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E main component is a rare stone that can only be found inside a vicious dragonWill Feo return to save Cardevin and if he does will he be the same person he was when he left. The Cursed Hole of the Shinoda Family person he was when he left.

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The Dragonstone

When a wicked Sultan curses the land of Cardevin to sink below the waves in 30 days time the king must rely on his wizard Feo to break the spell The only problem is that Feo.

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Has never cast a spell in his life In this epic fantasy adventure Feo sets off to a distant land to find rare ingredients for the ritual that will save his home land but th.

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    The Dragonstone starts with a curse by the Saltan of The East to make the peaceful land of Cardevin sink below the waves in around 30 daysFeo The hereditary wizard is tasked with overturning the curse but he needs a Dragonstone as

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    The Dragonstone is an excellent read Once started I couldn't put it down I think we should look out for books by Lynn McInroy

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