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    The story of an Indonesian activist told by a young female Javanese expat living in NYC and working for a human rights NGO The writing is evocative even sensual at times and despite some rough edges it manages to paint a very convin

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    Saman is the story of how a Catholic priest in the world’s most populous Muslim country Indonesia becomes a h

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    25 stars rounded up Episodes told from alternating and interconnected narratives beginning with four girls who've remained friends from girlhood to portray the politicization and radicalization of the eponymous Catholic priestI'd been convinced I would give Saman a 4 star rating until I reached the last section with Jasmi

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    Since I read an article about the author Ayu Utami a few years back I have wanted to read one of her books for a long time already She struck me as a very brave and forward thinking female author in a country dominated by

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    The first book by an indonesian writer I have ever readI have to admit that I'm still a bit puzzled about the meaning and the symbols in it but as I kept thinking about it and read about the reactions this book p

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    Feminism RocksPolitics SucksLove is something personal

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    Read this as part of my book club assignment Did not like the book enough to write a serious review

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    ❝Saman I have aloerotism I ha

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    Some translations can feel blocky and stagnant The translation of Saman retains a flowing poetic feel to it throughout th

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    3 stars for the first 100 pages; 1 star for most everything after thatThere are basically two different stories going on in this book The first story is centered around Saman a Catholic priest turned plantation worker rights activist I really enjoyed his storyline and wish Utami had developed it even further In this por

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Saman AUTHOR Ayu Utami

Indonesia She worked as a journalist for Matra Forum Keadilan and DR Not long after the New Order regime closed Tempo Editor and Detik she participated in the founding of Indonesia’s Alliance of Independent Journalists to protest the closure of those three weeklys Currently she is working for the cultural journal Kalam and at Teater Utan Kayu Saman was awarded the Prince Claus Award in the year 20. Saman I have aloerotism I have sex with my husband but it s you I am imagining He s been asking why I so often want the lights out It s because I m imagining your face your bodyYasmin I am jealous You are having sex I m not You re husband is surely a better lover than I am I come too fast But I suppose if I were to get you pregnant it would mean I am efficient capable of getting a task done in a short timeYasmin Climax That s what makes it different Be frank with me you didn t have orgasm with me did youSaman orgasm through penile penetration is not the be all and end all I always have an orgasm when I think about you I come because of everything you are Yasmin maybe our sexual intercourse should remain in our imagination Virtual sex I don t even know how to satisfy youSaman you remember that night that very night when all I wanted was to caress your body and watch your face as you ejaculated I want to come to you I ll teach you I ll rape youYasmin teach me Rape me DISCLAIMER I reread this novel so many times so it is such a sweet nostalgia for me Everything I write here is based on my opinion The theoretical frameworks I wrote were based on books I readTRIGGER Opinions related to sexuality from several prominent figures like Irigaray and Adrienne Rich are provided as they crossed my mind when I reread this novelThank you for writing this book mbak Ayu Utami I keep reading and rereading and rereading it for the reason that I do not know Ah I guess I will be forever in your debt Full review ayuutami booklover literature literarian literatureteacher literatureisliving igreads igbook instaread instabooks bookish bibliophile ilovereading shelf shelves bookreview booknerd bookofinstagram descaslibrary descalibrary bookland bookaholic bookworm bookdragon letsread bookstagram bookstagramindonesia

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Saman is a story filtered through the lives of its feisty female protagonists and the enigmatic “hero” Saman It is at o­nce an exposé of the oppression of plantation workers in South Sumatra a lyrical uest to understand the place of religion and spirituality in contemporary lives a playful exploration of female sexuality and a story about love in all its guises while touching o­n all of Indon. Saman is the story of how a Catholic priest in the world s most populous Muslim country Indonesia becomes a human rights activist called Saman Author journalist Ayu Utami turns the familiar tale of the crusader for justice on its head by folding Saman s story into that of a group of young women who knew him when they were school girls and he a newly ordained priestLaila is the good girl who always falls for men she cannot have Shakuntala the dancer who breaks her name in two for an American grant Cok the bad girl exiled by her family Yasmin the serious attorney trapped in a dull marriage As these girls grow up and explore their sexual identities the priest comes into his own and with their help is rebornThe story unfolds in layers spanning the globe from one former Dutch colony Indonesia to another New York in only 180 pages We read the story through several points of view and through narrative letters and emails Watch for small details casually dropped along the way as they add up to a powerful tale that is as much about the diversity of modern Indonesia as it is about any one person s search for justice and freedom

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Esia’s taboos extramarital sex political repression and the relationship between Christians and MuslimsSaman has taken the Indonesian literary world by storm and sold over 100000 copies in the Indonesian language and is now available for the first time in EnglishABOUT THE AUTHORAyu Utami was born in Bogor grew up in Jakarta and obtained her bachelor degree in Literature Studies from University of. The first book by an indonesian writer I have ever readI have to admit that I m still a bit puzzled about the meaning and the symbols in it but as I kept thinking about it and read about the reactions this book provoced I realized that it s a very brave book Sexuality religious conflicts the effects the Transmigrasi policy in the 70s friendship love everything is brought up here It is both the story of the main characters of the book and their moving fates and a reflection about Indonesia I ll definately read it again later in my life because it still captivates me somehow even though I can t exactly say why One thing is for sure It is an interesting story and the discussions this book unleashed make it worth reading

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Justina Ayu Utami atau hanya Ayu Utami lahir di Bogor Jawa Barat 21 November 1968 adalah aktivis jurnalis dan novelis Indonesia ia besar di Jakarta dan menamatkan kuliah di Fakultas Sastra Universitas IndonesiaIa pernah menjadi wartawan di majalah Humor Matra Forum Keadilan dan D&R Tak lama setelah penutupan Tempo Editor dan Detik pada masa Orde Baru ia ikut mendirikan Aliansi Jurnalis