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R legs and how their hands would feel running up and down her own body She had an ever present desire to have male contact in any way she could So how does a single woman living in New York City accomplish this The author turned to her computer the only thing she’d had a true relationship with in the past decade and signed up for every on.

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Flashes By Michelle Churchill

FLASHES is a story of coming of age again While discovering that sex was the best cure for hot flashes she also uncovered the secrets she had hidden from herself As author Michelle Churchill approached her 50th birthday she found herself careening toward menopause Suddenly she could think of nothing but men – about their hairy bodies thei.

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Line dating service she could find FLASHES tells the story of those adventures through a series of dates from the young man who pretended to be a senior citizen to date older women to the guy who showed up for a first date carrying a bag of sex toys With passionate wit Churchill examines how she got to middle age alone and where she’s goi.

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    A fabulous honest memoir about dating in middle age that will make you laugh and cry A real page turner You want

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    Good read

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    I want her life Or at least her past She's had FUN This book is for every woman over 40 who still has a sex drive In a word everyone