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Amoral shrouded in secrecy and answerable to no one Section 31 is the mysterious covert operations division of Starfleet a rogue shadow group committed to safeguarding the Federation at any cost Doctor Julian B A good thriller set mostly in the Mirror Universe

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Disavowed Star Trek Section 31

Ashir sacrificed his career for a chance to infiltrate Section 31 and destroy it from within Now it's asking him to help it stop the Breen from stealing a dangerous new technology from the Mirror Universe one t As with most of the Star Trek Deep Space Nine relaunch novels this one follows the story set up in the previous series of books The Fall Disavowed finds our protagonists Julian and Serena continuing to take down Section 31 from within on behalf of Starfleet Intelligence Julian and Serena accept a mission from Section 31 to stop the Breen from crossing into a parallel universe to steal artificial wormhole technology Naturally everything doesn t go according to plan with themselves caught in a test of wills between the mirror universe s Commonwealth and the DominionAfter reading this book I want to read the Mirror Universe series of books to see how the Commonwealth came into being I m fascinated with Memory Omega References to this universe are not found in any of the relaunch novels and the last television watchers saw of it in the 24th century was with Deep Space Nine and the Terran Rebellion I enjoyed the book and it was refreshing to see Julian and Serena playing spy again after their trip into Breen space in an earlier novel The mirror universe s version of the Dominion is a bit jarring this one is also devoted to order but order through law not driven by fear of Solids The law MUST be obeyed no matter what If it isn t order is imposed in an even ruthless fashion than what the Prime universe s Dominion is known for

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Hat could give the Breen control over the galaxy It's a mission Bashir can't refuse but is it really the shot he's been waiting for Or is it a trap from which even his genetically enhanced intellect can't escap Disavowed sees the return of Section 31 as Agent Cole turns up an Bashir and Serena on Andor D This of course of leads to Bashir and Serena being dragged into this D This of course leads to double dealing on both sides as Bashir and Serena are trying to infiltrate the agency in order to bring the down D This leads to both sides playing the game of pretending that the other side doesn t know that they know D This leads to the humour that is present in the book in that Bashir and Sarina s house is clearly bugged so they play up to it D Cole and Co s reviewing this footage will have you ribs breaking DAt the same time though as Section 31 s plot to ostensibly stop the Breen from capturing mirror universe technology develops the skulduggery level continues to reach even levels D Bashir and Serena manage to recruit the aid of the Commonwealth in trapping Section 31 at their own game D This is handled with aplomb and will have you cheering away as the are totally outflanked D At the same time we get to see character building with Bashir and Sarina as the adjust to no longer being in Starfleet which really shows what they desire the most and in a way that the plot can develop D This goes true for the other characters like Cole Saavik L Haan Thot Trom etc D Disavowed really manages to show us the characters POV s and to show at the same time new plot points and weaving the those threads between each other D The action comes thick and fast with the Breen repeatedly taking over the Shi Kahr to Bashir and Sarina taking the fight to them DThe scenes all are tense and you really do not know how they are going to go D This really makes the book unpredictable and you will be surprised by what the book throws at you and this in perfect keeping with Section 31 D At the same time there are ship battles and confrontations aplenty that are set on an epic scale and really make you feel that you are there D It is all done on an epic vast area full of grand standing and interactions of great powers and Disavowed really pull no punches in what it put up there DOn top of the Breen attempted heist we also have the Dominion of the Mirror Universe who are subtly different than what we would expect D Bashir s trial and the subseuent revelation of the Founders motivations in this universe is brilliantly handled and a real eye opener D At the same time this really sets things up for later novel DDisavowed really swirls everything around with the hoping to and fro between the universe s but at the same time this allows for great plot lines that you will not see coming D For example Bashir s reaction to Saavik s dealing with Cole is brilliant and rib hurting and also raises intriguing possibilities D We also get to see the Mirror Universe and the regular one really starting to co operate again setting up plot points and Bashir and Sarina leave D The Section 31 is still afoot throughout with Sarina and Bashir having no choice but having to push forward so this set things up for the next book D The books temporal trickery and the dawning comprehension of Thot Trom that he is in a self fulfilling temporal loop is cleverly done like the rest of the book and will have you cheering DDisavowed is full of character development world building and hoping plot points that you will not see coming and skulduggery D Disavowed takes a studied at competing forces and brilliantly pulls if off in a book the that will keep you up late and is action packed D Go and get and try to have the next book as you will want to find out what is next D

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    It's not easy to be Bashir People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf George Orwell from his novel 1984You won't find this uote on this novel but while reading it that was something that came up to my mind since it's an excellent way to illustr

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    Star Trek goes James Bondand in a manner I wasn't uite expecting A mirror universe sub plot shoves its way to the centre stage and anchors itself into the Trekverse in a surprising manner It's a bit whiplash inducing at times and there's a strange uick dispensing with of Bashir's once touted court martialbut it's certainly never boring and never uninteresting The final chapter in particular is pure SPECTRE

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    A good thriller set mostly in the Mirror Universe

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    Excellent book and great story line Can't wait to read the next one

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    In Disavowed David Mack returns us back to our first Section 31 novel written under this series title since 2001 In this installment Sarina Douglas enlists Julian Bashir to help out Section 31 as they partake on a mission to the mirror universe to stop the Breen from taking a jaunt ship which is powered with a wormhole drive Bashir initially resists her overtures but when she reveals she's working for them he agrees Once in the mirror uni

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    As with most of the Star Trek Deep Space Nine relaunch novels this one follows the story set up in the previous series of books The Fa

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    By the end of the DS9 series I was so over the Mirror Universe I think I've tried to read one of the MU books they've put out over the years but couldn't deal with it So when I started reading Disavowed and saw it involved tripping through the looking glass I was very wary I was pleasantly rewarded though Turns out the Federation euivalent Galactic Commonwealth in the MU has its shit together and the camp level has been dialed way down The

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    Another incredible tale from David Mack telling a story that incorporated many of my favorite elements from recent Trek lit Julian Bashir the Mirror Universe Galactic Commonwealth action suspense and superb writing that com

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    Disavowed sees the return of Section 31 as Agent Cole turns up an Bashir and Serena on Andor D This of course of leads to Bashir and

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    Disavowed is the brilliant result of multiple spy plots intersecting one another bringing together the standard and 'mirror' universes Following Rise like Lions a political entity much like the Federation has est