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Ct is evident in the offbeat nature of the plots and the clarity of the magicYou will learn finesse points on moves you already know as well as polished material ready to be inserted into your own card programs In the magic marketplace it no longer makes financial sense to spend two years producing a comprehensive hardcover book It's a good thing we don't care about that This is a beautiful book worthy of careful study and the book was written with the same care and precision that goes into all the great works of magicTo really understand a performer.

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Confident Deceptions

Confident Deceptions is our latest hardcover release 240 pages over 150 full color photographs with dustjacket It is the stunning debut effort from Jason Ladanye one of Darwin Ortiz's star protégés The material is a mixture of magic and gambling demonstrations and in each of the eighteen routines Ladanye demonstrates his ability to maximize the impact of an effect Some of the effects are uite challenging but each one looks absolutely impossibleLadanye studied under Darwin Ortiz who provides a praiseworthy introduction to these pages and Ortiz's impa.

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You need to see him perform for a live audience and therefore we have included a 20 minute performance DVD featuring some of the highlights from the bookA master of artifice ruse and subterfuge at the card table Within these pages is offered up some of the finest constructions I've seen masterfully routined for maximum impact and pure entertainment in the tradition of Darwin Ortiz and beyond Jack CarpenterA superb technician the very definition of a professional performer this material will absolutely delight connoisseurs of strong magic Andrew Wimhur.

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    The effects are technical but accessible to average cardmen Particularly like 'The Set Up' 'The Ultimate Exchange' 'It's all in the Hand' and 'Bringing Down the House' because the methods are ingenious The ambitious card routine is too simple but inspiring to me for making my own version No difficult setup or preparation are needed in most routines which make this book very valuable to most magicians

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