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Es The future is finally looking bright until one phone call shatters everything Used is a romantic suspense revolving around sibling abuse overcoming the demons that linger and defeating the past that can often come back to haunt you. 45 A beautifully written book about shame heartache strength love and so much The author took a hard subject to write about for her debut novel and I honestly would never have guessed it was her debut novel I was literally entranced with this story I was rooting for Sabra to let herself be loved I was telling Trevor don t give up keep knocking on the walls that Sabra builtI LOVED Trevor I think I ll claim him Goodness that man had it all and was willing to do what it takes to show Sabra she was worth it When her worst nightmare comes to haunt her will she be able to let Trevor in Tell him her secrets keep him in the dark or will she finally be able to him what she s never been able to Loved the secondary characters and hoping they get their story too


Used By K.P. Simmon

At the age of seventeen after a decade of lies hurt and severe abuse by her brother Lucas Sabra Valentine is able to breathe Lucas is behind bars thanks in large part to Sabra’s uick thinking and self preservation even if that’s o. Used is KP s debut novel It s one she has been writing on and off for years And I am so glad that she released it to us to readThis novel felt very real to me not just the characters but the story itself It s unfortunately a life others have lived We ve all heard the stories on the news or through others but for a reason I can t explain KP s book made it all real and personal to me Nine Steps KP does a great job of giving us the details without laying all the gory details out for us I know for some they may want that dark and twisted part to make the book suspenseful but it wasn t needed You can tell that Sabra has a very hard time talking and rehashing her past and that shows through the past reflections And I think that s why not having those descriptive details works with this book the character can t handle that and if KP were to go that deep into it Sabra s memories we would lose the true character of SabraTrevor oh that boy is a Saint And I know any mom s out there would love for their young sons to turn out to be just like Trevor Sabra and Trevor started out as friends four years ago when she first arrived at college Trevor has always wanted but respected Sabra and her reasons for not wanting to ruin what they had Sabra has always expressed that she s not a commitment type of gal and Trevor has seen that over the years His loyalty to Sabra won me over immediately even as a friend he was there for herKP wrote a very real and personal story Her characters and their story really helped in making this book feel alive While I know that those who love their psychological thrillers to be a bit darker I think that KP still keeps the thrilling suspense alive with just the minute details she gives it adds to the appeal of not knowing everythingI hope KP continues to write as I would love to read another novel by her

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Ne secret she has to keep Now seven years later life is moving forward and Sabra is starting to heal live and love again with her friends and Trevor Collins by her side He’s tall dark and sexy and he doesn’t fall for Sabra’s gam. A review copy was provided by the author 5 Learning To Heal Stars WOW Talk about knocking it out of the park KP Simmon has done just that with this book For being a debut novel for this authorit was phenomenalThis book was filled with heart wrenching emotion but it was also a story of hope and healing I will warn you this book does cover a very tough subject Even though it was written with tact and grace nothing is overly graphic it will still be tough to read in spotsI don t want to say much about the storyline because I think this is a story you need to experience for yourself This story needs to unfold by itself for each reader so you get the full effect and emotion behind this storyUsed is a standalone novel and is told solely from the female POV Most of the story is told in the present time frame but we are given some chapters from the past to fill in the blanks of what happened to Sabra I really loved how this story played out and how the author wrote the story You could feel everything Sabra was feeling and my heart broke for her so many times But I loved that she had her best friend Micah to lean on and also Trevorwho to me is the ultimate book boyfriend I absolutely fell in love with him I loved his strength and determination when it came to Sabra We don t see many Heroes like him these days As for Sabrashe was one broken heroine She had every right to be and I loved how far she came throughout the story I almost wish there would ve been an epilogue for the story to show us how she is doing a couple years down the roadI would 100% recommend this book But just be warned that this isn t an easy story to read But I loved the story of hope and healing that she took Sabra on So if your looking to try a new author give this book a chanceI don t think you will be sorryFollow Us at Book Bitches Blog Facebook Twitter

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    Used is KP's debut novel It's one she has been writing on and off for years And I am so glad that she released it to us to r

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    Look I'm the authorOf course I'm going to say its good USED is not published as of right now but I'm hoping it will be published soon For now if you are interested in reading it you can message me USED is my debut novel and has been my passion project for the past five years It is not for everyone But for me it was moments of healing laughter heartache and sorrow as I wrote it And by the time I typed THE END it was a journey of

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    35 4 starsI have to say I am pretty proud of KP for having a dream of one day writing something and then writing one heck of a nove

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    I received a copy of this book from the author no review reuired I have to say I pestered KP to share this book with me as soon as I saw she was writing it I do mean pestered Anytime she posted about USED I would ask to read it No sha

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    Sometimes you read a book and it is just EPIC Life changing Sometimes you read a book and it consumes you you get lost in the world that this novel crafts and you can't turn away Sometimes you read a book and for reasons

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    A review copy was provided by the author 5 Learning To Heal Stars WOW Talk about knocking it out of the park KP Simmon ha

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    I found this to be a very uick and enjoyable read It has a very heavy topic and deals not only with physical sexual and emotional abuse but the after affects and how it ruins a person inside and out It was realistic and w

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    For a debut novel this dark story wrapped itself around my heart and really was uite emotional Sabra has went thr

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    45 A beautifully written book about shame heartache strength love and so much The author took a hard subject to wr

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    Book Reviewed UsedAuthor KP SimmonMy Rating 5 StarsPublication Date 12102017Reviewed by Tammy Payne Book Nook N

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