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characters The Future of Innovation

From linear to agile processes to identify our changing global influences to use the wealth of data available to us in our decision making and to stop treating innovation as a happy accident and start treating it like a discipline Perhaps his greatest accomplis.

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The Future of Innovation

Hment in this SlimBook is to write something so intelligent and important but to communicate it in such a way that everyone from the CEO in the corner office to the dreamer sharing a cubicle can understand and benefit from The Future of Innovation #SlimBusiness.

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Creativity is how you think Innovation is how you act This is the foundation of The Future of Innovation a boldly written and meticulously researched manifesto on the challenges and opportunities present in the Social Economy Razeghi tackles the need to change.

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    This book is just plain fantastic Clearly written really intelligent and super applicable Andrew Razeghi is a smart dude and I'm glad he's willing to share his insights I'm better for it and so is my business

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    Intensely thought provoking As an MBA student and recent entrepreneur I found this book to provide fresh new perspective on