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PLEASURE ME NOWDashing union Major Jeffrey Banks commanded Rheva Sinclair He knew it was wrong to use his position to take the Southern beauty against her will But the hot blooded officer could no longer fight his pounding desire as he imagined the sensuous woman shed her clothes bathe her velv. 25 It needed angst

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Et skin then slip between the sheets alone he needed her now he would have her tonight and he swore he'd leave her forever at morning's first lightLOVE ME TOMORROWGreen eyed Rheva cried as the handsome stranger carried her to the bed The spirited rebel had struggled with all her might against h. This review is of Passion s Dawn by Elaine BarbieriThe Story Passion s Dawn is set in Vicksburg Mississippi during the Civil War One of the citizens of Vicksburg affected by the war is Rheva Sinclair 18 the heroine of the book Rheva lives with her aunt Theodora Longworth Rheva also has a brother Foster 24 who is a Confederate soldier The Sinclair siblings have lived with their aunt since their parents passed Longworth House however is soon taken over by Union soldiers led by Major Jeffrey Banks 35 the hero of the book Rheva is less than happy about this turn of events this naturally leads to a lot of angry interactions between them even as they both start to feel attraction for the other Eventually Rheva and Jeffrey become lovers The fact that Jeffrey has power over Rheva s life along with the fact that his fiancee Marsha Simpson arrives sends Rheva fleeing with Foster who is a Confederate spy Foster is later shot and seriously wounded leading Rheva to make a deal with the devil In exchange for her body whenever he wants it Jeffrey has to send Foster to Union doctors for care While this bargain is going on Rheva and Foster along with a friend Charles Whitehill a Confederate doctor are busy planning and executing a scheme to get themselves back with the Confederacy Jeffrey essentially blackmails Rheva into marrying him and despite having a chance to escape with Foster Rheva decides to stay with Jeffrey and the couple get married and have their Happily Ever AfterUpside As always Ms Barbieri s characters feel their emotions deeply Downside I didn t find Jeff or Rheva particularly likeable Rheva was a whiny self centered child who acted like a bratty child most of the time Jeff was no better Continuing the ignoble tradition of Ms Barbieri s heroes Jeff was an arrogant egotistical obnoxious bastard Ms Barbieri introduces several supporting characters and subplots but none are developed well Sex Ms Barbieri s love scenes are reminiscent of Harleuin Presents novels of the 80 s The scenes are somewhat descriptive but I didn t find them erotic or hot in any way Violence Jeff grabs and shakes Rheva by the shoulders several times Foster is wounded during a raid None of the violence is graphic Bottom Line I can draw a parallel between Ms Barbieri s writing and former Major League Baseball player Rob Deer A lot of home runs but a ton of strikeouts Passion s Dawn falls into the latter category for me

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Is manly strength She never stopped thinking that he was her enemy a Yankee who had killed her family and destroyed her home Then something in the way he held her made Rheva resist no Willingly she melted in his fierce embrace returned his ardent kiss and surrendered her heart to PASSION'S DAWN. Well I just finished the book It was 476 pages I loved the historical references but what a dick This guy was a real asshole Spoiler alert I was truly hoping she would either kill herself or kill him at the end It did not happen the writer did a overly through job in making me hate Jeff Banks I loved Rheva but in the end she should have killed him Did I say he was a dick The book had some great parts and I could not put it down I read it in one day It is a lot of book for one day BTW There was a Lot of sex in this book like every third page The man just could not get enough of taking advantage of her Not once did the mention that a Union Soldier was enslaving someone Dang Happy New Year I finished it A little disappointed I wanted her to end up with George Boo Change the ending Shoot him He will not be a good father I still vote for George Not Charles George He was the right guy all along I would Fanfiction it but I could not pull off that much sex

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    I have a confession to makeI love trashy romance novels No I am not your grandmother I am actually a 17 year old male No shameOkay actually a little shame maybe a lotLets go back to where it all began I am a broke teenager

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    25 It needed angst

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    This review is of “Passion’s Dawn” by Elaine BarbieriThe Story “Passion’s Dawn” is set in Vicksburg Mississippi during t

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    Wonderful read I didn't know what to think of this book when I chose it I had a feeling it would just be some cheap historical romance but I was wrong This was my first civil war romance and first book from this author an

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    The blurb on the back of the book it misleading Rheva never struggles with all of her might Instead her traitorous body seemed to have a mind of its own By day she hated him by night she couldn't get enough of him Also on the back it states that he was a Yankee that killed her family and destroyed her homeI kept

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    Well I just finished the book It was 476 pages I loved the historical references but what a dick This guy was a real asshole Spoiler alert I was truly hoping she would either kill herself or kill him at the end It did not happen the writer did

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    A Little to rapey for me but the story was good

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