J.M. Fosberg [Read] Rising of a Mage Rising of a Mage #1

  • Paperback
  • 192
  • Rising of a Mage Rising of a Mage #1
  • J.M. Fosberg
  • en
  • 09 January 2019
  • 9781477256152

2 thoughts on “Rising of a Mage Rising of a Mage #1

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    I love this series It starts off where a young boy finds out he has magic and ends up at a mages guild to study The story honestly didn't have a huge plot but I never felt bored reading it The series takes a bit of a turn in book two and becomes of a uestplot I'll write about that in the review for book two Anwar is the type of character who doesn't constantly avoid using his awesome powers like you see often in the MC of other books He

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    Enough of that Stopping in chapter 2 This is a badly written book aimed at 13 year olds and written as if the audience is 7 years old

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Rising of a Mage Rising of a Mage #1

Use magic he goes to the local wizards guild for help As apprentice to Master Gabrielle he soon surpasses his teacher's skills and knowledge and becomes a formidable member of the City Guard While studying the magic arts he meets Mariah apprenticed in the art of healing Anwar discovers that the girl he has fallen in love with will fight by his side with swor.

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Master Gabrielle of the Wizards Guild looked at the book title Magical Items and their Creation BY Anwar Alamira He looked up at Anwar and smiled That is the name I will be known by in the magical world Anwar said Gabrielle nodded sat down and began leafing through the book written by his former apprentice When farm boy Anwar discovers he has the ability to.

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D knife and bow When their city is attacked by a horde of marauding goblins Anwar becomes a local hero After the senseless slaughter of his family Anwar vows to hunt the evil in the world and protect those who cannot protect themselves Anwar Mariah and his best friend Jabaal take off in search of knowledge and adventure It doesn't take long for them to find.