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Their fake relationship is a twist of fateSabrina Cassidy believes in fate So when her fiancé breaks off their engagement she’s convinced they’ll get back together eventually But fate was not on her side when it brought Jack Brenner into her life and work Frustrating gorgeous and cocky Ja. 2015 Readers Crown FinalistUm hi Yes I wrote this book so of course I m going to love itBut seriously I love this book clears throat So I would now like to share some of my favorite lines Well look at you he said pointing She followed his finger and looked down but only saw a cream colored turtleneck over a black wool skirt You re hardworking sensible and obviously want to get married he continued Pretty much the antithesis of every woman I ve dated You mean because my I is larger than my bra size His lips thinned I mean because you have my father s respect For the first time since she d known him Jack actually looked uncomfortable He cleared his throat a few times before answering Between you and me I didn t get that promotion because the board feels my personal life may need a makeover Of sorts My father unfortunately agrees Mm hmm Not to take sides but when your recent breakup starts trending on Twitter your personal life might need a little reevaluating Careful he chided with a grin First you talk marriage and now you re telling me what to eat You re sounding and like a real girlfriend every day Just remember this is still our first date so keep your hands to yourself tonight I m not one of those guys

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Fiance by Fate Anyone But You #1

Ck has an offer that Sabrina can't refuse Not if it means getting the life she’s always imaginedDespite being one of the town’s most eligible bachelors Jack has a reputation that’s working against him He has to convince his father and his company’s board that he’s ready to settle dow. This was really cute Sabrina is on a temporary break from her fianc David who is trying to figure out if he really wants to marry her While I would have run the other way Sabrina decides to wait patiently for him to make up his mind Meanwhile her sexy co worker Jack is in need of an image make over in order to get a promotion Jake makes a deal with Sabrina he ll pose as her fake boyfriend to make David jealous and she ll pose as his fake girlfriend to help him look respectable and not such a ladies man Win win Jake and Sabrina had great chemistry I liked how they brought out the best in each other even underneath all their banter they had respect for each other They were fun to watch and while it s obvious how things are going to play out it was still a lot of fun to be along for the rideAnyway I really enjoyed this one It was a lot of fun and just a uick lighthearted read ContentRomance Clean kissing and mild innuendoLanguage MildSimilar Books You May Enjoy

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N if he wants a promotion But convincing Sabrina to be his fake girlfriend turns out to be the easiest part What he didn’t count on was their intense attraction and how easily their lie would escalate Sabrina’s still hung up on her ex and Jack will never settle down But fate has other idea. Rating 25 starsA good book to read when you re in the mood for a book that s short cute and fun to read But there s nothing really uniue in the plot I ve seen many books with fake to real relationships like this on Wattpad alone

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    2015 Readers' Crown FinalistUm hi Yes I wrote this book so of course I'm going to love itBut seriously I love this book clears throat

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    I received this ARC from Cameron Yeager at Entangled Publishing in exchange for a honest reviewI absolutely loved this book It was lighthearted witty charming engaging and at times had me smirking at the banter between the hero and the heroine My Thoughts I liked how the hero and heroine's relationship developed gradually over time Both of their feelings and opinions about one another gradually changed during

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    AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWTHIS STORY WAS SHORT SUPER SWEET N CUTE OMG♥♥♥♥I personally love these kind of stories coz one of my fav books has a similar plot but still I was a lil bit unsatisfied at the ending tho i mean it just ended like that??? I mean i think a have a pretty good idea about what happens next but stiilllll i need

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    This was really cute Sabrina is on a temporary break from her fiancé David who is trying to figure out if he really wants to marry he

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    I thought this one was darling When I was young I loved to watch Looney Tunes One of my favorites characters was Pepe Le Pew the French skunk I loved how he would chase that poor cat around trying to force her to

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    Funtasmic The characters were great And I really enjoyed the uniue plot with the superstitions Poor Sabrina is hung up on the fiancé or ex fiancé and ultimately gets help to win him back from the last person she wants Jack Brenner her boss'

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    I've been on a chick lit kick lately and this is a fun oneSabrina Cassidy is sure that stable family oriented handsome and kind David is her destiny He was her fiance until he decided he needed a temporary break

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    Rating 25 starsA good book to read when you're in the mood for a book that's short cute and fun to read But there's nothing really

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    This book gets five swoonworthy stars from me I haven't read anything by Jennifer Shirk before but that's about to change because i

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    What a fun story I fell in love with the characters from the very first pages with the witty banter between Sabrina and her best friend Maddie Sabrina is hardworking loyal and superstitious She believes that fate will eventually bring