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    35 stars rounded upThis book has it ups and downsJenny was stupidly stubborn with TSTL tendencies almost half the book made me kind of lost interest but she redeemed herself by admitting that she's a daft heedless stubborn wench After she overcome her fears and set her spine straight she's fairly likeable What saved this book was Harris Oh he's adorable He got a scar on his face from fire when he was little made him a b

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    OMG what an adventure I thought it would never endHarris ♥♥

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    Deborah Hale gave written life to the areas and peopleGave Deborah Hale's book five stars for the people she gave life to with trails of fire water living and love

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Jenny Lennox didn't believe in love Not the lasting kind anyway Life was too hard for romance to survive for long Marriage for money was best she was sure or had been until she. Cheating for the Chicken Man survive for long Marriage for money was best The Last Runaway she was On Tidy Endings sure or had been until Flat World Navigation she.

CHARACTERS The Bonny Bride

The Bonny Bride

Met Harris Chisholm earnest and penniless yet willing to gamble on life love and herHarris Chisholm was a man of his word He had promised to deliver Janny Lennox into the arms.


Of her intended But could he willingly surrender the woman who'd made him than himself the woman who'd become his heart's true friend and partner Never his soul whispered Neve.