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Ce far from the mansion in Provençe they had imagined Little do they know that this is the beginning of what will become an incredible journey of the heart one during which they learn there really is no such thing as a mouse proof kitchen Life is messy and it’s the messy bits that make it count. This was an unknown author and a somewhat different sort of book for me I thought it may be a little Joanne Harris which was the appeal as was the promise of France The characters were a little flat and relied on stereotypes Kerim fleeing from societal disapproval because of his choices the 50s bandbox mother with than smudge of the mommy dearest about her the French sausage maker chocolate is appealing the unbalanced orphaned hippy I d better stop here The story of a couple coming to terms with a baby born with life changing problems was interesting The fact that they are so comfortably ensconced in super middle class lifestyles and cushioned by cash does sometimes detract from the points being made about choices for children with huge medical needs and the love of a mother for her child For me though the peripheral character of Ludovic although his story was clearly signposted helped carry the story The Second World War chaos in France was evoked and the terrible deaths of many brave resistance fighters There are many monuments to people murdered by the Nazis this breathed life into the way war and occupation affects towns and villages because of choices made It seemed to link to the life and death choices Anna and Tobias are having to make and how what they decide will continue to haunt their futureIt makes you realise that however much you try you can t ever mouse proof your kitchen let alone your life

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The Mouseproof Kitchen

A deeply moving debut novel about a couple’s struggle to love and accept their disabled child and keep their family togetherAnna is a planner So when she discovers she’s pregnant she prepares for a perfect new life in Provençe France with her perfect new baby to be Anna’s partner the easy g. I truly love this book It made me feel It made me think It had me all over the emotional board I could not stop reading falling asleep with the Kindle open to the page I was readingAnna and Tobias go through a lot of swinging thoughts and emotions I can understand it I have a child also a girl who was born beautiful Within her first year she would begin having seizures at one point they were counted as 80 a day Later I had custody of my grandson another beautiful child Within six months we knew something was drastically wrong Then I was given the diagnosis of autism Unless you have been there you cannot imagine all the different things going on in your head The author captures that mixture of denial confusion hunger for knowledge and answers the terror and ultimately the love Everyone reacts differently but I think we all go through certain stages The knowledge and answer uest What exactly is wrong What does that mean What do we do Did I do something wrong to cause it The denial Oh my No It cannot be this She doesn t look this bad It must be something else Something easier The confusion and terror What are they saying How can we cope with this It is too much I don t know what to do What if she dies What if she needs care than I can give her How will I let go if it is needed The anger and grief Oh yes there is anger It is the dark secret No one wants to talk about it or acknowledge it If you do then people are aghast and judgmental Yet how do you work through it if you cannot express it How do you get to the final stages of acceptance and love if you are burying this stepThe author takes us through that I think hope really that Anna and Tobias are written of in the extreme and therefore not realistic way They are somewhat selfish as they repeatedly talk of abandoning Freya so they can continue on with their perfect life They do horrible things Anna and Tobias are stuck in the process Anna tries to acknowledge the anger and talk about it However people judge you when you do and she gets judged So she then keeps it to herself though we are privy to her thoughts and feelings I liked Anna though there were times I wanted to shout at and shake her Tobias I really did not care for until the end chapters I was horrified by some of the things in the book but ultimately I understood a lot of it I am not saying I agree with the things that happened It never crossed my mind to give up either my daughter or my grandson nor did I ever think my life would be better if they passed Though I was often stressed I was a single mom with a limited support system I never went as far as Anna I do understand the overwhelming stress and love combination which the author capturesI loved Saira Shah s writing She is a detailed writer gifted with the ability to bring you into each scene Her description of France brought the beauty into my mind I could picture perfectly the kitchen the rat infiltration Anna s obsessive canning and the scene of Anna s breakdown Saira Shah breathes life into a difficult storyThis is a gripping book I believe it is one of those books you will either love or hate I don t see much middle ground I believe it will make some angry my post may also but this is good People talk when something makes them angry This is a book that should be talked about and analyzed It is a book that should make you uestion and examine yourself closely I cannot recommend this book enough I certainly hope it makes it way to book clubs It is destined to be one of the top books of 2013

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Oing Tobias shouldn’t have too much difficulty tagging along after all he’s a musician who rarely starts his day before noon But all that changes when their baby is born severely disabledAnna Tobias and their daughter Freya end up in a rickety rodent infested farmhouse in a remote town in Fran. The Mouse Proof KitchenBy Saira ShahThis novel examines every parent s nightmare well one of them we parents have a lot to worry about Anna and Tobias s baby daughter is born with severe disabilities Anna a chef and Tobias a composer are ill prepared perhaps no one is ever prepared and conflicted Although Anna bonds at once with baby Freya Tobias holds back afraid to love a child who will only bring them heartbreakThe couple decides perhaps not all together maturely to go forward with their dream of moving to France where Anna can continue her career as a chef In short order they find themselves not in Provence because it turns out to be far too expensive but in Languedoc a much wilder and remote part of France in an appealing but tumble down French farmhouse complete with several eccentric live in characters While Anna copes by canning produce and beating back rats and mice Tobias hides behind his headphones composing Freya s seizures become freuent her needs demanding and the couple feels overwhelmed and isolated Nevertheless they love their baby She makes exuisite little hand movements delicate as rare orchids in high cloud forests Her expressions change like weather fronts I love the serious way she takes her milk from a bottle a thousand mile gaze of concentration in her slate colored eyes Afterward she s sated drunken collapsed When I tilt her forward to burp her her arms swing forward reflexively a baby monkey clinging to its mother As we drift off to sleep she swims toward me I never see or feel her move but when I wake she s snuggled under my armpit the sheet soaked where my breasts have rained down on herShe s my own my baby and she s perfect I m entirely contentThen the switch flicks in my head and the doctors diagnoses become abruptly real I hang onto her and cry for minutes for hours This is an honest book Being Freya s parents is tough and Anna and Tobias freuently are irrational even hateful The reader can only wonder how she would cope in the same situation after all Freya as a baby is still appealing But her diagnosis means that she will never sit or stand how will her parents manage as Freya grows Should they institutionalize her Will they ever forgive themselves if they doDespite all the angst this book is not a downer Although Freya is central to the story she is not all there is to life as her parents discover The author tells us in the Notes and Acknowledgments that she is the mother of exactly such a child and wrote the book as a parallel world where I escaped to subvert a real life existence that sometimes seemed unbearable Unbearable yet hopeful Fictional yet true to life Don t be put off by its subject The Mouse Proof Kitchen is a worthwhile and uplifting read

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    Such a believable heartbreaking read Who knows what life's gonna throw at us and how we'll cope Would we do any better than Anna and Tobias? I doubt it A really interesting read

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    I usually have a lot to say or at least general points I like to mention in reviews but this time I feel so all over the place with t

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    I truly love this book It made me feel It made me think It had me all over the emotional board I could not stop r

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    Did I enjoy it? No in a lot of ways because I found myself getting angry and outraged at the characters their words and their actions Was I involved? Absolutely from start to finish It was an emotional roller co

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    This heart tugging emotional story told in a memoir like format is intimately introspective brutally honest yet delicious

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    I found this very bizarrewhat was it trying to be? Not anywhere near frothy enough for chick lit not serious enough to be proper novelAnna and Tobias are dealt a devastating blow when they find out their child is disabled yeahI get thatI get how overwhelming and emotional and harrowing that isnot sure the book does there were times this read like a story of renovation of French house and child was forgottena

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    dark humour but delightful novel about a couple who have a disabled child and move to south of france and to a ruin of a farmhouse and the trials of rebuilding a life and pressures of a relationship and a disabled child which the aut

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    This was an unknown author and a somewhat different sort of book for me I thought it may be a little Joanne Harris which was the appeal as was the promise of France The characters were a little flat and relied on stereotypes Kerim fleeing from societal disapproval because of his choices the 50s bandbox mother with than smudge of the mommy dearest about her the French sausage maker chocolate is appealing the unb

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    I won this book from the First Reads program The book begins when a British couple Anna and Tobias are having their first baby The little girl Freya is born with brain damage and will likely have many severe physical and mental challenges The new parents are told that their child might never reach typical milestones like talking walking or even recognizing her mother and father Tobias is adamant that he does not want t