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N meets the eye Sapphy must accompany him to his desert palace and she's forbidden to meet the bride to be How strange when she's told the bridal gown's m How dumb is this lady

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Stolen By The Sheikh

Selected by the sheikhSheikh Khaled Al Atee has asked Sapphire Clemenger to design the wedding gown of his intended bride But there's to Khaled's deal tha This was boring to read and the leads had no chemistry

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Easurements are her ownSapphy realizes that she's been stolen by the sheikh because she's his chosen wifeThe Arranged BridesSettling a score winning a wif 15 Stars

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    Another book I read often The title lives up to the storyline I love a man who knows what he wants and goes after it Even th

  2. says:

    This was boring to read and the leads had no chemistry

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    A solid 3 starsI enjoyed reading this fun sweet and mildly spicy story The characters were delightful and well developed the plot intriguing

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    How dumb is this lady

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    A fun uick read and the storyline has got a different twist to it I loved how she was coerced to fly off to his country with the pretext of making a wedding gown for his bride Only to find out that she happens to be the bride because he wants to exact revenge against her supposed fiance Definitely a break from the traditional kidnap type storyline I also really liked the Heroand you could feel the chemistry However I e

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    More reviews available at my blog Beauty and the BookwormHeroine Sapphire is a rising star of a fashion designer in Italy expected to marry her on again off again lawyer boyfriend When Khaled shows up and commissions her to design a

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    15 Stars

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    Sapphy is a designer in Milan One day Sheikh Khaled waltzes into her salon with an irritated edge and reuests her presence in his country so she can design a dress for his future bride Only he doesn't really have one it's her She just doesn't know it yet Despite all good sense and warnings from her on and off again boyfriend not to go she does This story was bordering on ridiculous at times It actually crosses the line

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    I thought the concept of the storyline was sweet and just ahhhhhhhh I loved it and thought it was good thE fact that she

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    This is a really good read It has all the emotions This story is about revenge to the fullest and how grief and loss is handled Somrtimes with the right person they can help you move on Even in the beginning Khalad persude Sapphy f