DOC [Language and Linguistic Diversity in the Us dogs] AUTHOR Susan Tamasi

  • Paperback
  • 380
  • Language and Linguistic Diversity in the Us
  • Susan Tamasi
  • English
  • 22 July 2018
  • 9780415806688

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    55 starsRecommended for people who like linguistics American English language history linguistic controversies in the USThis book covers topics from language attitudes to Colonial American English to non standard American English dialects to Creoles and Pidgins in the US to whether English should become the official language of the US Each topic is presented individually with some cross over to previous chapters and uses relatively universa

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Language and Linguistic Diversity in the Us

Ts think critically and formulate logical discussions To provide opportunities for further examination and debate chapters are organized around key misconceptions or uestions I don't have an accent or Immigrants don't want to learn English bringing them to the forefront for readers to address directlyLanguage and Linguistic Diversity in the US is a fresh and uniue take on a widely taught topic It is ideal for students from a variety of disciplines or with no prior knowledge of the field and a useful text for introductory courses on language in the US American English language variation language ideology and sociolinguistic

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Development and the role of English as the majority language controversies concerning language use in society languages other than English used in the US and the policies that have directly or indirectly influenced language useThese topics are presented in such a way that students can examine the inherent diversity of the communicative systems used in the United States as both a form of cultural enrichment and as the basis for socio political conflict The author team outlines the different viewpoints on contemporary issues surrounding language in the US and contextualizes these issues within linguistic facts to help studen

characters Language and Linguistic Diversity in the Us

This highly engaging textbook presents a linguistic view of the history society and culture of the United States It discusses the many languages and forms of language that have been used in the US including standard and nonstandard forms of English creoles Native American languages and immigrant languages from across the globe and shows how this distribution and diversity of languages has helped shape and define America as well as an American identity The volume introduces the basic concepts of sociolinguistics and the politics of language through cohesive up to date and accessible coverage of such key topics as dialectal