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Celebrated feminist and investigative journalist Tyra Dove is asked by a friend to look into the sudden disappearance of her younger sist.

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The Possession of Tyra Dove

Er Based upon the research of her assistant Laurie Bass Tyra is led to the isolated hilltop village of FoleyToo late Tyra discovers that.

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She has walked into a mess started by her newspaper colleague Alex Mundy and she becomes the latest woman in a world of female subjugatio.

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    Can I just say right now before we go on with the review that I love Lorenzo Marks I have this vision of him in my head and it's luscious Someone that writes like this has to be hot right? On to the review The reason I love Lorenzo's writing is he's a no holds barred type of author Anything is up for grabs in his novels We have yet another poor woman who is blackmailed into being a slave Seriously what is not to love a

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    Non con mind control through drugs and hypnosis and some body modification some not major during the process of the story view spoilerDefinitely not a happy ending in any manner as the protagonist 'wins' There is also a hint of the s

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