[PDF/EBOOK] So Many Christians So Few Lions By George Yancey

  • Hardcover
  • 214
  • So Many Christians So Few Lions
  • George Yancey
  • en
  • 24 September 2017
  • 9781442224063

2 thoughts on “So Many Christians So Few Lions

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    VERY GOOD Sound numbers and facts not rants which is sadly the case with a lot of books in this genre

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    3056773 Y21 2015

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So Many Christians So Few Lions

Hatred that some people harbor towards Christians especially the Christian right and the ways these people exhibit elements of bigotry prejudice and dehumanization The authors argue that understanding anti Christian bias is important for understanding some social dynamics in America and they offer practical suggestions to help reduce religious intolerance of all kind

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S and that this bias is worth understanding The book does not attempt to show the prevalence of anti Christian sentiments called Christianophobia but rather to document it to dig into where and how it exists to explore who harbors these attitudes and to examine how this bias plays itself out in everyday life Excerpts from the authors' interviews highlight the fear and

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So Many Christians So Few Lions is a provocative look at anti Christian sentiments in America Drawing on both uantitative and ualitative research authors George Yancey and David A Williamson show that even though or perhaps because Christianity is the dominant religion in the United States bias against Christians also exists particularly against conservative Christian