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  • Hardcover
  • 304
  • Girl Underwater
  • Claire Kells
  • English
  • 24 March 2019
  • 9780525954934

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    Update 199 Kindle special today I read this book when it first came out about a year ago I think I picked it because I was excited t

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    All Avery wanted to do all she has trained for is competitive swimming Coming back the plane she is on goes down in the Rockies Mountains with a fellow swimmer and Olympic hopeful Colin They survive and are able to save three very young boys For fice days in freezing temps with Colin injured they manage to stay alive and keep the small boy

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    Oh man this one was a doozy Not an emotionally intense doozy a how was this published doozy If nothing else it firmly solidifies the fact that I should never ever be in charge of any book group selections In fact if it's something that I even mention once in passing the rest of the group should consider burnin

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    ★★★★½I have watched my fair share of movies featuring an airplane crash Castaway and The Grey being ones that have affected me the most as a viewer Those scenes and their aftermath scared me to death and rightfully so Airline disasters are no laughing matter But I had never read about one in a book well not until now Girl Underwate

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    Unreached PotentialSports romance is one of my favorite genres and swimming my favorite sport I swam in college and the spor

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    Of course not I want to scream That day was all of my worst fears wrapped into one harrowing moment of fear pain and loss It was about my old life and the new the before and the after Before I watched two hundred people scream and cry and pray to a god that had deserted them Before my trust in air travel crashed and bur

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    This new adult debut novel by Claire Kells tells a story of survival resulting from a plane crash the effects of PTSD and the romance and friendships that slowly develop afterward While there were surprises and intense moments once on the gro

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    45The first thing you need to know about this book It isn't as much a story of survival as it is a story about surviving survival Yes the af

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    This is a terrific debut novel about what it means to be a survivor and to struggle to return to a normal life after a traumatic eventNineteen year old Avery Delacorte a member of an elite swim team at a college in California is on her way home to Boston for Thanksgiving when her plane crashes in a lake in the Rocky Mountains From the outset of the story we know that Avery and another member of the swim team star swimmer Colin

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    What a great read I felt like this was actually happening it had such a ring of truth to it Avery Colin and three helpless little boys are plunged into a terrifying ordeal we know they survive it but at what cost They are the sole survivors of a devastating plane crash and are stranded for weeks on a cold unforgiving mou

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Girl Underwater

An adventurous debut novel that cross cuts between a competitive college swimmer’s harrowing days in the Rocky Mountains after a major airline disaster and her recovery supported by the two men who love her only one of whom knows what really happened in the wildernessNineteen year old Avery Delacorte loves the water Growing up in Brookline Massachusetts she took swim lessons at her community pool and captained the local team; in high school she raced acros Oh man this one was a doozy Not an emotionally intense doozy a how was this published doozy If nothing else it firmly solidifies the fact that I should never ever be in charge of any book group selections In fact if it s something that I even mention once in passing the rest of the group should consider burning all copies of the book so we don t accidentally settle on it However well intentioned my choices are they should be ignoredThere are spoilers in here but honestly I don t even feel bad If it helps stop you from reading it I ve done you a great serviceI have much to say about this book but I think it falls into three major categories of flaws 1 the characters 2 the plot and 3 the writing That should cover it pretty sufficiently I think1 The characters There are basically two characters though the author pretends there are The narrator a waifishsuperstrongathletic hot swimmer named Avery and Colin a sensitive brooding super hot swimmer They are both cartoonish Avery is beautiful but seems to have no friends other than one super hot boyfriend who she doesn t even seem to like that much though she really likes the way his breath smells His smells like cinnamon No matter what or when Why the author thinks this adds anything to the book I have no idea but it comes up again and again Contrasted with Colin who smells like spearmint and this also comes up again and again once I think it got mixed with oranges which yuck It s ridiculous No one smells like those things all the time She wants us to think Avery is really internally conflicted but she doesn t want Avery to actually do anything bad so that we judge her It s problematic because it makes Avery totally unreliable Oh I am the worst buried under the pain of the decisions I have made in my past I shall build this torturous story and then reveal my worst And then we find out what the decision was and it is absolutely nothing anyone would ever judge anyone else for It s just stupid Colin comes across as super man splainy at first you shouldn t be swimming middle distance I know what is best for you not that other guy and we hear so much about his amazing body it is boring And it comes up at the STUPIDEST TIMES Oh we just swam out of our crashed airplane with these three kids watched the rest of the passengers drown in front of our eyes including someone else we knew and we re trying to build a shelter out of the crashed airplane bits Here s what Avery LITERALLY SAYS at that moment while he concentrates on placing the slab in its proper place I can t help but notice the rippling cords of muscle in his forearms and shoulders OH MY GODThe peripheral characters include Lee Avery s superhot swimmer boyfriend who is like a stupid puppy good for cuddles but not much else also kind of creepy as he seems to pick out her clothes for her Avery s dad who is a crazy huge asshole but somehow that never gets addressed and one gets the impression that the author wants us to like his gruff no bullshit he can get away with this terrible treatment of his kid because he s an ER doc so awesome but I just came away feeling bad for the whole family Avery s brother Edward really A star baseball player WHY What does that add to the novel Answer NOTHING it just tries to make this exceptionalism about Avery and her family even extreme and Avery s mom really just a bland smudge of a character with no actual features whatsoever The recurring hotness of people in this book is super annoying The only person who is decidedly not hot is Gruder s brother who what the hell tries to attack Avery when she gets in the car with him to leave the New Year s party she s at WITH HER BOYFRIEND who tells her to be safe because he s really worried about her and then totally ignores her while she does a kegstand and leaves the house with some horrendous troll Only ugly people rape All hot men are sensitive and wonderful2 The plot There are gaping ridiculous holes in the plot Fundamental holes For example WHY is Avery so anti Colin Throughout really At some point she makes some comment about how they are star crossed lovers but I absolutely never got any explanation for why she feels from the beginning so uncomfortable around him Because of that one conversation on the day they met when he basically told her she should swim middle distance a dick move I grant but I think the author wanted us to like him after that first meeting Or because Lee doesn t like him Or because he ditched his team for the big swimming competition which really No one asked what was going on Or because Lee doesn t like him WHY does this get set up as a whole thing when they barely know each otherWHY would Colin leave their shelter at the start of a terrible blizzard to try and swim across the lake to a shelter he didn t even know the location of without telling anyone what he is doing That s not heroism that s idiocy That s basically picking the worst possible time to try and do something that would be dangerous at any point in time It s ludicrous either he s an idiot and makes terrible decisions but thought he was doing his best so I guess that s ok or he was deliberately trying to get out of the situation they were in by dyingWHY does Avery beat herself up and lie to the media about how she left them when she was gone for like half an hour trying to swim out to save them all And she told them where they were and they were saved too IT MAKES NO SENSE This is what I meant above the author wants it both ways she wants Avery to be terribly internally conflicted but she also doesn t want her to have done anything bad It s just idiotic Avery did nothing wrong she was trying to save them when there no other options left WHY does time seem to stretch and shorten so weirdly Maybe I just didn t care enough to really nail down the timeline but it sure seems like Colin was back in his hot body fully functional in no time despite I KID YOU NOT the sepsis from that damn bear attack Holy shit this book was so bad He had like 8 surgeries and yet seems totally 100% fine other than the rippling scars on his rippling shoulder My mom had rotator cuff surgery no bear attack thankfully and was NOT back to her old self in a few months and she didn t even get mangled by a bear WHY does Lee leave her alone at the NYE party WHY is she allowed to work in the ERWHAT was with the weird burrito meet up between Lee and Colin and Avery Why was she so mad What was Lee trying to accomplish Was it planned3 The language This book is not well written It s particularly clichedromance novelly whenever she describes the hotness of the boys who all adore her for unknown reasons And I have to admit though Lee is very attractive at baselinehe takes it to another level when he goes out His thick brown hair is a little wet a little wild His jeans hang loose on his hips accentuating his washboard abs and long lean legs OR seriously I mean wow I don t know what else to say He redefines the concept of cleaning up nicely but pretty much any page you open to will have something cringey on it My muscles feel fluid again my toes and fingers working in finely tuned coordination That leaves the damage no one can see the demons that no one can tame with operations or physical therapyHer accent reminds me of every gritty mob movie ever set in this town In a subtle yet immediate way it reminds me of ColinColin I scream until the pain in my throat matches the agony everywhere else ColinAnd then there are the errors I mean actual errors in what words mean when they are put together don t expect much after MermaidiaPlease they begOkay okay he teases That is not teasing That is the opposite of teasing that is placating AFTER teasingWhile he heads in that direction with our food I fill two cups with lemonade and grab five packets of salt which would clog a horse s arteriesSalt does not clog one s arteries and someone who is allowed to work in the ER with her ER dad should KNOW THAT I mean if you eat a ton of sodium you might have high blood pressure which over time might lead to increased arterial plaue but come on This is all wrongOur eyes meet at the same timeOh please tell me how else eyes meetHonestly the one good thing about this book and this is so mean and snarky I can t believe I m about to type it I m sure the author is a great person and anyone who finishes any novel should be commended for the hard work behind it is that it makes me confident that I too can get published If this book can find an agent who fights for it I can too

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S bays and sprawling North American lakes Now a sopho on her university’s nationally ranked team she struggles under the weight of new expectations but life is otherwise pretty good Perfect reallyThat all changes when Avery’s red eye home for Thanksgiving makes a ditch landing in a mountain lake in the Colorado Rockies She is one of only five survivors which includes three little boys and Colin Shea who happens to be her teammate Colin is also the only p Unreached PotentialSports romance is one of my favorite genres and swimming my favorite sport I swam in college and the sport has been a huge part of my life influencing my personality friends and career When I heard about this college swimming romance I KNEW I had to read it But I feel let down for several reasons1 The minimal swimming details are not authentic I realize most readers won t care about the inaccuracies but I wish the author had beta readers or editors with swimming experience because the implausible details took me out of the story I later read that the author is a physician and this is probably of a medical story than a swimming one2 The pacing doesn t work for me It s tricky line between building suspense and annoying the reader and the scales tipped toward the latter for me The heroine Avery avoids the hero Colin for most of the book and I almost gave up before finding out why Which leads me to my next criticism3 The lack of cohesive character motivation interferes with my connection to the characters Why does Avery avoid Colin before the plane crash I didn t get a good feel for why she struggles to be her own person Her shameful belief about her actions after the crash didn t jive with me either Many survivors of trauma blame themselves but there s no rational reason for her self blame even under the traumatic circumstances And I had zero feelings for Avery s boyfriend Lee It probably comes down to me not relating to Avery very wellKudos to the author for getting her debut novel traditionally published and it appears most readers enjoyed this than I did

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Erson in Avery’s college life who challenged her to swim her own events to be her own person something she refused to do Instead she’s avoided him since the first day of freshman year But now faced with sub zero temperatures minimal supplies and the dangers of a forbidding nowhere Avery and Colin must rely on each other in ways they never could’ve imaginedIn the wilderness the concept of survival is clear cut Simple In the real world it’s anything bu This new adult debut novel by Claire Kells tells a story of survival resulting from a plane crash the effects of PTSD and the romance and friendships that slowly develop afterward While there were surprises and intense moments once on the ground view spoiler the bear and missing insulin needles hide spoiler

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Writer Reader Bagel eater GIRL UNDERWATER is my first novel Will there be a second I hope soEmail anovelbyclairekellsgmailcom