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EARANCE REALITY is an amusing story of a wealthy Frenchman and his new mistress He is uite proud of his new conuest until he discovers there is a catch to the relationship THE THREE FAT WOMEN OF ANTIBES is an extremely funny tale of three very large women and their attempt to maintain dietary discipline in the face of an unexpected challenge Friendships are strained to the breaking point MR KNOW ALL displays Maugham's gift for humor with a subtle touch A gadfly passenger on board a ship makes a nuisance of himself but displays the supreme virtue of compassion in a situ.

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The Short Stories of William Somerset Maugham Volume I

A selection of short stories written by William Somerset Maugham 3 cassette tapes Unabridged 3 hours 42 minutes This volume includes the following unabridged works with music and sound effects THE OUTSTATION is the simple tale of two men who locked in bitter enmity must nevertheless somehow get along in a remote British colonial outpost in post World War I Borneo Mr Warburton is the classic Edwardian snob His new assistant Cooper is a crude bully As tension between the two men increases tragedy lurks This is one of the greatest short stories in the English language APP.

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Ation that demands the ultimate in self control and sacrifice A masterpiece FRENCH JOE is a very powerful tale of an expatriot Frenchman whose amazing adventures in life seem to count for nothing His emotional death bed confessions on a godforsaken South Pacific island are evocative and fascinating But the wry conclusion is pure Maugham MASTERSON set in Southeast Asia is filled with human compassion and poignancy It is the story of a colonial whose search for a housekeeper lands him in an ardent attachment to a local native woman who wants than he is prepared to bestow.

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    Masterson by Somerset MaughamMasterson is based in Borneo but dreams about England This is the way we are when suffering in the rainy daft weather of the British Isles we wish we were in the sun somewhere at the tropics but when we get there we long for homeThis was studied by a Harvard professor Daniel Gilber

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    Typical Maugham style vignettes of characters in a brief period of their lives Subtle in the story line but makes you stop think and sometimes smile

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