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  • Paperback
  • 448
  • A Kind of Wild Justice
  • Hilary Bonner
  • English
  • 28 February 2018
  • 9780099415336

3 thoughts on “A Kind of Wild Justice

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    Interesting read and over a 20 year period in Devon with the same characters Interesting characters for reader to invest in

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    This book was a mystery book it was about this girl Angela who one night went to the Disco Village with her boyf

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    A great crime novel A good strong plot with twists and turns great charactersach with their own stories I will l

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A Kind of Wild Justice

A chance DNA test proves without doubt what DS Mike Fielding has always known that the man tried for the barbaric murder of local Devon girl Angela Philips twenty years before the man who walked free was the Beast of Dartmoor It is a bitter victory Because the law of double jeopardy means James O'Donnell can

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't be tried again He is still a free manFor Joanna Bartlett the once brilliant but now jaded crime correspondent who covered the case two decades before the findings stir memories she's tried to forget Not only of the terrible murder she can't bear to remember but of Fielding the maverick detective who share

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D her obsession with the tragedy There has been a shocking miscarriage of justice one that will now torment those who have suffered since the murderFielding his career irrevocably damaged by the case is determined to see justice done And Joanna and the media are his means But will the killer ever be punished

About the Author: Hilary Bonner

Hilary Bonner is an English crime novelist best known for her psychological thrillersAlmost all Bonner’s novels are inspired by real life events often drawing on her journalistic past with The Sun The Mail on Sunday and Daily Mirror The Times described her as ‘keeping on the public agenda the stories our masters would prefer buried’She shares her life with her partner the actress Amanda Ba