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Baby Doll

On Baby Doll is also a uniue testament to Peter Whitehead's experimental vision a forbidden legacy of an era simultaneously marked by its innocence and its licence to explore previously uncharted areas of sexuality and psychic experimentati.

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N Baby Doll a beautiful yet disturbing visual diary of a last four weeks spent in the pursuit of both physical and spiritual erotic extremes An uncensored unflinching photographic journal of sexual metamorphosis and personality disintegrati.

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1972 found avant garde film documentarist Peter Whitehead ensconced in a chateau in southern France with a teenage heiress model and a month's supply of film and psychedelic drugs The startling results never before published are contained i.

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Underground filmmaker novelist falconer and music video pioneer Peter Whitehead is no longer in this world a stunning overwhelming fact to anyone who knew him or formed a fragment in his fragmented life He was captivated by myths and in many ways sought to turn his own life into one Films such as The Fall 1969 appeared to provide keys to the secrets of the media age and were undeniably pot

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    Peter Whitehead Baby Doll Velvet 1997Peter Whitehead is best remembered these days for chronicling the rise of sixties London psychedelia in such films as Charlie is My Darling arguably the finest Rolling Stones film ever

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