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    This without any doubt is one of the most important and insightful books I have EVER read Please note that what follows is a very unorthodox politically incorrect to the extreme and personal reflection Read at your own risk You are free to disagree but do not try to correct any misconceptions you might possibly detect and respect my right to hold a different opinionIf you want to understand the key method of

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    Libido Dominandi is the first draft of a great work As it is it is a failure suffering from shoddy writing poor research and a wandering and in

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    I feel compelled to point out that this book would have benefited from a firm editorial hand It can be rambling sometimes disorganized often repetitive and several of the twisting meandering yarns of thought that weave the chapters together could stand to be drawn straighter and tighterHaving said that this book's thesis that sexuality and particularly sexual appetites and permissiveness is increasingly becomin

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    sheeeeeeeesh California is making better sense since I started this one Sometimes his catholicism creeps in and taints his analyses slightly but it is still uite helpful and you could probably actually defend your family from political control by throwing it if you needed to because it is really heavy

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    This book in my case experienced as an audiobook read and slightly augmented by the venerable Alex Linder who ha

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    This book has much to offer but with a careful eyeA man Augustine had written has as many masters as he has vices

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    I've long held a suspicion that yoga pants were a form of brainwashing used to keep men in thrall to the establ

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    This is a very informative book After reading it I realize I was victimized long ago by a diabolical plot Sadly this diabolical plot

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    Jones never says in five hundred words what can be said in ten thousand which wouldn't be a problem if his thinking was a bit concise And it isn't that his paleo conservativeJesuit honed ideas are so off putting at least Buchanan and Gottfrie

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    In short Fantastic book poorly edited ranty writingI would give it five stars for the well researched content and information but unfortunately EMJ isn't the best of writers and needs an editor badly This book is 668 pages long and could've probably been done in 500It starts off with the founding of the Illuminati in the 18th century proceeds chronologically jumping from one event to the next and ends with the 1990s T

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Libido Dominandi Sexual Liberation and Political Control

Thus a good man though a slave is free; but a wicked man though a king is a slave For he serves not one man alone but what is worse as many masters as he has vices St Augustine City of God Writing at the time of the collapse of the Roman Empire St Augustine both revolutionized and brought to a close antiuity's idea of freedom A man was not a slave by nature or by law as Aristotle claimed His freedom was a function of his moral state A man had as many masters as he had vices This insight would provide the basis for the most sophisticated form of social control known to manFourteen hundred years later a decadent French aristocrat turned that tradition on its head when he wrote that the freest of people are they who are. Libido Dominandi is the first draft of a great work As it is it is a failure suffering from shoddy writing poor research and a wandering and inconsistent thesis What should be an erudite and compelling polemic against the the sexual revolution Western culture s death knell is an inconsistent and often unreadable messA bird s eye view of Jones s thesis that our inability to control our sexual drive has been used for the purpose of political suppression is beyond reproach Of course Catholic leaders have been saying the same thing for years Leo XIII s Humanum Genus operates as a rough outline of the book beginning with Augustine s distinctions between the City of Man and the City of God and going on to condemn freemasonry Who know if Jones himself was actually aware of his debtRegardless Jones is not exactly marking new ground here For this book to be worthwhile it must function as a polemic which inspires the vanguard and provides grist for later scholars Dr Jones s work does neither I was hoping for a traditionalist version of Das Kapital but instead got a book that was barely worth finishing let alone carrying into the trenches First and foremost his writing is very very poor The overall structure of the book jumping from year to year place to place vignette to vignette makes it hard to follow intellectual rather than a thematic elements Given the fact that the book s thesis is nebulous and has a tendency to change as Jones goes along on that below reading the book is a major slogA inuiring reader can jump to any given page to witness Jones s lame writing More shocking is his plain sloppiness and failure to edit himself Just one of many many examples On page 88 the author uotes Abbe Barruel ending with for men may be turned into any thing by him who knows how to take advantage of their ruling passion ONE PARAGRAPH LATER Jones uses the SAME EXACT UOTE except he finishes with the word passions not passion In other words Jones repeats the exact same argument by using the same uote in succeeding paragraphs and cannot even get the uoted material right To call this a first draft is too kind it is a first draft seemingly written the night before it was due This is simply unforgivable What about the research A good bibliography may still be helpful even if the prose is abhorrent But the bibliography of this 600 page behemoth is surprisingly spare and utilizes discouragingly few primary sources And from the get go I couldn t help notice two noticeable absences from Jones s bibliography Camille Paglia and Pitrim Sorokin Paglia is an atheist and a feminist but like Aldous Huxley before her she understands conservatism better than most conservatives Paglia knows the power of sex and her Sexual Personae for all its flaws is one of the most compelling studies of sex ever created and in Jones s case could provide an undergirding to the larger theoretical construct That Jones does not avail himself of Paglia s work is a sign of weakness it is here that Jones s literary inadeuacies overlap with his inadeuate scholarship Let s start here Jones has habit of noting tacit connections between his characters rather than connecting the intellectual undercurrents which united them This method moves along like a conspiracy theory or a six degrees of Kevin Bacon game than scholarship For example in the early chapters Jones repeatedly tries to unite the Maruis de Sade William Godwin Abbe Barruel It really does not work Jones is forced to use lame narrative devices such as speculating what Mary Wollstonecraft must have been thinking while she trudged through the blood drenched Paris streets speculations over how affected Percy and Mary Shelley were by Sade huge leaps of faith over the effect the good priest Barruel had on later sex perverts With regards to the English liberals it is clear that Jones simply does not respect their work enough to learn it and refute it Paglia s work would serve him well here More than this the idea that later sex mongers were inspired by the Jesuit reactionary Barruel s is largely speculation even if it were true who cares There are countless secret societies the uestion is why the secret societies promoting sexual perversion ended up so popular Instead of adeuately defining the relevant intellectual undercurrents Jones is reliant on his vignettes and weak editorializing It is Sade who Jones tries to shoehorn in most often He suggests that the de mastication of the Princess de Lamballe at the hands of an angry mob was in part due to the dissemination of Sade s work Bunk would Jones suggest that the sodomizing of Col addafi at the hands of Muslims was influenced by Eva Ensler Even in his day Sade was a literary and intellectual mediocrity Chesterton makes the point that Nietzcheans have existed all throughout history the only difference between those Nietzscheans and Nietzsche himself is that only moderns were so foolish as to take the man seriously The same with Sade He was a talentless buffoon with a rapport to the dark undercurrents of human nature nothing he says is particularly interesting but for the fact that Sade was able to get away with saying it was And yet the Maruis de Sade who for all his inadeuacy as a thinker and writer is as Ms Paglia says one of the most influential figures of the past 200 years To understand why this particular pervert was able to gain a following is a worthwhile task Trying to understand the pervert himself is not And anyway the ideas proposed by Sade that the populace must promote sexual license in order to remain revolutionary was not actually tried until the 20th Century but on that below Paglia is interested in the intellectual undercurrents behind the sexual revolution in a way Jones is not Even if Paglia s assessments are wrong she at least attempts to give a unifying idea an overarching story rather than a bunch of vignettes Freud once suggested his method of psychoanalysis was used to exploit his clients Jones in his weak style uses the same uote countless times when discussing Margaret Sanger he states that her opinions about birth control resemble the statement by Freud This is nothing but a weak literary comparison between two people whose thoughts were greatly different What could be the jumping off point to a sociologically complex theory is merely lame editorializing pattern spotting and name droppingPerhaps Paglia s absence is a bugaboo of mine Worse is Dr Jones s elision of Sorokin s work Sorokin a reactionary a sociologist at Harvard charted the decay of sexual morality in the West and elsewhere and accurately described the relationship between decaying sexual morality and the decay of society as a whole His work is all but forgotten now Mary Eberstadt is responsible for making me aware of his books but it s hard to think of another academic who could provide so much grist to Jones s intellectual mill But upon closer reflection it becomes clear why Sorokin is not given a prominent role in this work much of Sorokin s analysis is so similar to Jones s and so much better documented and argued that Jones can t help suffer by comparison For example Sorokin actually delves into the state of marriage laws at the beginning of the French Revolution and elsewhere From the perspective of a scholar Jones s elision of this topic is unforgivable Marriage laws provide an excellent barometer of a society s opinions about sex and the family But again Jones s scant bibliography leaves his general theory with nothing but interconnected anecdotes as support Bad writing poor scholarship But how does Jones s thesis as a whole stand up Not all that well Jones in his salutary hatred for the Enlightenment cannot draw a distinction between the Behaviorist who was truly a product of Enlightenment ideology and Sadism which was not Take the Bolshevik Revolution the Enlightenment s crowning achievement In the early 20s the Bolsheviks used sexual liberation as a cudgel against the ruling elite and the Soviets liberalized marriage laws decriminalized homosexuality and in general made the nation a hotbed of sexual decadence Jones dedicates a whole chapter to this But as Sorokin notes as does Jones a credit to his honesty though not his ability to follow through with a thought by the time Stalin came to power sexual liberation had been condemned by the ruling Communists with sexual immorality being seen as harmful to the nascent socialist state In other words insofar as sexuality had played a role in the initial overthrow of the Romanovs the powers of sex had been curtailed by the time the Communists were solidifying their power Most good Marxists will claim that Stalin s plans were a betrayal of the Old Master s conception of socialism and that by the time of Stalin s reforms in the 20s and 30s the revolution was over But this is self serving Lenin and the NEP were far conservative insofar that it slowed the progress of state ownership to the benefit of wealthy landowners and peasants than Stalin s massive land redistribution and industrialization The revolution tainted or not continued into the 20s and 30s But in readopting marriage norms and recriminalizing the perverse by the time of Stalin s purges the sexual revolution in the USSR had endedStalin s return to sexual conservatism saved the Soviet Union Witness its experience in the 30s and 40s no nation has ever been subjected to such incessant turmoil upheaval and slaughter And yet the population and economic statistics in the 50s and 60s were healthy Why was this Because Soviet women took it upon themselves to bear and raise children For all the drastic changes which occurred following the revolution the women never lost sight of their sexual significance to their families and yes to the state It was this commitment to sexual normalcy that saved the Soviet Union Amazingly it was not until the imposition of capitalism that Russian birthrates plummeted to suicidal levelsThat was Russia but the same story played out in revolutionary France The libertine atmosphere of the early Revolution died out uickly By the time Robespierre rose to power sexual liberation was not a philosophy of the ruling government English liberals may still have held onto pipe dreams of open marriages and orgies but the revolutionary government certainly did not Robespierre inveighed against atheists and wantons as fervently than a pope go to nearly any of his speeches and try to find that does not put great emphasis on public virtue Nowhere are Sade s perversions evident in the Terror government or its successors truly even the liberal madmen who composed the French government were sane enough to lock up Sade Virtue not sexual vice was what the revolutionary leaders wanted from their subjects Was the Russian revolution an outgrowth of the French Revolution and Enlightenment Assuredly so But the unifying thread was a belief in the prefectability of man Sexual liberation was used as a tool of the revolution but not as a tool of the government Jones seems to suggest that liberalEnlightenment government innately desires to use its subjects sexual desires as part of its ruling philosophy But the facts just don t back this up Jones s thinking in this regard is fatally muddledTo put it simply Jones is not able to draw a distinction between Malthus who studied the sexual habits of a population in order to better the material prosperity of its members and Sade the anarchist Malthus is a man of the Enlightenment Sade is a character from human prehistory The behaviorists and eugenicists were sex rationalists like Sanger Watson and the Rockefellers may have had their sexual failures Jones doles out stories of these rather too readily but Freud Reich and Kinsey were clearly of another breed modern Sadists These two programs are not the same The Eugenicists and birth controllers had serious broad political programs in line with the liberal state the Sadists did notSadism is not a ruling philosophy It is innately revolutionary but has no power to govern Part of its attraction to the New Left is in this revolutionary character The lament of the leftists the true leftist who has revolution in his blood even when he has nothing to revolt against is that beautiful insurgencies must inevitably become ruling parties Thus the Trotskyite calls for eternal revolution desiring to keep the springs of leftism flowing This is impossible of course the closest a ruling regime ever came to this was in Mao s disastrous Cultural Revolution Regardless the Trotskyite knew that the key retaining Bolshevism from turning into Stalinism was this eternal revolution Sade s position comes close to this that the revolutionary state must promote sexual license if it is to remain revolutionary and retain its hold on power p 57 Of course this is contradictory a state that is revolutionary is one that is by definition not holding onto its power Sadism is the fruit of a madman but to put Sadists in power is a death wishThis is the fascinating uestion How did the rationalistic sexual regime of the first sexual revolutionaries transform into the wholly Sadist regime regnant in all levels of American culture How has the Sadist impulse which is eternally anarchic and revolutionary come to be tolerated by the ruling classJones gives us little towards answering this uestion Unable to differentiate the sexual rationalists from the Sadists he gives us little as to why we are mired in our current state of insanity Indira Gandhi and the Chinese Communists promoted birth control this doesn t mean they promoted homosexuality and other ghastly perversions Yes they treated their citizens like rabbits but from a Benthamite perspective they could make an honest claim that they were benefiting the welfare of their citizenry The means may have been oppressive but the ends were rational and utilitarian Malthus and Sanger would approve of everything but the skin pigmentsCompare this to modern Western Europe and North America The heights of sexual gratification are wholly separated from the generative act masturbation anal sex oral sex and the like and so births fall far below replacement rates Unsexed demons are granted the civil right to expose themselves next to children sexually deviant men given the right to undress amongst women and the devious sodomite is allowed to corrupt every institution and poison every tradition Sodomites in the Church rape children sodomites in the County Attorney s office prosecute the Church change the institution repeat The American ruling class is not subject to the worst depredations of this increasing perversion the proliferation of prostitutes and surrogate parenthood among the lower classes shows how the sexual slavery of the poor will proceed and yet the ruling class sends its children to schools that teach the same filth The elder day Rockefellers forced their sexual oppression on the sons of the poor the modern day Rockefellers are content to turn their sons into daughters and their daughters into whores It is not as if the lower classes were ruled by a Behaviorist ruling class any Sadism runs all the way through One cannot understand the modern world without having a theory of suicide Why are we slowly and intractably killing ourselves letting our children be mutilated our women defiled every institution corrupted Malcolm Muggeridge called this the great liberal death wish no closed conspiracy of Illuminati or Jew but an open adoption of self hatred The poison of the Enlightenment regimented and etiolated all man s pleasures of life from religion to art to childrearing enslaved him to the state The materialist is beggared in trying to describe the effects of these changes the spiritual wounds are captured best in our rising suicide rates than this in our television and pornography consumption Of course the Enlightenment could not help but ruin sex as well The unitive component of sex is destroyed by latex man is so fragile compared to women who reuire the complete corruption of their reproductive organs Sex is no longer perilous And the one death defying le petit morte heroic act decent men could perform with regularity has been turned to a rote messiness closer to a bowel movement than a transcendental act This is another contradictory truth Jones cannot grasp The problem of the modern sexual regime is that people do not enjoy sex enough The regime imposes great suppression on its subjects men and women are only allowed to enjoy sex so much It would actually be an improvement if men were allowed to follow their libidos away from latex if they were allowed to guide their fat masculine girlfriends away from the pill In the West there is no oppressive regime as in China no forced sterilizations as in India but of course this would reuire turning those girlfriends into wives And meanwhile Western women despise the elements of their womanhood not conducive to male pleasure They shave their pubic hair mutilate their pudenda despise the effects of childbirth and contort their maternal impulses towards serving the state witness the army of elementary teachers social workers youth ministers medical caretakers motherhood grafted onto the technostate If women were to assert the rights they have had since Eve our regime would break down Why don t they Libido Dominandi should be a much better work My anticipation of it was great I yearned for a manifesto to stand like a beacon among the ocean of dross and sualor of the modern day What I got was a poorly written poorly researched poorly argued overpriced oversized disappointment Some of the stories are valuable from the number of footnotes Reich s work seems essential than Jones s yet the book as a whole is not worth the effort E Michael Jones is a crank I knew him from his scurrilous and cruel assault on Michael Voris but also his compelling radio interviews I hoped the mettle of his work would outweigh his unpleasantness Nope There are nuggets hidden in these 600 pages which are useful in combating the modern regime of sexual anarchy but I wanted a cannon

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Most friendly to murder Like St Augustine the Maruis de Sade would agree that freedom was a function of morals Unlike St Augustine Sade proposed a revolution in sexual morals to accompany the political revolution then taking place in France Libido Dominandi the term is taken from Book I of Augustine's City of God is the definitive history of that sexual revolution from 1773 to the presentUnlike the standard version of the sexual revolution Libido Dominandi shows how sexual liberation was from its inception a form of control Those who wished to liberate man from the moral order needed to impose social controls as soon as they succeeded because liberated libido led inevitably to anarchy Aldous Huxley wrote in his pref. sheeeeeeeesh California is making better sense since I started this one Sometimes his catholicism creeps in and taints his analyses slightly but it is still uite helpful and you could probably actually defend your family from political control by throwing it if you needed to because it is really heavy

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Ace to the 1946 edition of Brave New World that as political and economic freedom diminishes sexual freedom tends compensatingly to increase This book is about the converse of that statement It explains how the rhetoric of sexual freedom was used to engineer a system of covert political and social control Over the course of the two hundred year span covered by this book the development of technologies of communication reproduction and psychic control including psychotherapy behaviorism advertising sensitivity training pornography and plain old blackmail allowed the Enlightenment and its heirs to turn Augustine's insight on its head and create masters out of men's vices Libido Dominandi is the story of how that happen. Jones never says in five hundred words what can be said in ten thousand which wouldn t be a problem if his thinking was a bit concise And it isn t that his paleo conservativeJesuit honed ideas are so off putting at least Buchanan and Gottfried are capable of cogent thought it s that his long winded discursions many times lead to dead ends or go on so long that Jones seems to lose the thread He can be a deep thinker when he s focused but this book is padded than exhaustiveThe thesis Jones presents that there is an inverse rather than positive correlation between sexual liberation and political oppression has been put forward before by Huxley and later by Devlin and Faye much cogently Skip this one unless you plan on becoming a hermit or serving a very long prison sentence and you need something to do when not attempting to build a Westminster Abbey model with toothpicks and glue

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