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Food Sacrifice and Sagehood in Early China

In ancient China the preparation of food and the offering up of food as a religious sacrifice were intimately connected with models of sagehood and ideas of self cultivation and morality Drawing on received and newly excavated written sources Roel Sterckx's book explores how this vibrant culture influenced the ways in which the earl

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Rise to positions of influence as a result of their culinary skills and the sacrificial ceremony itself As a major contribution to the study of early China and to the development of philosophical thought the book will be essential reading for students of the period and for anyone interested in ritual and religion in the ancient worl

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Y Chinese explained the workings of the human senses and the role of sensory experience in communicating with the spirit world The book which begins with a survey of dietary culture from the Zhou to the Han and offers some intriguing insights into the ritual preparation of food some butchers and cooks were highly regarded and would

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