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10 thoughts on “Tainted The VIP Room #2

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    I am so disappointed I really liked the first book in the series but this one not so much I liked Sawyer she is a good heroine and the reason for the 2 stars She deserves SO much better than she got I did not like Kaden he is a controlling prick Not a hot alpha He also subjects her to things no one who has been though what she did should ever be pressured into Can you warn us on the ménage action next time? Normally it may not

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    Ugh What a mess I adore Jamie Begley's Last Rider and other MC books but this one left me wanting to head desk multiple times The hero

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    Not badIt's a pretty good book has its pros and consPros? It's seriously HOTAlso Kaden is pretty good I liked him The writing is awesome as you'd expect from this author and the plot is decentCons?Sawyer sucksI get that she's been through a lot and all that but for some reason I just can't say I like her too much The book is still w

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    I love Jamie Begley; I devour her books Her heros are often complicated and flawed yet I still end up rooting for them Unfortunately

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    It was an ok read but to be honest the main leads did not stand out for me but the writing was so much better in this book

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    I'm glad after that ending from Teased that we got Sawyer's pov I was interested in finding out what happened to her after D

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    Yep it's now 630 in the AM and I'm just finishing this Couldn't put it down Loved itReading Order Razer's Ride The Last Riders book 1Viper's Run The Last Riders book 2Knox's Stand The Last Riders book 3Sex Piston Biker Bitches book 1Teased The VIP Room book 1Tainted The VIP Room book 2Shade's Fall The Last Riders book 4King The VIP Room boo

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    25 Okso this went from like 4 stars at 70% to 2 stars for me after that totally uncalled for menageMade it 3 stars just for SawyerKaden whom I liked at the beginninglost his appeal after including Ax in their relationship I was expecting of emotional build up between the two after she was rescued for the secon

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    35 starsI knew it but I didn't know it After you read the book you'll know what I mean

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    HOLY SHITBALLS Did I just read that????That wasthat wasTainted tells the story of one girl's struggle for freedom and one man's fight to get her there All Sawyer ever wanted was to be free Ever since she was a little girl sh

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Tainted The VIP Room #2

Th in peril because the only way to save the woman he’s started to love means denying her the one thing she wants the most FreedomSawyer has had one dream her whole life to escape the smothering love of her mother and a life of poverty Her goal was just within her grasp when her world is turned upside down Kidnapped and drugged she is given to a man she knows nothing about except that he holds her life in his handsOn. I m glad after that ending from Teased that we got Sawyer s pov I was interested in finding out what happened to her after Digger kidnapped her She was kept chained in a basement with many other women and kept drugged Her captors were one girl short for a party scheduled for a bunch of rock stars Even though Digger has special plans for Sawyer she happens to be the only woman free of bruises at the moment and since the guys only want the girls for one night they decide to take herKaden was going on five years out of the spotlight after a family tragedy and a trip to rehab made him want to give up his rock star lifestyle in the band Mouth2Mouth RJ the band s manager finds Kaden at his family s cabin and blackmails him into doing another tour Kaden agrees but this time he has no tolerance for drugs or groupies So after a concert he s not happy to find a pretty drugged redhead in his bed in his hotel roomAfter finding out the truth that Sawyer and the other girls are not there voluntarily the band is disgusted But they re worried about the press finding out about their involvement in a sex slave ring than actually helping the girls I had uite a few issues with this bookview spoiler1 I didn t understand why Sawyer wasn t traumatized The next morning she threw up once but that was her only reaction to coming off the drugs Then being around all of these strange men she never showed any fear In fact she stood up to the guys in the band and their security uite a few times2 The guys finally decided to get the FBI involved but they tell the band to keep an eye on Sawyer until they capture Digger and his crew Wouldn t she go to a safe house or something3 Even after knowing what Sawyer has been through Kaden forces a Ds relationship on her even though she hasn t shown any signs of needing it She told Kaden NO many times He just came off as a bully4 The threesome between Kaden Sawyer and Ax was unwanted on Sawyer s part and it was out of character on Kaden s part seeing as he was very possessive Plus they gave Sawyer a safe word and then ignored it What s the point It just felt like a gratuitous sex scene hide spoiler

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E night and two lost souls with tainted lives find a love strong enough to reveal a secret that just might kill them all This work of fiction is intended for mature audiences only All sexually active characters portrayed in this ebook are eighteen years of age or older Please do not buy if strong sexual situations moderate violence multiple partners domestic discipline death of a child and explicit language offends you. 35 starsI knew it but I didn t know it After you read the book you ll know what I mean

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Kaden Cross had it all money fame and women but he lost it all in one night One night that would forever change him Forced from obscurity and into the limelight as the lead singer of the band Mouth2Mouth Kaden returns to the lifestyle that almost destroyed him The last thing he wanted was to find a sexy drugged out redhead waiting for him in his bed Finding out that she’s the victim of a sex slave ring puts Mouth2Mou. Ugh What a mess I adore Jamie Begley s Last Rider and other MC books but this one left me wanting to head desk multiple times The hero has to be one of the worse heroes I ve come across in a while I kept waiting for that moment when the hero realizes what a arse he is and to change but it never happens In my opinion he was actually nicer in the beginning Once he starts to care for heroine and I use that word with sarcasm he becomes a controlling sadistic unlikable arse He uses mental and emotional manipulation to basically force a kidnapped victim of human sex traffiking into sm submissive relationship I was so insulted by his entire attitude and actions I was pretty much angry the entire book I don t have a problem with BDSM relationships if it is an informed consensual relationship And I wasn t convinced this was Especially at the punishmentmenage scene and the disregard of her safe word Don t give your partner one if you aren t going to respect the use of it This wasn t a romance with kink This was the beginning of an abusive slavemaster relationship and the author tried and failed to convince me of it s legitimacy I just found the whole situation unappealing The heroine is basically forced from one crap situation to another and the author tries to convince us it s all okay by telling us the heroine is getting off on it and labeling it romance There is NOTHING romantic about the hero or his actions The hero also treats the heroine like a stupid child He disrespects by never listening to the her It was as if her wants and needs didn t matter when they didn t mesh with is Finally she gives up and just accepts She becomes very disconnected and brainwashed in her emotions I never felt a connection between them I never felt any love or actual respect between them If anything the heroine suffered from extreme PTSD and Stockholm Syndrome and the hero takes advantage While I will continue to read her MC series I do believe I stay away from this series

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