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R risk being put back in prison immediately while crossdressedOfficer Stikes is a tall hard body dyke lesbian with a sadistic taste for bondage and domination When she is assigned as a new Matron Chaperone for a recent participant she throws herself into the project with fiendish glee Stikes transforms her paroled 'volunteer' into a sexily femmed tart whore looking sissy complete with fishnet stockings wig big fake boobs high heels tight mini skirts and silky pantiesWith the temporary legally adopted femmed name “Miss Jenny Mixen” the feminized man uickly learns the program is than he bargained for as he is forced into tight bondage restraints and wearing muzzling gags wh

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Feminized Sissy Justice A Forced Feminization Sissy Story

When the Texas justice system institutes a new pilot program for carefully selected white collar criminals the result is the “PANSY SCHEME Rehabilitation Project” These 'soft crooks' are enticed to participate in the new parole program in which they will serve a much reduced conviction sentence outside prison walls but with a catchThese very select parolees must sign away almost all of their civil rights and voluntarily undergo feminization treatment They must endure living 247 as humiliated often sexually harassed feminized cross dressing sissies Each one is assigned a female “Matron Chaperone” who serves as a live in parole officer; she must be obeyed at all times o

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Ile enduring freuent riding crop whippings from Officer Stikes who has styled her independent authority as his Dominatrix The femmed parolee's problems are compounded by his freuent raging hard ons down inside his smooth silk panties every time he is toyed with and man handledResigned to his fate as Officer Stikes sissy bitch he shamefully submits to her continuous cruel and kinky surprises which get humiliating and sexual each time Most shockingly he learns he will have to work as a feminized sissy girl for the very people he had formerly crookedly victimized Now the forced crossdressed parolee sees his justice served on the outside will feel much longer than he bargained fo