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Und die drei machen sich mit einem weißen Pick up auf fort von Reykjavik und der schlechten GesellschaftSo beginnt eine abenteurliche Reise d. S sem spyr ekki r ttra spurninga f r ekki r tt sv r etta er ein upp haldssetningin m n r Hjartasta nnur upp haldssetning r b kinni h kk uppi vegg hj m r rum saman Allir dagar eru endir einhvers ekki s nema sj lfum s r og jafnframt eru dagarnir upphaf ef vi munum a eir eru n ir

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Harpa ist Anfang Dreißig und sie hat ein Problem Ihre Tochter Edda ist drogensüchtig Freundin Heide will der allein erziehenden Mutter helfen. This book from 1995 won the Icelandic Literature Prize In a way I m surprised the book won a prize it s very slow going focusing too much on landscape and inner thoughts It also has an abrupt unsatisfactory ending and I feel personally insulted that the main character feels she is a dwarf even though she s my height 5 2 which is only 4 shorter than the Icelandic average woman In another way I m not surprised it won a prize because the author says a lot of meaningful things in interesting ways I highlighted 70 passages including some passages on Icelandic nature For example The sea in this deep fjord is no longer of saltwater it s a viscous molten pool of silk the softest cradle in the world for ducklings tired in the evenings It has particularly much to say about being a caregiver The main character works in nursing and at the same time she s helping her elderly father and dealing with her troubled teenage daughter Constantly caring for others wondering if she s to blame for her daughter s problems grieving her mother s death uestioning who her father is and coping with an on againoff again love affair all lead her to the brink of a breakdown My tears are hard as hail my heart is chilled There s no room for herself in her life and her last hope is taking this road trip to a new life The book ends with a so called glossary The glossary would have functioned much better as footnotes because many of the entries identify sources of uotes Other entries tell about Icelandic sayings songs and products I would have consulted the glossary if I had known it was there The author has enjoyed success in both Iceland Germany and France where one of her books was made into a film I hope of her books get translated into English she has an interesting voice and I d like to read other hopefully faster praced books by her

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Urch die Schönheit der isländischen Landschaft erschwert durch die Unberechenbarkeit Eddas und des Wetters eine Reise zum Herzort der Kindhei. Second time I tried reading this book First time I didn t like it now months later it has not gotten any better and could not finish it Would not recommend

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    See of my book reviews on my blog Literary FlitsThe second contender so far for May's Book of the Month Place Of The Heart is a very different novel to A Spoke In The Wheel and I loved its gorgeous descriptions of Icelandic landscapes Harpa her daughter Edda and their friend Heidur drive across the south of Iceland on a

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    It took me some time to establish a connection with Steinunn Sigurdardóttir’s novel Place of the Heart in spite of its elegant yet unpretentious writing translated with outstanding artfulness by Philip Roughton The reason is simple I hate spending time with teenagers bent on destroying themselves with drugs and alcohol not to mention the risk of AIDS—and this novel forces you to But the author managed to convince me that her novel is

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    This book from 1995 won the Icelandic Literature Prize In a way I'm surprised the book won a prize it's very slow going focusing too m

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    Mainly it was great Because I've driven the route that the book takes place over I could really relate to the scenery and descriptionsThe writing was powerful even the main character talking about herself in the third person from time to time I wasn't as keen on her seeing and talking to her dead mother and thought this information could have been conveyed a different wayThe storyrelationship of the main character with

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    Sá sem spyr ekki réttra spurninga fær ekki rétt svör Þetta er ein uppáhaldssetningin mín úr Hjartastað Önnur uppáhaldssetning úr bókinni hékk uppi á vegg hjá mér árum saman Allir dagar eru endir einhvers þó ekki sé nema á sjálfum sér og jafnframt eru dagarnir upphaf ef við munum að þeir eru n

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    My God that was tedious Place of the Heart by Icelandic author Steinunn Sigurdardóttir is the story of a forty eight hour roadtrip across the Icelandic wilderness Harpa doesn't look like other Icelanders and is short and dark and she is a single mother to her tearaway daughter Edda Along with Harpa's flutist fr

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    Sydämen seutuvilla kertoo läpi Islannin tapahtuvasta automatkasta jossa äiti lähtee etsimään totuutta omasta isästään ja auttamaan teini ikäistä tytärtään pois huonoista piireistä Kuskina toimii äidin ystävä varakas muusikko

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    Despite the horrid dis functional daughter that has no redeeming features the author is able grip you into their trip up the east coast of Iceland I really want to make the same journey She was also able to weave

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    Second time I tried reading this book First time I didn't like it now months later it has not gotten any better and could not finish it Would n

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    This book was featured in the Nota Benes section of the MarchApril 2015 issue of World Literature Today Magazinehttpwwwworldliteraturetodayorg2

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