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This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. The Climate

That are clouding climate debateYou have been told the market will save us when in fact the addiction to profit and growth is digging us in deeper every day You have been told it's impossible to get off fossil fuels when in fact we know exactly how to do it – it just reuires breaking every rule in the 'free market' playbook You have also been tol. In reading Naomi Klein s new book This Changes Everything a friendly looking tome with a sky blue cover I couldn t help but recall what Whittaker Chambers remark in reviewing Ayn Rand s classic that from almost any page of Atlas Shrugged a voice can be heard from painful necessity commanding to the gas chambers go This is a book that will seduce many people with its tales of various indigenous people standing up against further development and its surface level commitment to humanitarian aims but it is also the work of profound evil This is a totalitarian book that aims to advance totalitarian aims in the guise of combating a supposed emergency As Klein herself admits she herself truly began to engage with these issues only when she realized that the aims of environmental radicalism provided a rationale for the adoption of ultra left positions generally In writing this book Klein has done the world a profound service in a surely unintended fashion she has set out in crystal clear fashion the slightly hidden agenda that lies behind most so called environmental initiatives the destruction of capitalism and Western CivilizationIf you think my last sentence was hyperbolic you should read the book yourself In it Klein advocates a program that would see a radical redistribution of wealth not only from the 1% to the 99% within the advanced industrial nations but on a global basis She approvingly uotes one academic as envisioning that hours of paid work and income could converge worldwide at substantially lower levels than is seen in the developed countries of today When I read that sentence I was temporarily floored It is clear enough to myself that the aim of a notable portion of the present day left is to take what you I and our families have and give it away in the name of social justice but it s rare to see it admittedly so openly How many in the West would ever willingly accept having our standard of living coverage with that of Liberia She tries to put as kind a spin on this as possible writing that we will need to return to a lifestyle similar to the one we had in the 1970s in order to attempt to pull back the shock a little bit But I ask you how many among us would sincerely and willingly see our standard of living rolled back by four or five decades She does her best to disguise the sort of pain that she s proposing to inflict upon the majority of Canadians Americans and other citizens in advanced nations as well as the fact that it is or less it is impossible that such measures would ever be adopted on a voluntary basis Here and there however the mask slips which was when she writes that if these sorts of demand side emissions reductions are to take place on anything like the scale reuired they cannot be left to the lifestyle decisions of earnest urbanites Ah there it is These decisions Klein and her ilk believe as so important that they cannot be left to the people Nowhere in her book beyond in laying out a vapid and shiny vision of a mass movement of various native peoples and local townspeople resisting oil development does she ever get too explicit about how the practical politics of this change should be managed but it doesn t take too much of a leap to infer that it would be impossible for her anti capitalist revolutionary movement to operate in accord with basic constitutional liberties and the rule of law What she proposes in essence is for a revolutionary mob to come along and take by force the property of others in the name of the Earth What she proposes is for a massive increase in the powers of the state over the affairs of the people one that could not be possibly gained by democratic consent in the timeframe that she suggests before the end of his decade When Klein invokes the increase in transit usage and home production of food that occurred during the Second World War as an example she shows a little of her hand those measures were only possible within a context of near absolute government control of society during a total war It is a cliche to invoke Martin Niem ller in a political debate yet it is irresistible here Her first targets the oil companies and select billionaires may have some aspects about them that are unappealing but this is really about everyone This is a vision for a Khemr Rouge like Year Zero society that will harm practically everyone if even a small fraction of it is allowed to come to pass It is a matter of the well off 20 percent in a population taking the largest cuts Klein writes but soon enough she adds that this does not mean the middle class is off the hook To fund the kind of social programs that will make a just transition possible taxes will have to raise for everyone but the poor Later she add that this is precisely why when climate change diners claim that global warming is a plot to redistribute wealth it s not only because they are paranoid It s also because they are paying attention Yet strangely Klein fails to ever truly engage with the sort of tenacious resistance that such measures would face not only among the oil barons and the other villains of her work but among ordinary people who do not wish to see the work of generations and their own lives destroyed or stolen and redistributed to others If you would like to see your lifestyle converge with that of Nepal you are than free to make such a thing happen immediately If you wish to reuire that my standard of living be reduced until it is roughly the same as the global average than you are going to not only need votes but also guns and armies This is the single greatest flaw of this book Klein unveils a totalitarian and world transforming vision and acknowledges that there are ideologues whose ideas differ from hers that she is willing to accord at least intellectual respect to but she never engages with the reality that there are millions of people ordinary citizens in the Western world who would die on the battlefield before they would ever consent to live in her nightmarish version of the futureGoing through this book I thought of a moment in another work that I d be willing to bet that Klein is familiar with since it came out of the febrile imagination of the far left of the British Labour Party during the 1980s The late 1980s mini series A Very British Coup is horribly dated now it was based upon an even older novel It imagines the election of a crypto communist British Prime Minister who among other things funds his wild spending by taking out a large loan from the Soviet Union and the resistance to him by the United States and the British establishment In the climactic showdown between the Prime Minister and the sinister head of MI5 the intelligence chief tells the Prime Minister that his ideals represent a threat to everything that he and his fathers have fought for over the centuries yea onto the Middle Ages The Prime Minister closes his reply by telling the head of MI5 don t forget I have ancestors too Klein s mistake here is assuming that she and her allies have a monopoly on virtue She assumes that they are the good guys in this scenario much as the old line Marxists of earlier days held a position that took the virtue of the workers as an established fact rather than the debatable and mixed proposition that it was She forgets in other words that I have ancestors too and that those of us who believe in individual liberty and the heritage of the English speaking peoples have things that we believe in every bit as passionately and that we are certain are just as right as the things that she and her followers believe in By failing to account for this her extremism ensures that at best those who share her beliefs will remain eternally consigned to the fringes of society and at worst if they are ever to gain a mass following and the opportunity to implement her ideals that she will not be ushering in paradise but instead bring on bloody and brutal civil wars that will resemble than anything else the terrible strife that nearly destroyed the Balkans two decades ago

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Forget everything you think you know about global warming It's not about carbon – it's about capitalism The good news is that we can seize this crisis to transform our failed economic system and build something radically betterIn her most provocative book yet Naomi Klein author of the global bestsellers Shock Doctrine and No Logo exposes the myths. Climate change is not liberal propagandaThere is only one truth you need to know from this book from this review Denying climate change is profitable and as long as it remains profitable the environment degrades It will get to a point of no return Do you want to do something now voluntarily or be forced to do something later when it s probably too late In the face of an absolutely unprecedented emergency society has no choice but to take dramatic action to avert a collapse of civilization Either we will change our ways and build an entirely new kind of global society or they will be changed for us Fossil fuel companies are among the most profitable and they are destroying the planet on the fast track enabled by lobbyists and politicians because it s economical and profitable for them to do so than to change what they are doing Do you want to give BP a dollar so you can drive a Suburban or do you want to deny BP that dollar or cut it back to20 cents and drive a hybrid These choices are ours to make and the only way the fossil fuel companies will hear us is economically because they don t care about us ecologically Corporations whose primary objective are profits cannot be allowed to influence decisions about the PLANET Poor nations suffer because rich nations pollute When things get bad the poor nations will be the first to go Media commentators speak of compassion fatigue as if empathy and not fossil fuels was the finite resource We are living beyond our environmental budget and the bill is coming due It s hard to write a review of this book without discussion how you feel about the topic How you process the information This book is to some degree preaching to the choir Klein is radical and this book is no holds barred Right wing Americans aren t going to read this and suddenly say Oh wow I get it now My bad If we go down party lines only 50%ish of Americans believe climate change is something which needs to be addressed Unfortunately the other 50%ish control corporations and lobbyists Better planet one way or another results in lower profits Or a complete breakdown of certain industriesCheap goods from China Bad for the environment good for Wal Mart You could see why Wal Mart as an example would want to deny climate change You know why the sky in China is brown So we can have cheap goods And guess what It s not entirely China s fault Every time we buy some tchotchke pan coffee mug electronic device made in China we are contributing to climate change We need to consume less and we need to consume thoughtfully Buy local do we really need asparagus which traveled 7500 miles Think about the corporations you support and where your goods are coming from Corporations are making deliberate decisions for profit which hasten climate change This is a book for people who want to understand the economics of climate change Who want to make educated buying decisions Saving the planet isn t just about biking to work one day a week it s thinking about where and how you spend your money

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D that humanity is too greedy and selfish to rise to this challenge In fact all around the world the fight back is already succeeding in ways both surprising and inspiringIt's about changing the world before the world changes so drastically that no one is safe Either we leap – or we sink This Changes Everything is a book that will redefine our era. This changes everything I wish it did I suppose you have to be uite anti capitalist to even pick this up The title certainly makes clear Naomi Klein s view by pitting capitalism against the climate I completely agree There is a LOT of ground covered in this book and an extensive amount of research At times it became a bit too much and I was unclear what it s intentions were I wanted a simpler solution when of course there isn t one Yet there were many great ideas and examples of how grassroots communities ARE working for the good of the climate Which is usually in opposition to the global energy companies whose incentive is to make money Then make some And Did I learn anything new Yes I learnt a lot Not only about climate change why it s A REAL PROBLEM and how this will affect everyone no not hotter summers yippee I discovered about why we re being pushed into extreme energy sources what governments aren t doing about it and the roles ecological and green organisations play to help Or not I read about problems encountered by people who really do WANT TO HELP and how easy it is for their good intentions to be turned in another direction I read a lot of things that made me angry I expected multinational companies to be making big profits for themselves I less expected them to be ignoring laws and legislature simply because they have money and time on their side to strip the earth of resources before communities can make LEGITIMATE claims through the courts By which time it s too late to put the resources back in the ground Is it such a novel idea just to keep them thereI think people are beginning to think this way Most populations don t want to live next to a nuclear plant they don t want oil drilling in their back yard or fracking on their doorstep Demonstrations at ground level have stopped some of these things from happening and they re slowly pushing back the tide of these last wave extractions More needs to happen of course Saving one area at a time with protests is not enough and that s where some of the bigger ideas of this book come into play Living in a co operative society where that literally does what it says Changing the global dominance of the way the world runs when it s to the detriment of local jobs resources people animals and land Yet I don t see that things will change For things to be implemented as Naomi Klein suggests there would need to be a huge rethink on everyday life and a return to a simpler time For a start growing making and buying of local goods rather than buying products that have flown halfway across the world because someone else can produce them cheaper Free trade sounds like a positive thing but it can also work against us We re running out of resources to ship these goods back and forth across the world and if we continue down this path of mass consumption things will eventually come to a head Coal oil and gas aren t finite resources they will run out By which time it will be too late to start mass investment of real green alternatives That needs to be happening right now If we wait another 50 or 100 years too much damage will have been done which can t be magically fixed More people will live in land stripped communities or be displaced from rising sea levels or suffer from repeated famines due to crop failures The west won t be exempt either with increased natural disasters in the way of heat waves and forest fires or extreme hurricanes Perhaps in the future there will be an even two tier society with the rich living in air conditioned flood defended earthuake resistant structures While the poor languish outside of these areas Think hurricane Katrina style disaster on a global scale year on year Or your favourite dystopian novels come true So what if all of this is wrong What if the 97 percent of scientists who tell us global warming is happening are actually mistaken What if it isn t all our fault it s actually a fluctuation of earth s natural temperatures and there isn t really a problem Well in this case as Naomi Klein says we ll just have made the world a fairer better place for everyone for no reason at all What a shame that would be

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Naomi Klein is an award winning journalist syndicated columnist documentary filmmaker and author of the international bestsellers No Logo Taking Aim at the Brand Bullies The Shock Doctrine The Rise of Disaster Capitalism and This Changes Everything Capitalism vs the Climate She is a senior correspondent for The Intercept and her writing appears widely in such publications as The New York T

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    Naomi’s Klein’s This Changes Everything is absolutely essential for understanding confronting and meeting the challenges of the 21st century I recommend it to everyoneNaomi Klein is known for her activism and her reporting on corporate malfeasance – the misused power of corporations and the deleterious effects of unfettered global free market western style capitalism unchained from any conceivable governance tha

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    Some processes set in motion are unstoppable Until three centuries ago human destructiveness was primarily limited to each other Apart from deforestation overuse and local exploitation the relatively few Homo Sapiens could do little harm to nature and they killed each other without directly harming the planet Not that one could attach a value to human life but the difference to nature is that the damage isn´t forever After devastating wars

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    Climate change is not liberal propagandaThere is only one truth you need to know from this book from this review Denying climate change is profitable and as long as it remains profitable the environment degrades It will get to a po

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    My full review as well as my other thoughts on reading can be found on my blogExpansive and visionary This Changes Everything urges that bold structural changes to the global economy must be made if greenhouse gas emissions are to be lowered an

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    In reading Naomi Klein’s new book This Changes Everything a friendly looking tome with a sky blue cover I coul

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    The book everyone should read on climate changeIn a sweeping powerful book Naomi Klein articulates why in order to effectively stand up to climate change we must fundamentally restructure the global economy It is clear that the current economic system built on neoliberal ideas particularly around global trade has utterly failed to stand up to the challenge and may in fact be fundamentally incapable of doing so So we find ourselves

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    Klein has every reason to be depressed about the way governments the world over are relinuishing their responsibilities wh

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    This changes everything I wish it did I suppose you have to be uite anti capitalist to even pick this up The title certainly makes clear Naomi Klein's view by pitting capitalism against the climate I completely agree There is a LOT of ground covered in this book and an extensive amount of research At times it became a bit too much a

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    I wish someone had taught me to uestion capitalism before college This past year at university has made me so wea

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    Believing is Not Enough Naomi Klein believes that the ineuality of wealth and power in the world is unjust and that it should be redistributed fairly The problem with this book is not that she wants redistribution; it is that she believes in it too much She filters all her information about the world through this moral lens which results i

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