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Sandra Arnold Chris Limb Clint Wastling Damien Krsteski Frederic Brown HG Wells Jason Andrew Kurt Heinrich Hyat Margaret Karmazin Margaret Pearce Neil R Jones Philip K Dick Poul Anderson Scathe meic Beorh Thornton DeKy and Tom Barloware are among the popular and award winning storytellers comprising this spellbinding science fiction and fantasy anthology Maturity by Damien Krsteski The More Things Change by Scathe meic Beorh Love of Botany by Margaret KarmazinSimulacr.

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Contact by David Nell

A cast of authors from past present and future make up this collection of eighteen stories featuring original works and classic reprints Contact Stories of the New World takes you beyond the edge of the solar system into the uncharted horizons of deep space where the spaces and dimensions in between are explored and worlds of mystery are discovered New beginnings Old fears Persistence of vision Here are the chronicles of the new world Arthur Doweyko August Derleth Cas.

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Um by Chris Limb P'sall Senji by Arthur Doweyko The Oilfields of Titan by Clint Wastling The Family of Man by Tom BarlowReuiem by Jason Andrew Sandwomen by Kurt Heinrich Hyatt Eual Rights by Cassandra ArnoldFaith and Fortune by Margaret PearceSpacewrecked on Venus by Neil R Jones The Star by HG Wells Keep Out by Fredric Brown The Ultimate Experiment by Thornton DeKyA Traveler in Time by August Derleth The Variable Man by Philip K Dick The Chapter Ends by Poul Anderson.