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An Eternal Enigma

Ead of the kingdom’s most prevalent spy ringVery loosely based on the lives of Ludwig II of Bavaria and Richard Wagner.

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A hopelessly romantic painter Liam is the castle’s resident ghost with sporadic amnesia and Niall is the accidental h.

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Louis is a reluctant king with a head full of fairy tales and Harry is an emotionally challenged musical prodigy Zayn is.

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    Lovely fairytale feel but not much historical accuracy The storyline is intriguing but slightly superficial with an extremely rushed and pseudo dramatic ending It's not a bad story in any way but it didn't leave me feeling anything specificThis is what I jotted down on my phone after reading this since I had no Internet access and couldn't get on GR straight away The fact that I can't be fucked to make a full fledged review out of it say

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