAddam which I reviewed HERE but she uickly dismisses that as a blip in an otherwise impressive oeuvre Atwood is a powerful voice who balances light and shade horror and humour prepared to shock but not to harm or frustrate her readersAnd so on The whole book is told in this way third person from two main points of view but with so much paraphrased inner monologue it almost feels like first That ought to be really engaging but I didn t really engageOverall this starts off as speculative fiction and ends up as dystopian farce It reads like a rehash of ideas Atwood has done better before She can t need the money and unlike David Mitchell s Slade House which I reviewed HERE this doesn t feel like creative exuberance let loose so I m puzzled as well as disappointed Hence 25 for my enjoyment rounded down If trying to give an objective rating I would award 318 months later Atwood wrote another satire based in a prison I liked that slightly than this 3 but she had better source material as it was a retelling of Shakespeare s The Tempest titled Hag Seed which I reviewed HEREThe SetupIn the near future Stan and Charmaine are living in their car surviving on cash and tips from her waitressing job and ever fearful of being robbed or raped by those destitute and desperate than they are There s been a huge financial collapse Stan lost his job developing empathy modules for robots and Charmaine lost hers organising entertainment for pensioners in a Ruby Slippers care homeThen they hear about the Positron Project in the town of Consilience those who join are guaranteed a home and work The catch is they alternate one month in prison with one month out And that they have to sign up for life And that they can t ever leave Or contact the outside world And it turns out that the whole set up is cult like and Orwellian But hey it solves crime unemployment and almost everything else What s not to likeCONSILIENCE CONS RESILIENCEHow much resilience does the book have How much do I as a reader have Not enough on either countI never believed in this world I wanted to but I couldn t Not from the outset nor when there was explanationBe the Person You ve Always Wanted to Be That s a Positron promise but what do you want to be and what if you are or want to be two versions of yourself The thrill and the fear of I m not the same with him This is explored in several ways the monthly swap around means everyone has an Alternate who they re never supposed to meet several characters use or are known by an alias having another identity opens up new ways of being and behaving and then there are the Elvises in the Elvisorium yes really and the Marilyns somewhere and the sexbotsPossilibots and a Step BeyondAre sexbots a way to exorcise or exercise taboo desiresFew people object to dildoes in principle and inflatable dolls are mainly seen as joke material Are sexbots any different If they reduce sex trafficking and make a profit that s surely win win isn t it But what if they are so realistic as to be almost indistinguishable from real people And what if they are modelled on specific people who haven t consented to their image being appropriated in this way What if you can programme them to say No Most chillingly what about kiddybots But all those are just an interim phase of development view spoilerFar better from a client and profit perspective is taking attractive women and painlessly modifying their brains to wipe all memory of previous lovers and ensure that when they awake their passions strong passions are permanently imprinted on the waiting client who is the first face they see Everyone s happy the client has a monogamous nymphomaniac partner whose life is in material ways better than before Lack of consent is a minor means to a socially worthwhile end But does neurological lust really count as lust let alone love What happens if the client falls in love or lust with someone else but has an obsessive and uncontrollable ex hide spoiler

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    A new Margaret Atwood A new Margaret AtwoodA new Margaret AtwoodA new Margaret AtwoodA new Margaret Atwood

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    Be careful what you wish for“What if we get rejected?” “What if we get accepted?”When ignorance is bliss ‘tis folly to be wiseCecily wished for the latest Atwood Starting a new Atwood is a treat especially one hot off the press She has enjoyed nine Atwoods over the years all very different but all ex

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    I loved the beginning of this story I was hooked Stan and Charmaine were living in their car married having lost their jobs I was also wondering

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    ‘’Someone’s accepting it Stan thought You can bet they are If there’s money in it’’Stan and Charmaine

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    Margaret Atwood’s new novel depicts another dystopia but this one has a lighter tone than The Handmaid’s Tale or the MaddAddam TrilogyAfter all it features life size sex dolls and groups of Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley impersonators Plus it’s partly set in Las Vegas But there’s definitely a sinister underbelly to this world tha

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    15 starsThere's not much depressing from a reader's standpoint than watching one of your favorite authors tank spectacularly I was cautiously optimistic that the uneven rocky start of Margaret Atwood's The Heart Goes Last was just a momentary hiccup that she'd figure out what kind of kind of book she was writing dark broody dystopia? or comedic farce? and redeem herself from literary aimlessness Alas twas not to be What started with a com

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    Hey look It's Margaret Atwood does the Stepford Wives Hilarity and perversity ensues But with an underbelly of nastiness that will make you examine your darkest desires Your commitment to your significant others Your notions of free will and ugh what it means to be happy Happy at last Smile goddammitI had a lot of fun reading this one probabl

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    25This is awkward to admit but I'm not really sure what to make of this book The Heart Goes Last takes place in a near future dystopia where the economy has collapsed and with it has fallen all societal order Stan and Charmaine are forced to live out of their car subsisting off of Charmaine's meagre waitress salary always moving to fend of

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    What starts off as inspired dystopic horror a parable or metaphor for the ages heartbreakingly bleak soon after delves into bleh The title tells all the taut pretty perfect prose of Atwood sorry lame musicians beadyeyed actors THIS is Canada's BEST export has heart until it just doesn't The beating is thus finished the rigor mortis sets in within momentsThis her latest may just be my least favorite of hers Hor

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    Not rating this There is not much I can take of this Pages and pages of the sex lives of the four main characters Enough is enough already I'm done Started out promising and than slid down from there Maybe die hard Atwood fans will think differently