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Net Internals and Advanced Debugging Techniues

Ues associated with debugging modern Windows 8 appsThis edition's extensive revisions range from the latest CLR constructs and debugging commands to major changes associated with memory and new issues associated with WinRT process management Reflecting his immense experience with Windows internals Hewardt reveals how to uickly identify the real root causes of problems so you can fix them far rapidly and effective.

Review Net Internals and Advanced Debugging Techniues

Ions of Visual StudioHewardt helps you take full advantage of powerful debugging tools such as DebugDiag and PSSCOR; and illuminates crucial CLR concepts and behaviors every advanced Windows developer should understand Step by step he walks through a wide range of debugging tasks; addressing the assembly loader managed heap garbage collection synchronization interoperability postmortem debugging and the uniue iss.

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Now 100% updated to reflect Microsoft's latest platform advances NET Internals and Advanced Debugging Techniues Second Edition offers focused pragmatic guidance for tracking down today's most complex and challenging application bugs Authored by Mario Hewardt one of Microsoft's most respected developers this is a deep dive into the most sophisticated debugging techniues forNET 445 Windows 881RT and the newest vers.

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