Dino Park after Dark Dinosaur Erotica (Pdf Kindle ePUB) by Christie Sims

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A trains the marine reptiles she’s been working with the same plesiosaur for than three years He’s friendly well trained and greedy One night Maria stays late to feed her plesiosaurus and disaster strikes she tumbles into his poolThe

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Dino Park after Dark Dinosaur Erotica

Dino Park houses the New Dinosaurs beasts created by scientists from residual DNA The park is open to the public who come to see the big carnivores and the classic well known herbivores Smaller gentler dinosaurs perform for the publicMari

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Plesiosaur isn’t just greedy he’s hungry The only one of his kind he’s been lonely and amorous for years But now Maria the human he’s imprinted on is in his element and he’s got a lot of pent up frustration to work outWords 5500

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    Hahahaha That was certainly uniue I read this short story at the recommendation of a friend Not sure where she found this but I'll admit Dino

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    I read this because I was taking one for the team on my bookstagram group I mean it is what it says in the tin not my kind of thing but could have been worse and wasn’t badly written

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