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Summary Beyond Gridlock?

Discuss possibilities for structural reform in the political parties in campaigning in the Congress and through amendments to the Constitution The book draws on papers and comments presented at a Government in Gridlock conference cosponsored by Brookings and the Committee on the Constitutional System shortly after the inauguration of President ClintonThe contributors present and former members o

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Beyond Gridlock?

F Congress and officials of the executive branch Washington journalists public opinion analysts and political scientists are Howard Baker James MacGregor Burns Lloyd Cutler Thomas Downey Ken Duberstein David Gergen Celinda Lake Rep Jim Leach Thomas Mann Andrea Mitchell Tom Oliphant Howard Paster Jody Powell Cokie Roberts Donald Robinson Warren Rudman Barbara Sinclair Hedrick Smith and Steven Smi

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For only the second time in close to a uarter century the US executive and legislative branches are in the hands of the same political party Will this end governmental gridlock Or will we discover that the problems of our political system run deeper than party labelsThe contributors to this book examine the prospects for unified government during the Clinton presidency and looking to the future