[Marianne Willis] Hateful Desire The Bonded #2 [world of darkness Book] Ebook

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Usin and if she must imprison the pompous shifter to do so then so be itChayton Locklear has hated Amber for years Now that he's been placed under her spell his animosity only grows Payback is a b. Missing, Assumed Dead only grows Payback is a b.

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Hateful Desire The Bonded #2

Itch and he can't wait to give her what she deserves With a twisted turn of fate both their worlds are about to crumble as Amber and Chayton discover just how fine the line is between love and hat.

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Sometimes the past can come back to bite youliterallyWhen Amber Johnson places a spell on a werewolf the last thing she expects is to be attracted to him Her main concern is finding her missing co.

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    Well well well my dear Watson I am pleased to say that it is another slam dunk WAY TO GO BABE This story is the perfect trifecta HOT HOT AND OF COURSE HOT Sexy and amazing banter angst hot encounters and laughter recipe for greatness C and A are so cute together that I caught myself smiling throughout the whole book They are both silly strong and courageous although stubborn as hell The only thing that annoyed

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    Another great story from this series I couldn't stop reading Read this in one evening only cause I couldn't stop until I learned what happened This book had me feeling like yelling at the characters crying with them and just being plain angry at their adversaries

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    LOVE THIS STORYThis is a story about redemption About letting go of the past and embracing the future About being who you are and not what people expect you to beI felt a connection with Amber Being the youngest child I heard a lot of why can't you make As like your sister My parents weren't as bad as Ambers bu

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