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  • Hardcover
  • 528
  • Siege of Heaven
  • Tom Harper
  • English
  • 06 June 2019
  • 9780312338725

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    The Army of God marches towards the Holy City and in the midst of intrigue diplomacy of murder Demetrios Askiates is caught up in the storm of the First Crusade one last time Siege of Heaven concludes the story of Demetrios Askiates the unveiler of mysteries and his journey alongside the crusaders towards Jerusalem In the end this was probably the weakest book in the series but it was only slightly less enjoyable than the last t

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    This is a long perhaps too long novel on the final stages of the first crusade ie from the capture of Antioch to the sieg

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    I had not read the first two books in this series but this does not stop this book from being perfectly able to stand alo

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    I really liked that one comparing to the previous book The Knights of the Cross Excluding the parts with Saewulf it was an intrigui

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    Blimey That took a long time A long time finishing and a long time starting to do anything When I was hurrah done

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    This was an OKish read Started well enough but lost its way in terms of entertainment for me personally from memory 2 out of 5 stars

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    Harper writes about that charade of religious fervour the First Crusade of 1096 8 in all its ghastly violence a

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    Ok I finally finished Siege of Heaven I can see that the subject could be challenging particularly as the docum

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    A very high and rich depiction of the trilogy's end Lacks the mystery of the first part mosaic of shadows and the political aura of teh second knights of the cross But does make up for it by adapting a straight in your face narrative overtone of the final seige of teh holy cityThe theme involved is military than political or suspense in the third part Lags a bit towards the end but picks up pace again towards teh gory climax An

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    Once again I think I would have appreciate this book if I had started from the beginning of the series As it was I found the story a bit tricky to get into in the very beginning but it drew me in as the story went along In the end though it was entertaining but not brilliant and I just put it down

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Tom Harper È 5 review

Siege of Heaven

The Crusader leaders this is a great example from a trustworthy historian” IndependentPraise for the Mosaic of ShadowsFans of well written meticulously researched historicals should embrace this promising new talent” Publishers Weekly starred review“Considering what Arnold Schwarzenegger did with the title ‘The Terminator’ the hero of Tom Harper’s debut historical mystery could go all the way to the top of American politics Harper knows how to fit known facts into flights of fancy to fine dramatic effect” Chicago Tribune“ an exciting historical mystery Reminding readers of Saylor’s Gordianus and Roberts’ Decius Demetrios is an interesting protagonist who escorts readers on a terrific tour during his dangerous investigation” Midwest Book Revi Ok I finally finished Siege of Heaven I can see that the subject could be challenging particularly as the documented historical detail relating to the crusades is somewhat scarce and the accuracy of its recording may be uestionable I did find this novel hard work The characters were not particularly well constructed particularly the protagonist Demetrios I struggled to picture the man let alone relate to him The story didn t flow for me either again that could well have been down to the factual holes in historical documentation I became confused on several occasions trying to follow the various battles and skirmishes leading up to the siege of Jerusalem It was also difficult to clarify who was siding with whomWhat did come across loud and clear though was the thick layer of hypocrisy on which the crusades were founded The Army of God were no than a bunch of cut throat mercenaries hell bent on blood letting and plunder a fact that is hardly a revelation but none the less well depicted by Harper It also underlined how little progress humanity has made when comparing the atrocities of the crusades with those we are committing today still in the name of religion and commerce

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A powerful novel of intrigue sacrifice savagery and holy war the apocalyptic ending of the First Crusade trilogyAugust 1098 After countless battles and sieges the surviving soldiers of the First Crusade are at last within reach of their ultimate goal Jerusalem But rivalries fester and while the Crusaders delay new enemies are massing against them in the Holy LandDemetrios Askiates has had enough of the Crusade’s violence and hypocrisy he longs to return home But when a routine diplomatic mission leads to a deadly ambush he realizes he has been snared in the vast power struggles that underlie the Crusade The only way out now leads through the Holy CityFrom the plague bound city of Antioch to the heart of Muslim Egypt across mountains seas and deserts Demetrios m I had not read the first two books in this series but this does not stop this book from being perfectly able to stand alone as a story in its own right rather than as part of a trilogy The book views the First Crusade and its principal characters from another perspective that of a former Greek cleric from Byzantium This adds even to the treachery and double dealing that was prevalent throughout the whole of this event Through his eyes we see how the Crusade was bogged down by petty jealousies and betrayals as well as acts of outstanding bravery and faith on both sides of the religious divide between Christianity and Islam The action scenes are well written and the descriptions of the various locations especially Antioch and Jerusalem are as if the reader is actually thereA good book dealing with a difficult subject

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Ust accompany the army of warlords and fanatics to the very gates of Jerusalem Where as the lethal endgame plays out the Crusade climaxes in an apocalypse of pillage bloodshed and slaughter Siege of Heaven is a breathtaking finale to the critically acclaimed series Following The Mosaic of Shadows and The Knights of the Cross Tom Harper skillfully blends war redemption and triumph into a stunning conclusionPraise for Knights of the Cross“Harper’s excellent second historical whodunit shows that his fine debut was no fluke Like Steven Saylor the master of the ancient Roman historical Harper effortlessly draws the reader into an unfamiliar time bringing alive the characters and their motivations” Publishers Weekly starred review“Gripping for its portrayal of Blimey That took a long time A long time finishing and a long time starting to do anything When I was hurrah done all I could think was it came it was there and now it s gone again And it felt to like it got longer each time I picked it upI really couldn t see what the point of the book was I couldn t see what the aim of the book or the story was Usually it s fairly clear from the start or from the blurb on the inside or the back so you re in the frame of mind to measure it against that premise For good or bad I read this on the iPad and iPhone without the blurb so I just went straight in And it didn t capture me I didn t find myself caring about any of the characters Not him the main man the name escapes me not Nikewhat sit not the Caliph or any of them My eye and mind skated around the book in search of something to get a grip on Without finding anythingIt seems to be set in the First Crusade with what might be a Greek envoy from the Holy Roman Emperor or someone or somewhere on tour in the Middle East of the 11th Century ending up going here and there and finally taking part in the capture of Jerusalem in 1099It was s a new style on me One that sags for the first third then picks up And then doesn tBut if nothing else it wins this years most ridiculous no one anywhere has ever or would ever outside of a book think of this simile my soul was trembling like a broken sword Do broken swords tremble Maybe they doWhat is it with novels and people s soul I mean outside books the church and the odd Deep Purple song when did you ever hear anyone discuss their soul with you Down the pub At work I don t think so And of course the longer ago a book is set the a discussion of one s soul is taken as being both what they got up to and an indicator of the story being set a long time ago He relies on us believing like he clearly does that a person s soul is an important indicator of their character their suffering or their wellwe re obviously supposed to read it as some deep probably meaningful insight the mere mention of someone s soul Has your soul ever felt twisted by the way Have you ever ripped something from the very depths of your soul Has your boss ever said that heshe didn t want you to go to somewhere Jerusalem in the First Crusade for example THAT would feel like heshe had ripped out part of your soul though watch out as Jerusalem is a loathsome city that will wrap itself tight around your soul if you re not careful Didn t know that It was obviously possible back then Even common by the looks Something modern life has left us unable to feel clearly Peter Bartholomew the madman who tried to lead the Crusade but wasn t born high enough on the other hand plucked a string that resonated in all their souls Just think what we re missing nowadaysThere s page after page of people prophets priests recounting reciting and answering straightforward yes no uestions with paragraphs pages yards hours of religious all shall be revealed to those who can see type nonsense babble Really wearing Doing nothing going nowhere I don t doubt that this sort of thing used to go on especially as they thought they were in the End Of Days though because they wanted to see The Lord Himself than any real indisputable evidence of His Return and looked for the signs to fulfil some idiot or others prophecy of such It would like the book try the patience of a saint And I m no saintI ll giver it two stars cause it was long and he d clearly spent a lot of time on it

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